Covid-19 - The Musical - by Frankie Goes to Nowhere

This is absolutely brilliant.

UPDATE (Oct 13) - It has been added to Gibraltar Messenger's Brighteon Channel -

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Find it also on Brigheon - uploaded by "The Prisoner"



So is this good video on irrational fear.
A Lesson on Irrational Fear

by JAH

JAH introduces “A Lesson on Irrational Fear”, a short film on what fear is; how to overcome it; and the only One we should fear.

Watch this video-lesson on Brighteon – A Lesson on Irrational Fear

Watch this video-lesson on BitChute – A Lesson on Irrational Fear

Watch it and apply the lesson daily. As you practice to control self and its thoughts, you learn to put your spirit in control of your human.

Please share the film with others.

The YT video link on this post has been removed.

Isn’t it time to unmask this criminal conspiracy?

Fear, Fear, Fear


You're welcome.


If only...

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