Cádiz: The Prototype Of New World Cities

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Cádiz: The Prototype Of New World Cities

The Costa de la Luz’s centerpiece is Cádiz.

In fact, Cádiz is the prototype that those New World cities were based on. It’s touted as the oldest city in Western Europe, dating to 1104 BC.

Walking its streets, you can feel the history and see the cultural influence of the many civilizations—from Phoenicians to the Romans to the Moors—that impacted it over time.

Cádiz Province (one of the two provinces that the Costa de la Luz covers; the other is Huelva) offers everything from well-appointed beachfront towns to ancient hilltop villages that can be seen for miles because of their brilliant, white-washed buildings.

Expat Ivan Ricoy, who lives in Cádiz and runs a business there, says: “For a long time, Cádiz was looked down upon by the other regions of Spain, and its people were almost seen as backwards because they don’t seem to have the same ambition that drives other parts of the Western World…

“Nowadays, the national perception of Cádiz is changing. It’s becoming more popular with people from other parts of Spain for the very thing it was previously looked down on for: its laid-back outlook on life.

In short, foreign retirees will need to do some mental adapting and reprioritizing if they come here… The slower pace of life takes some getting used to.


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