BRITAIN'S GLOBALIST COUP – Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister

Moderna Millions: How the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Company Profited from the COVID Vaccine through Corruption & Fraud


The company quickly made a “wise” investment, putting millions of dollars into a small biotech firm called Modern.

At the time, Moderna only had a handful of employees, but Theleme apparently saw the potential for growth.

Years passed, and the UK government suddenly found itself in need of a reliable Covid-19 vaccine whilst Sunak was Chancelor of the Exchequer.

When Moderna claimed that its vaccine candidate was 94.5% effective, the government immediately struck a deal to purchase 5 million doses.

As time passed, Theleme’s investment in Moderna continued to pay off.

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We must say NO to Sunak’s LIES over Ukraine!

These policies of propping up a corrupt Zelensky government which has forced the male population into conscription, and which have increased their death rates by thousands, in reality * puts blood on the hands of the British government.* Anyone with any real knowledge of the situation is aware that the Ukraine government will lose this war, despite any further expensive weaponry provided by some countries including our own.

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U.K. Prime Minister’s Family To Rake In BILLIONS From Gaza Oil

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