Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils the covid vaccine 5G link, biosynthetic AI nanotech


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Aluminium and Barium are in chemtrails as well, along with strontium that is radioactive.

A picture is definitely forming over this clotshot creature… but we don’t know what the main purpose is. It doesn’t appear to be of human origin, but somehow feeds on the blood’s components.

In a previous update Mike Adams analyzes the clotshot creature and discovers it’s aluminum and barium composition.

  • Covid-19 injections contain NEUROWEAPONS embedded in Lipid Nanoparticels (LNP)

  • Neurological weapons were hidden through Emergency Use Authorization cover-up

  • Shocking patents confirm it's all true (patent numbers shown)

  • Transhumanism assault on humanity now under way, people becoming LESS human

  • LNPs can be activated via 5G frequencies to achieve physiological changes

  • Covid "vaccines" appear to be exotic tech INSTALLED in human hosts

  • CCP-linked AI company named "national security threat" in USA

  • 5G infrastructure to be exploited by AI embedded systems for surveillance

  • Post-vaccine "biostructures" are self-assembling biosynthetic weapons

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils PATENTS and documents describing the covid vaccine 5G link, biosynthetic AI nanotech, “soft actuators” and NEUROWEAPONS implanted with needles -


Attorney Thomas Renz Drops Bombshell Billion Dollar Lawsuit

Attorney Thomas Renz Drops Bombshell Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Ecohealth Alliance, Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric for the Creation & Cover-Up of the COVID-19 Virus That Killed 6 Million People


Remember that the Graphine oxide embeds itself into your brain stem and is highly susceptible to frequencies and magnetic pulses. One could theorize that this high amount of metal in the brain can be used as a amplifier that could project images into your very conciousness. All it takes is one click of a button.

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