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He is selfish having children at 66 years old

Kirk Cameron is denied story-hour slot by public libraries for his new faith-based kids book

Actor-writer has not gotten a single 'yes' from the 50-plus public libraries his publisher has contacted so far — 'messaging does not align,' he was told.

With a new children's book out that celebrates family, faith and biblical wisdom, actor-writer-producer Kirk Cameron cannot reach scores of American children or their families in many U.S. cities via the public library system because over 50 public libraries have either outright rejected him or not responded to requests on his behalf.

A story-hour program for kids and parents connected to new book releases is an activity that many libraries typically present to their patrons and communities.

Many of the same libraries that won't give Cameron a slot, however, are actively offering "drag queen" story hours or similar programs for kids and young people, according to Cameron's book publisher and according to a review of the libraries' websites and current program listings.

Some library programs promote gender fluidity, inclusion and diversity. Others offer "name change" clinics for older teens and adults who want to alter their official paperwork for gender-identity reasons.

Brave Books, Cameron's publisher, shared details of the story-hour requests — and the rejections received to date — with Fox News Digital exclusively this week.

The Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island, for instance, told Cameron and his book publisher by phone, "No, we will pass on having you run a program in our space."

"We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align," the library worker also told Brave Books.

When the publisher asked the library official about filling out the proper form to apply for a story-hour slot, the individual replied, "You can fill out the form to reserve space, to run the program in our space — but we won’t run your program."

On its website, Rochambeau Public Library promotes a regular offering for young people called "Queer Umbrella."

It is a "club and safe space where teens can learn, discuss and connect over queer history, art, community resources, and more," the listing spells out.

It's "open to all members of the LGBTQ+ community who are 12+," the library's website listing also notes.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Rochambeau Public Library. An official first responded, "No comment," then added that the media query would be passed along to a supervisor.

Brave Books, as part of its extensive outreach to libraries for Kirk Cameron's new book, also contacted the City Heights/Weingart Branch Library in San Diego, California, hoping to be able to schedule Cameron for a story-hour program.

The publisher explained that this would be for "Kirk Cameron and his new children's book ‘As You Grow.’"

But the library representative told Cameron's publisher, "I don’t think that’s something that we would do."

The library employee added, "Because of how diverse our community is, I don’t know how many people you would get."

"I’m really sorry, but we are not interested."

Yet the same San Diego Library system actively hosts a number of "LGBTQIA events" that go beyond Pride Month, it notes on its website.

The library system "collaborates" with other organizations to provide resources. It also hosts a teen queer book club, its website says.

"Telling our stories, highlighting the rich diversity … Those themes that are so important of love, acceptance and inclusion and seeing yourself represented in the books that are reading," a library official said, according to the library's website.

Fox News Digital reached out to this library for comment, but as of publication time did not hear back.

Cameron's book publisher also contacted the Alameda County Library system in California by phone and by email — and discussed its San Lorenzo location as a potential venue for a story presentation.

A children's library representative at the San Lorenzo location told Cameron's publisher by phone, "You know, I’m really sorry, but we are not interested," Brave Books shared with Fox News Digital.

The event, as the library advertised on its site, "is part of our ‘Every Month Is Pride Month Series.’"

The San Lorenzo Library, however, hosted a "get free help" clinic this month with Bay Area Legal Aid attorneys and volunteers for those interested in "completing name and gender marker change court paperwork and updating identity documents such as CA birth certificates, driver’s licenses/ IDs, passports and Social Security cards," the library notes on its website.

The event, as the library writes on its site, "is part of our ‘Every Month Is Pride Month Series.’"

Fox News Digital reached out to the library for comment. A county librarian said the larger library system posed a series of questions to Cameron's publisher via email, as is typical, the librarian said.

"We receive many requests from authors to hold book promotion events at the library."

"We receive many requests from authors to hold book promotion events at the library," the librarian said.

"For those we respond to, we typically ask [certain] questions [about format, cost, etc.]. We have every intention of getting back" to the publisher, the representative added in her email.

However, Brave Books told Fox News Digital it promptly responded to those questions from the library and then called the library to follow up — and that's when it was told, "No, we are not interested" by phone.

Brave Books also contacted the Indianapolis Public Library's central location about a possible story-hour presentation by Cameron, it told Fox News Digital.

