Brief Summaries or Excerpts on DG

Many thanks to all DG participants.


Most of us share alternative-platform sites, like Expose News, Natural News, Activist Post, etc. Articles on these sites are unlikely to be censored or removed.

Thus, when we share their articles, it’s not really necessary to upload the entire text and graphics.

DG already calls up a nice “image/excerpt box” with the inserted hyperlink (in most cases).

Include an additional 1-3 paragraph/s, if you like. Excerpts are good to help users decide if they’d like to read more by clicking on the link. Note that most of the time the first paragraph to the article is in the "image/excerpt box"; and if is so, add the next few not in the "image/excerpt box".

Also, if something particularly stands out in the article, please include it. There's a lot of information coming in and this might help users focus in on important items you are sharing.

One graphic is always helpful, as DG will use it when you share DG-links on other platforms.

Because DG is a forum, if you want to ADD discussion/commentary about a link you are posting, please share your thoughts.

An example of the "image/excerpt box" - from the GM homepage url, DG automatically created this:

Thank you. Hope you have a good day.