Campo de Gibraltar registered 15.7% more deaths in 2021

Tumors and circulatory diseases are the main causes, although the pandemic is making its presence felt

The Campo de Gibraltar recorded 2,782 deaths in 2021, a figure that represents an increase of 15.72% over the previous year. Despite this increase, the trend initiated with the pandemic is maintained, as in 2020, with 2,404 (15.9% more than the previous year), while 2019 saw a decrease of 9.6% over the previous year.

Although it seems clear that the Covid-19 pandemic is the cause of the increase in deaths, the fact is that the difference between 2021 and 2020, 378 deaths, is due to various causes.

In fact, in the section on infectious and parasitic diseases, which is where deaths due to Covid, among others, are included, 473 deaths were recorded in the region, 301 more than the previous year. Although it is the type of causes that increased the most in the interannual period (175%), it is not the most numerous cause of death in the region, but it is the third most numerous, with 17% of the total.

The main cause of death in the Campo de Gibraltar are still tumors, according to data released by the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA). There were 653 deaths within this typology, 23.5% of the total. Not only are they the majority cause, but they have suffered, with 9.75%, the highest increase in terms of deaths for this reason in recent years, surpassing the 9.48% increase in 2017 and only behind the 18% increase in 2004.

Almost at the same level are diseases of the circulatory system, with 651 deaths, accounting for 23.4% of the total. Like most of the causes included in the statistics, the figure represents an increase over the previous year of 4.66% of deaths for this reason.

Thus, together with tumors and infectious diseases, they accounted for 63.9% of all deaths recorded last year.

Although deaths due to blood diseases (4), skin diseases (14) and malformations (8) doubled, the number of deaths caused by these conditions is still low. Among the causes of death that increased the most were mental disorders (75, 29.3% more deaths due to this cause than in 2020).

Among the causes of death that decreased, the so-called external causes stand out (-18.6%, with 83 deaths), as well as diseases of the respiratory system (-17.8%, with 175 deaths) and diseases of the nervous system (-12.2%, with 122 deaths).


Not a word mentioned about vaccine injury resulting in death? Classic 'control the narrative' piece as to why the increase in mortality rate is occurring.