British plated cars in the spotlight in Spain crackdown

Spanish police now have greater access to DVLA date base in the UK

Police across Spain have started a major crackdown on British-plated vehicles after they were given more access to the DVLA database in Britain as part of the UK driving licence deal signed earlier this year. Spain can now monitor British-plated cards to see if they are road-taxed or have insurance in Spain. British residents of Spain are obliged to change the plates on their cars to Spanish ones.

Spain was demanding more access to the DVLA database during negotiations with Britain over UK driving licences. As a result of a deal struck earlier this year, British residents can now exchange their British driving licences for Spanish ones.

A police spokesperson in Palma said that officers would be on the lookout for British-plated vehicles.

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Foreign Office issues Spain travel warning for Brits as new law comes into place

Brits driving in Spain have been issued a warning about new low emission zones.

The UK Government has issued new advice as the country has introduced several new areas where motorists can get pinged for driving polluting vehicles.

All 149 settlements with more than 50,000 people in the country will be required to introduce the zones.

Motorists with a car registered in Spain can apply for one of four badges which show how polluting their vehicle is, with the least green 50% not entitled to any. They will be banned from all low-emission areas, or face a fine that can stretch to €200.

"While air pollution stickers cannot be issued to vehicles with foreign registration plates, some cities do require you to register your vehicle in advance of travel if you wish to enter a low emission zone.

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