Bossano calls for youth guerillas if Gibraltar is ever in danger

Minister for Economic Development, Sir Joe Bossano, has told young people it is their duty to become 'guerillas' to defend Gibraltar if it is ever in danger.

Sir Joe took the stage in the early hours of the morning at an electronic music new year's event at the Tercentenary Sportshall.

He told the hundreds of people gathered that he would be a veteran guerilla together with them.
He described them as his 'grandchildren'.

Bossano calls for 'youth guerillas' if Gibraltar is ever in danger

Sir Joe Bossano, the Minister for Economic Development, told young revellers at a New Year dance event that they must become “guerrillas” to defend Gibraltar if it was “in danger”, in comments described as “deeply inappropriate and anachronistic” by the Opposition.

Addressing people in Spanish during an electronic music event at the Tercentenary Hall, Sir Joe told them they were the “future of our land”.

“But we have an obligation,” he said in a trenchant tone.

“When the drunkenness passes and you are sober, you have to think about something I’m going to tell you that is very serious.”

“When our motherland is in danger, you have to become guerrillas to defend her.”

“Young guerrillas, and I will be there as a veteran guerrilla.”

Referring to them as “my grandchildren”, Sir Joe reminded those present that this year marked 320 years since Gibraltar was captured by Britain in 1704.

“Gibraltar was born in 1704,” he said.

“This year Gibraltar will be 320 years old, and it is ours.”

“Gibraltar is ours, it’s our mother, our motherland.”

“There is no Rock like ours on the planet.”

“We are a family, we are the llanitos, we are different to everyone else.”

Videos of Sir Joe’s address were widely circulated on social media platform on Monday, with the tone of his message and his choice of words raising eyebrows for many, including the GSD.

“I found his comments deeply inappropriate and anachronistic,” said Keith Azopardi, the Leader of the Opposition.

“An invitation to young people to become ‘guerrillas’ or a call to arms was wholly out of place at the celebratory New Year’s party and out of step with the kind of stable future that people would like to see and hope for their children.”

“It wasn’t the kind of advice many people would expect a minister to give our young people and many people will question the judgment of making those intemperate remarks or even giving any quasi-political speech at that event.”

But last night the Gibraltar Government played down the criticism of the comments.

A spokesperson for No.6 Convent Place said: “It was a rousing rallying call to our youth to understand the importance of defending Gibraltar and what it gives us all as privileged Gibraltarians with some of the best benefits of any European nation.”


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