The library employee was not encouraging, saying the library has "a strategic plan in place."

The individual added, "Generally when we have author visits, those are coordinated through our departments. We really have a push. We have a strategic plan in place, so we are really looking at authors who are diverse. Authors of color. That’s really been our focus."

"We have a strategic plan in place, so we are really looking at authors who are diverse. Authors of color."

When Brave Books pointed out that Cameron's book contributes in its own way to a diverse collection of ideas, beliefs and stories, the library representative replied, "Well, we are focusing on racial equity."

Fox News Digital reached out to the library for comment; the library indicated a response might be forthcoming, but as of publication time, there's been no response.

In yet another outreach effort, Brave Books tried the public library in Scarsdale, New York.

A representative said, "Thank you for thinking of us, but we are not interested in this program," the publisher shared.

Reacting to the news that he has yet to be booked into a single children's story hour at a public library in America for his new book — and commenting on the rejections and comments he's received — Cameron told Fox News Digital, "This is proof that more than ever, we are getting destroyed in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children."

Cameron also said, "Publicly funded libraries are green-lighting ‘gender marker and name change clinics’ while denying a story time that would involve the reading of a book that teaches biblical wisdom. How much more clear can it get?"

He added, "We have to start fighting back, or we will lose our kids and this country."

Both he and Brave Books are announcing to the public, he said, that "for every purchase made at, we will donate a book to a library near you from our Freedom Island [children's book] series that teaches pro-God and pro-family values."

"We have not been approved for a single book reading of ‘As You Grow’ from any library yet." — Brave Books

Trent Talbot, founder and CEO of the Texas-based Brave Books, said in a statement to Fox News Digital, "It is devastating to discover that many of our publicly funded libraries have now become indoctrination centers that refuse to allow biblical wisdom to be taught to our children."

He added, "The woke left understands that morality is instilled by the age of 10, and they want their morality to win, not the morality that the Bible teaches."

Brave Books told Fox News Digital on Tuesday, "All of the libraries that we have contacted [about possible story hours or book programs for Kirk Cameron] have hosted LGBTQ+ story times with drag queens in the past."

The company added, "We have not been approved for a single book reading of ‘As You Grow’ from any library yet."

Cameron is the married father of six children, four of whom are adopted.

The new book, "As You Grow," is "part of a whole universe of books, with a whole series of characters," he told Fox News Digital recently in an interview.

"It teaches biblical wisdom and the value of producing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control."

As for how public libraries are funded: Local governments fund an overwhelming majority of them.

Only a small fraction of public library funding comes from donations, grants and federal funding.

The proportions of library funding depend "on where the library is located," according to

"In general," it says, "the municipality provides the greatest percentage of funding for public libraries — often at least half, if not more. These funds are gathered from local taxes, library fines, parking tickets and other tools used to generate revenue for a city or town."

The local funding that libraries receive represents a very small portion of city/local legislature budgets. (New York City, for example, spends less than 1% of its budget on library funding.)

Per capita public library expenditures vary widely from state to state.

The state with the highest per capita amount, New York, spent about $69 per capita in 2018 — while the lowest, Mississippi, spent $16.42, according to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

As of 2019, there were approximately 9,000 public libraries in the U.S., according to the American Library Association. That data comes from the Public Libraries Survey, conducted every year by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Meanwhile, Kirk Cameron and his book publisher said they will not give up their efforts to secure story-hour programs for kids in public libraries across America.

Video in link above:

Kirk Cameron is denied story-hour slot by public libraries for his new...

Gibraltar to get a waste treatment plant that can process mix of salt and...

In this article, the brother of deceased journalist Grant Wahl alleges that Grant was killed. The brother, Eric Wahl, infers his death is related to Grant wearing a 'rainbow shirt' to the World Cup.

“My name is Eric Wahl. I live in Seattle, Washington. I am Grant Wahl’s brother. I’m gay,” he said in a video posted to his Instagram account before making the account private. “I’m the reason he wore the rainbow shirt to the World Cup. My brother was healthy. He told me he received death threats. I do not believe my brother just died. I believe he was killed. And I just beg for any help.”

