Christian Zionism for Dummies

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Reader Explains Why Christians are Wimps


From Henry Makow

Makow comment - Christians have been totally brainwashed by Organized Jewry. "The goyim see through spectacles we have placed on their noses," Protocols of Zion, 12. The idea that Jews are God's "Chosen People" is pure racist supremacism. If Christians will buy that, they'll buy anything. And they have! You'd think they'd get the message: Organized Jewry crucified Christ- not Romans and have been crucifying him ever since. In fact, the Jewish God is Lucifer. Christians and especially Christian Zionists had better wake up to the fact that Organized Judaism HATES Christ and everything he represents.

By a Reader – Moreover, pious Christians are possessed by a satanic inversion to believe their religious fantasies, which have no empirical basis whatsoever, of salvation are real and that actual evidence of real evil globalist satanic depopulation agendas are fantasies.

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