Cassaglia reinstated as GHA Medical Director

23rd February 2022

Dr Daniel Cassaglia has been reinstated as Medical Director with effect from March 7, the GHA said on Tuesday.

The decision will see Dr Cassaglia return to a post that he stepped down from in October 2019 pending the outcome of a disciplinary process following allegations he had bullied a hospital biochemist in 2017, and of parallel legal challenges following an Employment Tribunal decision.

“This follows the outcome of a full investigation, a number of legal proceedings, the independent disciplinary board by the GHA and the fact that there are no further pending legal actions on the matter,” the GHA said.

Dr Cassaglia will now form part of the executive team supporting the new Director General, Professor Patrick Geoghegan, the latter being a post created as part of the ‘Reset, Restart and Recover’ program to reform the GHA.

Dr. Cassaglia, also stated that he was very happy to vaccinate boys with the Human Papilloma vaccine, (HPV), as the Advisory committee recommended that starting in 2018, boys age 8 should be vaccinated also.

Why vaccinate boys? The argument was, it’s a human right, equity and equality, and it would equate to sexual discrimination NOT to vaccinate boys.

A few countries in the EU have programs that vaccinate men who have sex with men. Theorizing that this group of men will have acquired the HPV before they were offered the vaccine, and that this group of men wouldn’t be reached by these programs. They therefore decided the most effective way to prevent HPV in this category is to VACCINATE ALL BOYS before they become sexually active. They decided to poison your child, risking disease and death, for the benefit of a few who are an abomination to Almighty God. Jabs for the Boys | International Journal of Mens Social and Community Health

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