Documentary: Unwoke Inc.


Unwoke Inc.

The documentary below interviews five people who are providing alternatives to the Woke agenda in a wide variety of fields.

In Prager U’s short documentary, Unwoke Inc., Amala Ekpunobi embarks on a cross-country journey to speak with pro-American leaders and entrepreneurs in business, academia, sports, and finance to understand how we got here and what we can do to fight back and win against the woke industrial complex.

Unwoke Inc. proves that you can push back and make a cultural impact by providing non-woke alternatives in academia, culture, and business.

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How the woke agenda prepared the ground for the public to accept dystopian covid restrictions

By Rhoda Wilson on November 13, 2023
Ramesh Thakur argues that the spreading dominance of the woke agenda was a key enabling environment in 2020 for the covid interventions. In this essay, he describes eleven ways the Kingdom of Woke prepared the way for the Dystopia of Covid restrictions.

What I am suggesting, Thakur writes, is that the first wave of restrictions on culturally sensitive topics helped to prepare the ground for the second on covid restrictions.

Covid in the Age of Woke

By Ramesh Thakur as published by Brownstone Institute

Before I start, let me pose a question for you to ponder. How many people around the world have been helped to retain their sanity, and perhaps even to escape self-harm, by the existence of entities like Brownstone in America and the Daily Sceptic in Britain? Jeffrey Tucker and Toby Young: I salute you both and your stable of writers.

Jeffrey, Ladies, and Gentlemen:

It is a sign of the times we find ourselves in that this age-old greeting is condemned as evidence of far-right extremism, wrongthink, hate speech, even literal violence.

Back in May, Jeffrey wrote a thoughtful essay on the twelve challenges that remain to be addressed in the world shattered by Covid. I still struggle to understand how we got into the dystopian world of Covid-era lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates in the first place.

Toby Young has argued that “the pink conquistadors” may not be in office but they are very much in power and populate most civic, political, corporate, media, and sporting institutions in the professional-managerial ranks. Their worldview and value system have become the ascendant religion in Western societies. Those who would challenge the metaphysical beliefs and rites of the Holy Woke Empire are the minority cultural deviants.

In June – July we had an extraordinary confirmation of this in a possible watershed case of peak woke. The well-known but not universally-liked British politician, Nigel Farage, was ‘debanked’ by Coutts, a subsidiary of NatWest that is 39 per cent government-owned. The bank initially tried to ride out the furore with the silent treatment, then lied about the reason for their action by leaking quietly to a top BBC journalist, and generally just kept digging the hole deeper. The key point was well captured by columnist Allison Pearson:

.. those of us who thought that the “culture wars” were just something waged by Leftie teachers or right-on theatre groups will have realised that the woodworm of woke is gnawing away at the foundations of all our institutions.

Dame Alison Rose must now resign as head of NatWest, The Telegraph, 20 July 2023

I will argue tonight that the spreading dominance of the woke agenda was a key enabling environment in 2020 for the Covid interventions. Wokism is a war on Western civilization.

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