Chamber of Commerce blames increases in social insurance on years of 'rampant recurrent & capital expenditure' & not just Covid

The Chamber of Commerce has blamed what it calls the 'huge' increases in social insurance on years of 'rampant recurrent and capital expenditure', and not just the Covid Pandemic.

In a statement, the Chamber says the hikes announced last week highlight the precarious state of public finances, and criticises the Government's inconsistent approach on consulting the business community on matters that affect them

It says it should rein in public spending before using the struggling private sector to bail out public finances.

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The GSLP-Liberal Government could not wait until the July budget to seek more money, it has done it now by hugely increasing social security contributions, to put an urgent Elastoplast on our haemorrhaging public finances.

The enormous increases in these contributions, as the GSD’s Shadow Minister for Public Finances and Small Businesses, Roy Clinton says, point to the “dire state” of public finances. A situation that favours the UK and Spain, but not Gibraltar.


The political ambition of individuals in the GSLP-Liberal Alliance has simply caused blind eyes to be turned on financial reality to the overall detriment of our collective good, for years.

The Covid epidemic may have accelerated the government going into deficit, but the writing has been on the wall for many years. The GSLP-Liberal spin machine is, however, working overtime to blame Covid, in that way trying to reduce the adverse electoral impact that could have on this Alliance.

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The Community Care Action Group held a demonstration against the changes to the charity's eligibility criteria introduced in February last year. Around 400 people marched from Wellington Front to MidTown Park, with a petition handed to the Deputy Chief Minister and the Governor.