US soccer journalist Grant Wahl dies covering World Cup in Qatar, brother thinks ‘he was killed’

Influential U.S. soccer journalist Grant Wahl died in Qatar while covering the World Cup, his brother announced. He was 49.

While covering Argentina’s quarterfinal win over the Netherlands on Friday, Wahl, who had run his own Substack after a long career at Sports Illustrated, collapsed at Lusail Iconic Stadium and was rushed to a nearby hospital. It’s unclear whether he died at the hospital or in transport.

His brother, Eric, believes foul play from the Qatari government may have been involved.

Armed guards and retail theft rings: America's streets now resemble a third world nation

A gas station in Philadelphia, tired of all the crime taking place in his parking lot, has hired armed security guards to patrol the premises, projecting a show of force against would-be drug sellers, prostitutes or thieves.

In a society where police are widely de-funded and where citizens are growing increasingly desperate due to food inflation, joblessness, supply chain shortages and worsening scarcity, prepare yourself to see a lot more private security guards.

I'm predicting that before long, we'll see private security guards at some grocery stores, guarding against flash mob looters that target the meat section of the store.

Today's podcast covers rising theft rings, armed guards and why you'll need to become your own first responder as the rule of law deteriorates.

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European Parliament’s vice president arrested over corruption allegations

Belgium police arrest Eva Kaili, prosecutors recover €600,000 in cash, computers and mobile phones after searching 16 properties.

A vice president of the European Parliament was arrested in Brussels on Friday over corruption allegations, local and European media confirmed.

Eva Kaili, one of the 14 vice presidents of the European legislative body from Greece's central-left PASOK-KINAL party, was held by Belgium police after her house was searched, according to Belgium daily Le Soir.

The Greek Avgi newspaper, meanwhile, said her father was also detained after finding him in possession of a large amount of cash in a suitcase.

Those detained alongside Kaili also included Luca Visentini, secretary general of the International Trade Union Confederation, as well as Pier Antonio Panzeri, a former Samp;D MEP from Italy who chaired the parliament’s human rights subcommittee.

Britain's Daily Mail, quoting Belgian federal prosecutors, said police searched 16 properties as part of a wider investigation into "criminal organization, corruption and money laundering."

The statement from Belgium prosecutors said: “Today's searches have enabled investigators to recover about 600,000 euros in cash. Computer equipment and mobile phones were also seized. These elements will be analyzed as part of the investigations,” according to the daily.

Kaili has been suspended from the Socialists and Democrats group in the parliament “with immediate effect, in response to the ongoing investigations," the UK newspaper said.

Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, tweeted on Saturday that they stand firmly against corruption.

"At this stage, we cannot comment on any ongoing investigations except to confirm that we have amp; will cooperate fully with all relevant law enforcement amp; judicial authorities. We'll do all we can to assist the course of justice," she said.

Keystone Pipeline Ruptures in Kansas Dumping Enough Oil to Fill Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool – Cause of Spill Under Investigation

The Keystone XL Pipeline ruptured in Kansas this week dumping enough oil to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The oil spill will take experts a few days to mop up.

The pipeline was shut down to clean up the spill.

The cause of the spill is under investigation.

FOX 61 reported:

A ruptured pipe dumped enough oil this week into a northeastern Kansas creek to nearly fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, becoming the largest onshore crude pipeline spill in nine years and surpassing all the previous ones on the same pipeline system combined, according to federal data.

The Keystone pipeline spill in a creek running through rural pastureland in Washington County, Kansas, about 150 miles (240 kilometers) northwest of Kansas City, also was the biggest in the system’s history, according to U.S. Department of Transportation data. The operator, Canada-based TC Energy, said the pipeline that runs from Canada to Oklahoma lost about 14,000 barrels, or 588,000 gallons.

The spill raised questions for environmentalists and safety advocates about whether TC Energy should keep a federal government permit that has allowed the pressure inside parts of its Keystone system — including the stretch through Kansas — to exceed the typical maximum permitted levels. With Congress facing a potential debate on reauthorizing regulatory programs, the chair of a House subcommittee on pipeline safety took note of the spill Friday.

A U.S. Government Accountability Office report last year said there had been 22 previous spills along the Keystone system since it began operating in 2010, most of them on TC Energy property and fewer than 20 barrels. The total from those 22 events was a little less than 12,000 barrels, the report said.

