California-based company Vivos sells luxury underground apartments, converted from Cold War missile silos and storage facilities into “miniature Club Med resorts,” writes Rushkoff.

Ultra-elite shelters like The Oppidum in the Czech Republic—billed as “the largest billionaire bunker in the world”—include amenities like simulated natural sunlight, a wine vault, and a place to hide all your stuff that’s “impregnable” to hostile outsiders. How the world’s billionaires are paying to escape global disaster

Swiss firm Oppidum unveils luxury bunkers for most powerful individuals in...

Inside the Elites Luxury Bunkers Ready for the Apocalypse

BUNKER EXPERT: 100,000's of Bunkers are Being built for WW3

ALERT: Europe is Building 100,000s of Bunkers for WW3 - 7 Sept 2022

The owner of Atlas Survival Shelters presented us with some startling news. Europe is seriously preparing for WW3.

Elites are coming out of the woodwork wanting these bunkers:

Worlds Leading Bunker Contractor WARNS THE WORLD 22 Apr 2022

The REAL Survival Plan:

The Way home or face The Fire – Free PDF.

US Buys $290M worth of Anti-Radiation Drugs for Use in 'Nuclear Emergency'