COVID-19 Accelerates The Great War On Cash

Fintech is the heir apparent to become the financial system of Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. Thus, cash has no place in this new system of total control and is targeted for extinction, thus forcing everyone into a digital world. ⁃ TN Editor


The banks (where I am located and not necessarily in Gibraltar) are no longer giving coins. Local businesses may request coins, however, only in very limited amounts. So, if you go to the bank to exchange a check for cash and the check is $50.57, the bank will only give you the $50.00. The options are to deposit the 57 cents into the bank (only if you have an account) or give the bank teller 43 cents and she/he will give you a dollar balancing out the transaction to a dollar amount…

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Hhmm, these people will not stop at nothing to implement their evil intentions in the name of good health, which disease they create, then provide so-called solutions. Here in Uganda, locals believe their is no corona virus, deep in villages they even have no idea what corona is, life is normal for them. The problem is majority of them don’t know the intention of lockdown and a few who actually know think is for the good cause. Recently a clip came out where some men said they don’t cough, no flu, no high temperatures, etc and they are being kept without food, they asked the government the intention and as of now they are looking for those men and the hospital administors for being that careless.

For us here coins begin at 50 the points on top don’t exist, I had about 1, 2,3, etc shillings from my Grandma. Even the 50/= can’t even buy a matchbox, very useless.