Oil spill in rural Kansas creek shuts down Keystone pipeline system

Is this Theft? BANKS won't give us our money

Two years ago, BitChute became the target of an activist group that attempted to shut us down by pressuring our suppliers. As a result, we lost some server hosting, our office space, and other suppliers. We also lost our bank account with HSBC. A bank account we had held in good standing and without any issues since we launched in 2017.

We initially tried to open a new account with a different bank and transfer our money. However, the new bank rejected us just as the funds had reached them. Our money was returned to HSBC, but we could no longer access it, and even today, we still have not retrieved our money from HSBC.

In August 2021, after failing to get a resolution through the HSBC complaints process, we requested arbitration through the UK's banking Ombudsman. We were informed of a long wait due to Covid, which had resulted in many bank-related problems for businesses. It wouldn't be until November 2022 that our case would be assigned.

Since arbitration started we have provided many details including the bank account where HSBC could send our money. Within a week of handing over that information, that bank account was suspended without notice. We informed the Ombudsman that we do not want to give HSBC additional bank accounts and prefer any transfer from HSBC use a third party such as escrow, even a bag of cash would do. A necessary action that will likely lengthen the process.

It's happening again...

That happened 19 days ago, and we still have not been able to get our money from that bank even though we have informed them that we need it urgently to pay bills. It's not clear for what reason they are keeping it.

Now, nearly at the end of 2022, two different banks have our money, HSBC has held it for almost two years.

About us

BitChute is a politically neutral company that has a diverse community in interests and backgrounds. We require that users only upload legal content that complies with our terms and community guidelines, and we have a team of support staff that ensure that is the case.

BitChute is pro freedom of expression, a universal human right. Furthermore, censorship and deplatforming are poor ways to tackle societal problems as they merely create echo chambers that can lead to bigger problems in the long run. It is important to allow people to express all ideas as this exposes them to immediate opposition and allows for a public deconstruction of any flaws they may contain. If you are against bigotry or racism or hateful ideologies, you should be for freedom of expression.

"Reputational risk"

In recent years financial institutions have been using "reputational risk" to stealthily engage in political discrimination. If a financial institution takes action against a lawful company for its commitment to freedom of expression, that should be a very real reputational and material risk for the financial institution.

The idea that people or companies can be excluded from the monetary system and have their assets frozen over an opinion or lawful actions is despicable. This discrimination must be wholeheartedly rejected if we are to keep free and open societies.

Please spread the word about the unfairness of this, and share this anywhere you can. Let content creators know this is a worthy topic for a video. If you would like to contact HSBC about this or for any reason you can find their contact details here: Contact Us | Support & Chat - HSBC UK

I wish you all and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and any other holiday you might celebrate.

Ray Vahey - BitChute Founder and Chief Executive

What should we make of the latest Muppet show in DC?

So “Ze” aka “Zelia” came to DC and was given a massive welcome by the US Congress. The last time a foreign leader was treated as if he was the US President was was Bibi Netanyahu spoke to Congress. The fact that war criminals and crooks Zelia and Bibi got such a treatment tells you everything you need to know about who really runs the US Congress.

Congress, by the way, decided to act like the gang highway robbers it is and declared that it will “confiscate” (which implies a legal authority, if not it is called “steal”) Russian assets, thereby fulfilling Putin’s “prophecy” made in 2013 when he warned the Russian business community that its assets in the West would be stolen and that they would spend years trying to get them back.

It makes me wonder if the imbeciles in Congress understands what fulfilling this prophecy will mean for the USA as a jurisdiction to keep your assets in?

Then there is this: the Hyena of Europe is preparing for a mobilization which further indicates that it is about to try to bite off some piece of the Ukraine under the guise of some kind of (pseudo) “peacekeeping” or even “protection” mission which would not officially be a NATO operation, but which will be run out of Mons just like the entire Ukrainian military has been for a long while now.

Now for a small piece of (possibly) good news, Biden has declared that US “partners” are “are not looking for a Third World War. I would not make too much of this, since Biden is mostly unaware of the reality around him, and he is probably not privy to the decision-making of the real powers, the “collective Biden” which run the USA. Next, Biden, like all US Presidents, is a professional liar, so again, let’s not celebrate quite yet. Finally, this might be a feint (but if so, it won’t impress anybody in Russia).

