CDC: Teens Injected with COVID Shots have 7.5 X More Deaths, 15 X More Disabilities, 44 X More Hospitalizations than All FDA Approved Vaccines in 2021

As I reported yesterday, the COVID-19 shots seem to be killing and crippling teenagers in record numbers.

I expanded the search today to include the new data that just came out today, and to include age 12 through age 19.

The search returned the following results for this age group following COVID-19 shots: 30 deaths, 173 permanent disabilities, 3575 ER visits, 1603 hospitalizations, and 316 life threatening events. Note that the search separates 12-17 year olds, and 17-44 year olds, although we only searched through age 19, so you need to add the two tables together to get the numbers in the graph above.

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Update from Brian Shilhavy Health Impact News:

Teens 50X More Likely to Have Heart Disease After COVID Shots than All Other FDA Approved Vaccines in 2021 Combined – CDC Admits True but Still Recommends It

I did another analysis looking at deaths and injuries in the 12 to 19-year-old age group following experimental COVID shots, as compared to all other vaccines that this age group receives before they leave high-school.

Here is the data based on the last VAERS update from this past Friday, 9/10/21.

Comparison of Vaccine Deaths & Injuries Among Teens Age 12 through 19 in 2021

Experimental COVID Shots

Deaths: 31

Permanent Disabilities: 181

Emergency Room Visits: 3,679

Hospitalized: 1,655

Life Threatening: 331

Heart Inflammation: 748 (carditis)

ALL FDA-Approved Vaccines

Deaths: 4

Permanent Disabilities: 12

Emergency Room Visits: 78

Hospitalized: 36

Life Threatening: 14

Heart Inflammation: 15 (carditis)

As you can see, VAERS is reporting that for ages 12 through 19 (I choose to start with age 12 because that is the youngest age that the COVID injections are currently authorized to be injected with), there have been 31 deaths, 181 permanent disabilities, 3,679 ER visits, 1,655 hospitalizations, 331 life threatening events, and 748 reports of heart inflammation (all forms of "carditis").

From all of these vaccines that include every non-COVID shot that 12 to 19 year-olds have received this year so far, there have been 4 deaths, 12 permanent disabilities, 78 ER visits, 36 hospitalizations, and 14 life threatening events during the same time period as the COVID-19 shots were administered. (. Note that the search separates 12-17 year olds, and 17-44 year olds, although we only searched through age 19, so you need to add the two tables together to get the numbers in the graph above.)

As you can see, COVID-19 shots given to our teenagers have 7.75 X more deaths, 15 X more disabilities, 47 X more ER visits, and 46 X more hospitalizations than all other FDA-approved vaccines COMBINED that these teenagers are receiving.

This week I also included all cases of "carditis," inflammation of the heart, since we have seen so many reports of injuries and deaths in this age group related to inflammation of the heart, or "enlarged heart."

This age group has already recorded 748 cases of all forms of carditis

That is 50 X more cases of heart inflammation being recorded for this age group after COVID-19 shots, than all other FDA approved vaccines combined.

And actually, that number is probably higher, because there are 1,605 cases of heart inflammation following COVID shots in VAERS where the age is "unknown," but which most certainly contains a portion from this age group.

This is the age group that typically gets the Gardasil HPV vaccine, among others, which prior to COVID was the vaccine that caused the most injuries and deaths in this age group.

Sales of Merck’s Gardasil were up 88% through the the first two quarters of this year, 2021. (Source.) Gardasil is a two-dose or three-dose vaccine. So even though they are pushing the COVID shots for this age group, it is most certainly NOT at the expense of reducing other vaccines, as evidence suggests just the opposite.

This problem of otherwise healthy young people taking a COVID shot and then suffering from heart disease, is a very serious issue.

And the FDA and the CDC know about it. That's what makes this a criminal issue.

This is a national tragedy! Where is the outrage? Where are the protests and lawsuits to STOP these schools from injecting these children??

All 50 Governors are complicit with assault, battery, and murder for the tragic loss of these children's lives, because they have done NOTHING to stop these injections in their state, whether Red or Blue.

And any day now, the criminal FDA and CDC is going to give authorization to these deadly shots to be injected into children from age 6 months to 11-years-old.

As for Merck and Gardasil, THEY KILL!

Here are just some examples of the damages from HPV vaccines that have occurred around the world. Court rules and confirms Gardasil kills.

Court Ruling Confirms Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Kills People – Did Anyone Even Notice?

Sri Lanka: Vaccine proven deadly.

Australia: Vaccine proven deadly, saw an uptick in cervical cancer 17 times through the span of life time.

Denmark: In 2015 Denmark opened clinics to treat those with adverse reactions and illnesses due to the HPV vaccine. On the opening day, over 1300 girls flooded the clinic seeking treatment.

Columbia: 800 school girls in one town experienced severe adverse reaction to vaccine. A court ruled HPV vaccine NO LONGER MANDATORY. And Pompilo Martinez stated, “HPV vaccines are a crime against humanity”.

Japan: 9% had adverse reactions to the vaccine with 30% of pregnant woman having miscarriages. Dr. Lee found in every sample he surveyed DNA from HPV, the vaccines are supposed to be clean, NO DNA. This wasn’t the case, even the spleen and blood of the girl who died in New Zealand who he sampled had DNA.

Merck makes 30 billion a year in the US alone. 75 million mandatory vaccinated girls and boys, $420 cost for 3 dose cohort.


Public Health Gibraltar defends HPV vaccinations on the immunization schedule, 12-13 yrs. old or school year 8.

They want your little boys as well.
Dr. Cassaglia stated he’s very happy to vaccinate boys as well.

And for reasons so perverse...

few countries in the EU have programs that vaccinate men who have sex with men. Theorizing that this group of men will have acquired the HPV before they were offered the vaccine, and that this group of men wouldn’t be reached by these programs. They therefore decided the most effective way to prevent HPV in this category is to VACCINATE ALL BOYS before they become sexually active. They decided to poison your child, risking disease and death, for the benefit of a few who are an abomination to Almighty God. Jabs for the Boys | International Journal of Mens Social and Community Healthpoison needle

All the other vaccines should have served as a warning to humanity

Take the poison needle out of the hands of these sick people.


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Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Caused 16-Year-Old’s Debilitating Injuries, Latest Lawsuit Alleges

Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, filed a lawsuit against Merck on behalf of 16-year-old Catherine Boss, who said she is now physically unable to pursue a career working with animals.

By The Defender Staff