Billions in helicopter money magically falls into the RCC begging bowl

Separation between the corporate church and the corporate state? No wonder last pope Francis pushes vaccines and the magic virus scam.

More than 200 Catholic dioceses received billions in funding from the Paycheck Protection Program, the taxpayer-backed rescue fund for bailing out businesses dying of Covid-19 shutdowns – reportedly more than any other applicant.

The 200-plus dioceses, and the churches and schools the Catholic Church operates under their names pulled down over $3 billion in taxpayer-funded aid from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), as part of the US coronavirus bailout of small businesses, according to an Associated Press (AP) investigative report published on Thursday.

The tidy sum puts the Church considerably ahead of its private-sector counterparts in terms of government aid received over the course of the pandemic. Certain the shutdowns would force them to use up the millions of dollars saved away for a rainy day, Roman Catholic dioceses such as that of Charlotte, North Carolina were quick to apply for emergency aid under the PPP. The diocese received a total of over $8 million, despite the tidy nest egg of $100 million in cash and short-term investments it was sitting on.