So what is “the plan”?

Frankly, I don’t believe that there is one.

Since Dubya and Obama the White House has been occupied by weak and frankly clueless leaders, hence the various interests groups which control DC run “their own foreign policy”. So, like vectors, the various goals and means of the key actors add up to create a “sum vector” which can look like “a policy” or “a plan”, but it is no such thing. What is true of the US is even MORE true for NATO. Hence the Poles pulling at their chain like rabid dogs to the horror of the comparatively sane(er) Europeans.

I fully agree with Andrei Martyanov – the folks in charge in the West are totally clueless and they have absolutely no idea how to walk away from the mess they created. The Neocons probably would prefer a worldwide nuclear war to a Russian victory, but non-Neocon actors might not want to die for a sick, narcissistic, gang of ignorant yet self-worshiping thugs.

Who will prevail?

I have absolutely no idea. I am not sure anybody else knows either.

What I do know is that Russia has been preparing non-stop for a full-scale continental war since at least 2014 (see here for details). Defense Minister Shoigu has declared that next year Russia will add five new artillery divisions, eight bomber aviation regiments, one fighter regiment, three motor-rifle divisions, two air-assault divisions, and six army aviation brigades to the Russian armed forces! And, by the way, these “artillery divisions” will be what is called “high power” brigade/division in Russia, that is to say that they get the very heavy weapons, like 203mm and 240mm self-propelled mortars. Something which the newly recreated First Guards Tank Army (a “Shock Army” in Russian military terminology) would need to further increase its huge firepower power.

And did I mention that Russia has fully modernized her nuclear triad and that key weapons factories in Russia are now working for 6 days weeks with 3 shifts working non-stop?

And those of you who follow Andrei Martyano’v blog also know how ubiquitous (true) hypersonic weapons are becoming the Russian armed forces.

Let’s just say that such firepower is total overkill for the Ukraine, so we can safely conclude that the Russian force planners did not have Banderastan but NATO in mind when they decided what type of forces Russia should develop next…

So far NATO has done a lot of tough talking, but it is pretty clear that (besides the rabid Poles) few Europeans have the stomach for a full-scale continental war in Europe which will leave their country in ruins. Yet, they are terrified of the US Neocons and therefore only can try to silently drag their feet while they are being dragged by the Neocons to the precipice.

'Sabotage' explosions at Russian oil refineries and shopping malls 'work of CIA and NATO'

A clandestine operation is allegedly underway to sow "chaos" in Russia with an expert suggesting "CIA and NATO ally spies are" behind a recent wave of mysterious blasts.

Former US Army Special Operations operative Jack Murphy has suggested that NATO and US intelligence agencies have been running agents inside Russia, directing them to target critical infrastructure in a bid to create "chaos." Shopping centres, gas pipelines and fuel depots have all suffered damage across Russia in recent months with Mr Murphy pointing to a CIA-directed campaign of covert "sabotage".

Writing on his website, Mr Murphy said: "The campaign involves long-standing sleeper cells that the allied spy service has activated to hinder Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine by waging a secret war behind Russian lines.

"The campaign is responsible for many of the unexplained explosions and other mishaps that have befallen the Russian military-industrial complex since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February."

The US special forces veteran cites "former officials" who declined to identify specific targets for the "CIA-directed campaign".

Mr Murphy added: "Railway bridges, fuel depots and power plants in Russia have all been damaged in unexplained incidents since the Kremlin launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February."

He argued that while no US officials were involved on the ground the strikes were likely carried out by an "allied intelligence service” with the green light allegedly coming from US president Joe Biden.

Mr Murphy wrote: “While command and control over the sabotage program resides with the CIA for legal reasons, the NATO ally has a strong say in which operations go forward since it is their people taking the risks."

Last week a massive explosion rocked Chuvashiya in western Russia after a gas pipeline ruptured.

The blast is the latest in a series of mysterious explosions that have hit critical Russian gas infrastructure since the start of the Ukraine invasion.

On December 19 another huge explosion hit the Markovskoye condensate treatment plant in eastern Siberia.

Seven people were reported to have suffered injuries in the blast which saw flames spread out over a 1,000-square metre area.

