CDC data show post-vax myocarditis 'misinformation' is actually true


Health experts were maligned, censored for reporting risk

Establishment media "fact checkers," relying on the CDC, typically have slapped a "misinformation" label on reports that the COVID-19 vaccines are associated with a significantly high rate of myocarditis, potentially causing blood clots, heart attack or stroke.

But the CDC's analysis of its own Vaccine Safety Datalink surveillance data shows the incidence of myocarditis after vaccination is three to five times higher for young men than what the agency was reporting at this time last year, reports The Federalist.

In August last year, for example the CDC reported 42.6 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis per million males ages 12-15 males after vaccination. Now, the CDC says the rate is actually 150.5 per million, which aligns with health experts the media maligned as purveyors of misinformation.

Data from a study conducted by medical scientist Tracy Hoeg and others in 2021 aligns with the latest CDC numbers, The Federalist points out.

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Hoeg's team reported a rate of 94 cases of "cardiac adverse events" per million for 16-17-year-old males and 162 per million for 12-15-year-old males.

Critics charged the "deeply flawed" study was "antivaccine." And PolitiFact said Facebook was flagging such studies in its effort "to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed."

The censorship harmed the ability of parents to make informed decisions for their children, Hoeg pointed out on Twitter.

Has the CDC been lying about post-vax myocarditis?

"If we hadn't been vilified [sic] as 'anti-vaxxers' spreading 'mis' & 'disinformation,' how would the conversation around minimizing the chance of this adverse event have changed & how many cases of myo/pericarditis in young males would have been prevented over the last year?"

Newly acquired emails show the CDC fed Facebook false information regarding the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines for children. In one email, a Facebook official said the CDC had helped the company to "debunk claims about COVID vaccines and children."

Last November, a CDC official reviewed seven claims, and Facebook currently lists all of them as false. Among them are claims that some medical scientists believe are supported by evidence, such as that the vaccines alter the immune system.

Government data around the world, in fact, indicates that people who have been vaccinated are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection than those who haven't received the shots. Also ruled false by the CDC is the claim that COVID-19 vaccines alter people's blood. However, blood clots are a known side effect, and a study found many vaccinated patients have abnormal blood.

Pathologists and embalmers are reporting they have seen the emergence of bizarre "fibrous" clots in a substantial portion of their cases since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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Pathologist: COVID-19 shots causing foot-long blood clots
By Art Moore
Published June 12, 2022
'Too many people are silent, and silence is compliance'

Art Moore By Art Moore
Published June 12, 2022 at 12:06pm

A pathologist who heads one of America's leading labs is finding unusually long blood clots, as long as one foot, in the bodies of deceased people who received COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Ryan Cole of Cole Diagnostics in Boise, Idaho, said his lab is "seeing mushy organs, we're seeing incredibly inflamed organs."

"We know the spike protein causes all the ... bad outcomes that the virus did in 2020," he said in an interview with Greg Hunter for USAWatchdog reported by Just the News.

Cole said that in people with comorbidities – serious chronic diseases – the synthetic spike protein in the mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna are "causing inflammation in the lung, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, the heart; it's causing the same damage that the virus was causing."

However, he added, "in the body, the shots are persisting and making more spike protein than if you had a natural infection."

"That spike protein is thrombogenic – it causes clots, and it causes a lot of clots," Cole said.

Morticians, he explained in a March interview with anti-COVID-vaccine activist Steve Kirsch, usually "put a dissolving fluid in to break up clots so they can get their embalming fluid in."

And they were getting back pressure on the system, saying, 'What in the world is going on?'"

The morticians, Cole said, ended up pulling out "six-inch clots, 12-inch clots, two to three-foot-long clots."

"Because, you know, from the hip down into the leg, you have a long vein called the saphenous vein. And so they were pulling long clots out of your longer veins. And ... they hadn't seen anything like this previously."

In February, as WND reported, a veteran embalmer told Kirsch he and more than a dozen colleagues in the industry had been noticing strange blood clots in most of their cases.

Kirsch is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has applied his skills in data analysis to the pandemic, forming a group called the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, where he serves as executive director.

Cole told Hunter of that he's met other pathologists who are seeing the clots but "can't say anything" because they would be fired.

"But we have all these large organizations and institutions in cahoots together with a narrative attacking anybody that speaks against their giant money machine while they're harming humanity, and this is the tragedy in all of this," Cole said. "Doctors are seeing it. Pathologists are seeing it.

