British Military in Cyprus

From Damien Willey: 1000 more British troops in the Med, half of them on Cyprus, on Israel's doorstep, but where are the other 500 then? Right, so the prospect of British troops being sent into Israel has come up in conversation once more. We know the US already have a military presence there, they’re currently building a big fat air base in the Israeli Negev Desert, it comprises the southern half of the country south of the West Bank, there could already be US troops there as a result, but could UK ones be going there is the question right now, because shortly before Xmas, when we were very much distracted by the actual goings on in Israel, the genocide, and of course very much not reported by the mainstream media, all that military activity at that UK air base in Cyprus that we’ve been letting the US use as well, that have been making lots of secretive flights to Israel, of which the Tory government is telling us nothing about? Well all of a sudden activity has increased there and that activity has seen an increase in British military personnel...

UK Declassified: Britain secretly sent 500 extra troops to Cyprus base being used to supply weapons to Israel

Former labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has raised the question of what the Royal Air Force planes leaving the British bases in Akrotiri, Cyprus flying into Israel actually contain, amid scores of reports that the bases were used to supply military aid for Israel’s war on Gaza.The British High Commission in Nicosia sought to assuage the rumours, saying the RAF has transported no “lethal cargo” to the Israeli Defence Forces. The term itself was undefined.

RAF aircraft flew to and from Israel more than 50 times since start of Gaza war

The Ministry of Defence told i the purpose of the flights was “the continued movement of materials required to sustain our diplomatic mission to Tel Aviv”, before adding, “we are unable to go into detail on what these materials are”. Experts have called on the UK government to release further details about what they are transporting to Tel Aviv. Stop the War convenor Lindsey German told i: “The MoD’s refusal to answer this question on grounds of national security speaks volumes.