Three days before an oil facility in the city of Angarsk was also rocked by a massive explosion.

Meanwhile, in the early hours of Monday morning, three Russian military personnel have been reported to have died at the Engels military airbase in Russia miles away from the frontlines in Ukraine.

Andrew Tate shot to fame this year for his unruly judgments on women. He was previously banned from TikTok and Twitter. He regular shares photos of himself traveling in private jets.

'Toxic' influencer Andrew Tate is arrested in human trafficking raid at his luxury villa in Romania after PIZZA BOX in his smug video clap-back at Greta Thunberg gave away his location

  • Andrew Tate was detained in connection to a human trafficking investigation
  • The social media personality lives with his brother Tristan Tate in the country
  • Search warrants were issued in connection to an ongoing investigation into an organized criminal group, human trafficking and rape, Romanian police said
  • Chicago-born Tate, 36, has been branded 'the king of toxic masculinity'

Andrew Tate has been taken into police custody in Romania after cops raided his luxury home in connection with a human trafficking investigation.

The prolific social media personality, 36, reportedly had his villa searched by police on Thursday, and was detained for 24 hours alongside his brother Tristan as part of the criminal probe.

Self-described misogynist Andrew Tate and his brother will face questioning by the country's organized crime and terrorism team as part of the probe into alleged sex crimes and human trafficking offenses.

It's believed that his online spat with Greta Thunberg contributed to the timing of the raids - which came soon after he taunted the climate activist while posing alongside a Romanian pizza box, potentially confirming his location to authorities.

A spokesperson for Tate told 'We cannot provide any details at the moment regarding alleged reports that they have been detained; however, Andrew and Tristan Tate have the utmost respect for the Romanian authorities and will always assist and help in any way they can.'

The US State Department and FBI did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Thursday evening.

Chicago-born Tate has been branded 'the king of toxic masculinity' for his online diatribes against women - which have gained him notoriety and millions of followers in the last year.

The mayor of Madrid exposed his ignorance

Vovan and Lexus are two Russian comedians, well known for their prank phone calls with prominent personalities and celebrities.

Check out the embarrassing ignorance and outrageous remarks made by the Mayor of Madrid (José Luis Martínez-Almeida) during one of their prank calls where they claimed to be Zelensky associates.

The mayor of Madrid apparently does not know who Stepan Bandera is and what he has been doing.

The mayor of Madrid exposed his ignorance

Trump Vax Quicksand, Musk Tweets Bioweapon, Rumors of War

President Donald Trump doubled down on his pro vax stance in a new interview this week. It looks like Trump has waded into the vax quicksand, and it’s going to take him under if he doesn’t pull out soon. Even though host Wayne Root is firmly anti-CV19 vax, Trump told him the CV19 bioweapon/vax is a “miracle of modern science” and “saved millions of lives.” Donald Trump cannot back up the claim this bioweapon saved “millions of lives” because bioweapons are designed to maim and kill. That is exactly what this CV19 injection has done and is still doing. Sticking to his guns on the bioweapon passed off as a vaccine is so far afoul of the injury and death data is disturbing for a man who wants to be President again. Before it’s over, I predict President Trump will have to do an about face on the vax. I hope he does not wait too long. With the overwhelming negative scientific evidence on the CV19 bioweapon, I am surprised Trump has not already done so. What good are Trump’s policies if nobody is left alive to enjoy them in 2025? Repent Donald Trump.

Elon Musk has taken a wrecking ball to Twitter censorship when he took over as CEO. Now, Musk is tweeting out “Gain-of-Function” with the word “bioweapon.” Musk is saying the CV19 infection was a bioweapon in clear terms. Do you think Musk has been watching Karen Kingston on USAWatchdog? Kingston is calling out everything CV19 from “infection to injection” and saying, “It’s all a lie.” Data and documents show CV19 is, in fact, a man-made military bioweapon. There is no virus, according to biotech analyst Kingston. It’s just lipid nanoparticles or a “biohybrid microrobot.” This is what the Big Pharma patents say, and everybody at the top knows CV19 from “infection to injection” is a bioweapon.

