Caught in the act


Blasphemer Justin Welby, the son of a German Jew, who made his $$$ with the help of the mob.

He was known as a "shark" at ELF Finance, back in the day, where he colluded with government officials, to steal Nigeria's oil and land.
Soldiers employed by ELF grabbed land from tribesmen, and stole and forced others from their homes.
This was so scandalous that human rights abuses were reported.
All the money and natural resources that were stolen from the Nigerian people were never recovered.
Andre Tarallo went to jail for bribing the Nigerian government officials in return for oil contracts.
Perhaps he took the fall, or he didn't have a mother "in bed" with Churchill.
Although Welby claims not to have known him, they were in the same bloody business.

And what of Mr. Welby?
Why he is made Arch Bishop of Canterbury, another move on the chess board of the elite where he can do the most damage, whilst carrying on an air of respectability...

There are some who claim he is a Jewish spy, and that he works for MI6.
His heart belongs to his queen of hearts, and the usurper of the crown.
Soon to be overturned...


Curious how he and Tony Blair have piped up on the same day, seems orchestrated.


Counterfeit Man Of God / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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Here is Carmel Zammit, a Bishop in Gibraltar. He has an important Christmas message... they couldn't even get the headline right....

Welby wants us to support refugee during a "pandemic" where we are told we are immoral for not getting the jab

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In reply to Caught in the act - #7 by Gareth

From the top down, the ones who make the "Big $$$" are creating the policies and those enforcing them.

The sustainable goal policies of the international markets and global economy include moving large amounts of the populations making merchandise of migrants/ refugees.

2 Peter
2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Jorge Buxade of the EU Parliament calls it a population replacement, and weapons on the backs of the European taxpayers.
This "good practice policy", falls in line with the aging pensioners, and social security recipients that will be dying off soon? No need to pay the dead if they can be replaced with the immigrant labour in their twisted market game of chess. Right now, globally, 100 million people are over 60 years of age, and by 2050 2 billion will be over 60. (The migrants will play a role in coping with the transition, and easing burden on care and social security.) What timing with the covid jabs that are killing off the elderly."

In this video with David Martin, he points out the killing off of the over 65 population, pensioners and social security recipients with the covid jabs. (Because its easier to kill them than to pay them, especially when the politicians stole most of the money from Social Security).

Catholic Charities, Unicef, and most organized religions profit from this upheaval, as the bulk of the money goes to these organizations and not to the refugees.

Bishops urge the welcoming of migrants, including Bishop Robert Innes of Gibraltar.
The bishops said the migrants, are fellow humans who deserve to be helped to find places where they can live in dignity and contribute to civil society.”

The Bishops did not disclose their "sustainable goals", for agenda 2030, in regards to migrants, nor did they disclose the profit margin or dollar distribution, upon the heads of the asylum seekers for which they will benefit financially.

So from Welbys standpoint, his questionable backround, and his communistic agenda, hes just towing the line... of a sinking "ship".

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If THEY manage to murder the old and the young then it effectively targets the heart of those in the middle

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You're welcome

Nigel Farage reacts to reports majority refugees seeking asylum are pretending to be children

The Archbishop of Canterbury starts rewriting his own role in the Covid19