CNN Lied That 68% of Americans Think Vaccine Is Needed Before Return to Normal Life

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Nicaragua Government Removes CNN en Español from the Country for Allegedly “Violating and Injuring the Legal Norms”

By Jim Hoft
Published September 24, 2022 at 10:40am

The Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office (TELCOR) argued that the decision to cut off CNN’s cable signal was made because the network’s programming “contravenes, violates, and harms the legal norms” in Nicaragua, Articulo66 reported.

“In a statement, the state entity says that “in its capacity as a decentralized entity of the State of Nicaragua, in compliance with its functions and powers conferred by the Law (…), it is obliged to ensure the protection, defense, and preservation of the principles, rights and guarantees established in our Political Constitution and other laws on the matter,” the outlet added.