British troops practice urban combat in Gibraltar

Exercise Daring Rock focused on Close Quarter Battle; operations in built-up areas and tunnel fighting tactics in the facilities the British Overseas Territory has to offer.

This was the Regiment’s first exercise in Gibraltar.

“The Regiment are not just responsible for public ceremonial duties for which they are famous, they’re also deployable, highly-trained soldiers. Troops have recently returned from the Regiment’s first exercise in Gibraltar, an opportunity to test, develop and enhance frontline skills in a new urban environment.

Press TV: British troops practice urban combat on 'Rock of Gibraltar'

The Regiment has been exercising in ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ as a part of UK Future Soldier transformation plan.

PDF: Future Soldier - Transforming the British Army

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Just FYI for those outside of Gibraltar.

Future Commandos: Why the Royal Marines are Changing | ACCESS

Royal Marine Commandos test their newest kit and equipment during Exercise Serpent Rock in Gibraltar.

In this episode (Feb 2021), we explore how Royal Marines are training and adapting to a new way of operating in some of the world’s toughest environments.

Watch as Marines use drones and throwbots to conduct amphibious operations, cliff assaults and close-quarters battle within the tunnels beneath the Rock.

Royal Marine Commandos are moving back to deploying in small teams of elite raiding squads – kitted out with some of the latest battlefield technology – giving them an edge against their adversaries.

The Future Commando Force is described by the Royal Navy as the most significant transformation and rebranding programme for the Royal Marines since the Second World War.