We have so many “wars and rumors of wars” going on today around the world that the prediction from Jesus, more than 2,000 years ago, is looking more and more like a prophesy coming true. The Pentagon is threatening to kill Putin, according to the Russians. Ukraine is a war with no end in sight, Iran is threatening to nuke Israel, and China is threatening Taiwan on a regular basis. These are just to name a few of the “wars and rumors of wars” happening now. Trump Vax Quicksand, Musk Tweets Bioweapon, Rumors of War | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog


HORROR: Portland Woman Pushes 3-Year-Old Child Onto Train Tracks (VIDEO)

Portland, Oregon – 32-year-old Brianna Lace Workman was arrested for shoving a 3-year-old child onto the MAX train tracks.

Workman was arraigned on Thursday and charged with first-degree attempted assault, third-degree attempted assault, interfering with public transportation, second-degree disorderly conduct and recklessly endangering another person, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office.

A woman is facing charges after the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said she shoved a child onto the MAX train tracks in Portland, injuring the child and interfering with public transportation.

According to the district attorney’s office, Workman was near a mother and her child at the Gateway Transit Center MAX platform when Workman allegedly shoved the child off the platform and onto the MAX train tracks.

There was nothing the 3-year-old child did to provoke the attack, the district attorney’s office said.

TriMet surveillance video of the incident shows someone wearing a red hat pushing a child in a pink coat onto the rails, causing the child to land face-first on the metal rail of the track and rocks before she was pulled back onto the platform by bystanders who rushed toward the child.

The child reported having a severe headache after falling, according to the DA’s office, which added the child also had a red mark on their forehead after the incident.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges and is requesting Workman remain in custody and be held without bail.

HORROR: Portland Woman Pushes 3-Year-Old Child Onto Train Tracks

Thank-you for posting this although it makes us so sad to see how evil and hateful humans are treating little children. This is so uncalled for. It makes you think, what would you do if you were there first hand seeing such horror take place. What would Christ Jesus do? Is her being arrested really a solution to this evil act?

Migrant-Fueled New Year Mayhem Turns Berlin Into Warzone

In Berlin, police and firefighters responded to 3,943 incidents, with 15 firefighters and 18 police officers injured. According to Bild newspaper, there were “particularly bad attacks in the hotspot neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln with a high proportion of migrants.”

“There were dozens of attacks,” says Interior Senator Iris Spranger, of the Social Democrats (SPD).

In Kreuzberg, for example, after young men set fire to barricades, firefighters who arrived to extinguish the fire were attacked by 200 hooded men. In Neukölln, which is one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in Germany, 50 perpetrators fired rockets at emergency force services.

In one disturbing scene, a group of men were filmed attacking an ambulance, hurling objects inside the vehicle’s open rear doors.

Other videos show youths hurling rockets at ambulances as they attempt to drive down Berlin streets.

Many of the incidents were caught on film, with the clips featuring burning vehicles, fires in tall apartment blocks, and one police officer being struck by a rocket directly on his helmet, which then burst into flames. One officer and one firefighter suffered from severe injuries and remain hospitalized.

“Our vehicles were fired at with birdshot ammunition,” says Thomas Kirstein of the Berlin Fire Department. Police report that an “illegal bullet bomb” was thrown at a fully occupied police car. In another video, a man shoots out a police car window.

In the ensuing chaos, 103 people (98 men and five women) were arrested. The Berlin police wrote on Twitter, “The violence that our colleagues had to experience on New Year’s Eve is unbearable. It is a task for society as a whole to clearly counteract this. We thank you all for your commitment and wish the injured a speedy recovery.”

Another video showed migrant youth mocking a firefighter as he attempted to give an interview to news outlets.

The next morning, burned-out buses and automobiles could be seen across Berlin.

Georg Pazdersk, former AfD parliamentary group leader in the Berlin House of Representatives, wrote: “When are we finally going to admit that we have a huge problem with young male migrants from archaic societies who don’t want to integrate. Silencing the problem means continuing to promote it.”

Other cities, such as Duisburg, were hit with violence as well, including attacks on rescue services.

“One can only shake one’s head. The political leadership in Berlin takes no responsibility for this disaster. It has sympathy for people who break rules,” Neukölln’s former mayor, Social-Demcrat (SPD) Heinz Buschkowsky, told Bild.