"Too many people are silent, and silence is compliance. It's time for people to be courageous."

Cole, whose laboratory receives tissue samples from morticians across the country, cited a Stanford University study published in the journal Cell that found the vaccine's spike protein remains in the body for at least eight weeks.

For 25 years, WND has boldly brought you the news that really matters. If you appreciate our Christian journalists and their uniquely truthful reporting and analysis, please help us by becoming a WND Insider!

Cole also cited studies by South African physician Resia Pretorius finding the COVID "spike protein alone causes the proteins in our blood to clump."

Pfizer and Moderna to Investigate Their Own Vaccines for Myocarditis Risks

The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines. The views expressed in the excerpts from other news sources do not necessarily reflect the views of The Defender.

New evidence suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Food and Drug Administration may have violated the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act when they withheld knowledge about myocarditis safety signals from the public and from COVID-19 vaccine fact sheets.

Bombshell Report: Over 500 Excess Heart Deaths a WEEK in England Since COVID-19 Began

Over 500 excess deaths a week involving heart diseases have been documented since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The BHF’s report, based on data from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, found that there’s been a total of 96,540 excess deaths involving cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks and strokes since February 2020.

“It is deeply troubling that so many more people with cardiovascular disease have lost their lives over the past three years,” BHF Chief Executive Dr. Charmaine Griffiths said Thursday.

“For years now, it has been clear that we are firmly in the grip of a heart and stroke care emergency. If little changes, we could continue to see a sustained rise in death rates from cardiovascular conditions that undoes decades of scientific progress to reduce the number of people who die of a heart attack or stroke.”

SUPPRESSED: CDC scrapped draft alert warning of link between COVID-19 vaccines and myocarditis, deliberately keeping Americans in the dark about vaccine dangers

by tts-admin | Jan 21, 2024 |

Cassie B.—Natural Jan 19, 2024

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wrote a draft alert to warn local and state health officials about a potential link between COVID-19 vaccines and an increase in cases of myocarditis but then pulled it before it could be published.

According to documents obtained by the Epoch Times, the alert was aimed at informing officials of the connection between the mRNA vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech and heart inflammation.

The draft alert was intended for transmission through the Health Alert Network, or HAN, which the CDC uses to disseminate notices to hospitals, doctors and health agencies throughout the nation.

The existence of the draft was exposed by an e-mail written by Dr. Demetre Daskalakis to a pair of his senior CDC colleagues, Dr. John Brooks and Dr. Henry Walke. The subject line of the e-mail was “draft alert on myocarditis and mRNA vaccines.”

A spokesman for the doctors said that rather than sending the notice, officials with the CDC chose to include the draft alert’s information in its “clinical consideration” guidance document. However, they did not explain how the CDC could ensure that the same parties who would have received the HAN would receive this document.

The email with the draft was dated May 21, 2021, just three days before a workgroup for the CDC admitted that myocarditis cases following the jab were higher than expected. A week later, the CDC was still recommending that most Americans aged 12 and older get the jab.

The HAN system was used to distribute a warning about links between the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine and serious health complications, such as low platelet levels and blood clotting in some patients, just a month before the CDC decided not to send the draft alert about myocarditis.

At the time, hundreds of cases of myocarditis linked to the vaccines had been reported in the U.S., Israel and other countries, some of which were fatal.

Epidemiologist questions why draft was never released

A California epidemiologist who has long been trying to challenge the CDC on its claims that the jabs aren’t linked to myocarditis, Dr. Tracey Hoeg, told The Epoch Times she felt there was a double standard at play.

“Why would they issue one for the J&J vaccine for the blood clots but not for myocarditis post-mRNA vaccination? We had data from our own Department of Defense at this time indicating it was a real safety signal and two fatal post-Pfizer vaccination myocarditis cases had already been reported in Israel,” she asked.

She believes that the CDC officials who were involved in the draft and the decision not to release it should be held accountable.

In multiple subsequent alerts sent by the CDC encouraging people to get the jab, none of them mentioned myocarditis.

Government and Big Pharma colluded with social media to censor vaccine concerns

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US government-commissioned study finds mRNA injections cause myocarditis

A new report published this week from the National Academies concluded that there is a direct relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and myocarditis, a disease that causes inflammation of the heart muscle.

The report, titled, Evidence Review of the Adverse Effects of COVID-19 Vaccination and Intramuscular Vaccine Administration (2024), marks the first time that a government commissioned report has acknowledged the direct association between Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA shots and myocarditis.

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