“The lunatics are becoming are appearing more and more. Every festive event is a welcome occasion to attack the authorities…That’s the enemy, and they must be fought.”

“Even experienced emergency personnel are shocked by the extent of the brutality. This must finally come to an end. The state must no longer stand by while chaotic people repeatedly attack police officers and firefighters. These are not trivial offenses, they are crimes,” CDU Berlin chapter leader Kai Wegner told Bild.

Previous years also featured extreme violence, especially in Neukölln.

In a statement released by the AfD, the party wrote, “Anarchy reigned in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. It was a first foretaste of future everyday life in German cities because although the authorities and the press are adamantly silent when it comes to the specific naming of the perpetrators, the countless videos of that night speak volumes: They are young, violent men with a southern appearance who hardly speak German. And not only can they immigrate unhindered, they also get paid for a nice life by the traffic-light government with tax money.

The conclusion that is now being drawn from the riots is as typical as it is naïve: a ban on firecrackers and cameras on the rescue vehicles should fix it. As if the corresponding clientele would be impressed by these measures. There is only one effective remedy against such scenes: finally protect the borders and deport criminal migrants immediately,.”

In 2016, approximately 2,500 German women were raped and sexually assaulted by North African and Middle Eastern men in Cologne and other cities in an event that fueled the rise of the Alternative for Germany party and anti-immigration sentiment in Germany.

Biblical site where Jesus healed blind man excavated for public view: 'Affirms Scripture'

The Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel National Parks Authority and the City of David Foundation announced days before the new year that the Pool of Siloam, a biblical site cherished by Christians and Jews, will be open to the public for the first time in 2,000 years in the near future.

"The Pool of Siloam’s excavation is highly significant to Christians around the world," American Pastor John Hagee, the founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel, told Fox News Digital. "It was at this site that Jesus healed the blind man (John:9), and it is at this site that, 2,000 years ago, Jewish pilgrims cleansed themselves prior to entering the Second Temple.

"The Pool of Siloam and the Pilgrimage Road, both located within the City of David, are among the most inspiring archeological affirmations of the Bible.

"Christians are deeply blessed by the City of David’s work and Israel’s enduring commitment to ensuring religious freedom to all who visit and live in the Holy Land, especially Jerusalem — the undivided capital of Israel."


Ireland under attack: Hordes of violent migrants brawl in their tax-payer luxury hotel, mass stabbings, and arrests

A vicious fight broke out between hordes of Algerians and Georgian migrants housed at a luxury hotel in Ireland on New Year’s Day. The brawl, which included over 20 migrants, led to several of them being stabbed. One victim was left with his finger hanging off.


WATCH: Protesters Storm Brazilian Congress, Executive Palace, and Supreme Court

Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stormed multiple buildings in the nation’s capital of Brasília on Sunday. Video has emerged on social media showing protesters entering buildings that house all three branches of Brazil’s government including the nation’s legislature, its presidential palace, and Supreme Court.

Watch the dramatic video below:

The demonstrations are in support of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and come just a week after leftist Lula da Silva was sworn in as the nation’s new president.

The Associated Press reports:

Thousands of demonstrators bypassed security barricades, climbed on the roofs, broke windows and invaded all three buildings, which are connected through the vast Three Powers square in Brasilia. Some are calling for a military intervention to restore the far-right Bolsonaro to power.

It is unclear if multiple people were a witness to the phenomenon or is it based on one person's account with a photo.

Sky turns mysteriously bright RED in the middle of the night in Bavaria, Germany

This strange sky phenomenon looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s obviously based on reality.

Reddit user u/Sasuke794’s photo shows a bright red sky. He writes: “On January 5th, 2023 at 00:20 seen this sky in Bavaria. Can someone please tell me why the sky is red at night? I’ve never seen anything like it.

Here are some theories about this red sky phenomenon:

  • A chemical plant flaring gas, steel mills or the OMV refinery in Burghausen?
  • Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich.?
  • Special lamps used in greenhouses. Sometimes sky turns purple because of them in the US (cannabis plantation)?
  • a God-sent warning against the SPD?

From the Lord of the Rings (a bit changed): “A red moon is rising. Blood has been shed tonight — Legolas, perhaps”.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know the cause of this strange sky phenomenon… [Merkur, Reddit]