Bill Gates Admits: 700,000 People Will be Harmed or Killed by Coronavirus Vaccines

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BBC Creates The Temple of Bill Gates - UK Column 15th February 2021


Indeed Temple of Bill Gates…

This is just like They Live Obey and take the poisonous Vaccine to be safe until it is too late to do anything about it when they know the truth…sickening…



How Bill Gates and the WHO CRUSHED Hydroxychloroquine :rage: Killing MILLIONS

(At least there's a picture of HOPE, KiLL Gates in handcuffs.)
With Preventive Medicine Specialist Dr. Jim MeeHan
This is the story of how the best allopathic therapy for COVID-19 was CRUSHED by Kill Gates and the WHO using DEADLY DOSES in order to keep the vaccine narrative and make BILLIONS of dollars. Effectively KILLING MILLIONS all over the world by denying the cure and now KILLING MORE with the mRNA nano technological gene therapy "vaccines" a.k.a murder weapons. Video originally aired at on June 18th 2020.

Claims of arrest have been made. It's about time.
FBI Arrests Bill Gates For Biological Terrorism After Tip Off From Melbourne 5G Protestors — The Betoota Advocate

#Some people have gone crazy': Eccentric French doctor trialing experimental coronavirus treatment championed by Trump hits back at experts who say it has fatal side effects and claims to get astonishing results

image The French doctor behind Trump's favorite coronavirus treatment | Daily Mail Online

  • Didier Raoult, a 68-year-old French infectious-disease specialist, has been using antimalarial drug hydroxycholoroquine to treat COVID-19 patients
  • He said he has given the drug to more than 2,400 patients, with positive results
  • The eccentric doctor has become a YouTube sensation with his videos promoting the drug, getting one million views
  • French President Emmanuel Macron visited the doctor this week
  • Mmedics have warned of the dangers of using the drug to treat the virus, due to a lack of evidence over its effectiveness
  • More than 50 cases have been reported where coronavirus patients have developed serious heart problems after taking hydroxychloroquine
  • The controversial drug is a favorite of Donald Trump's, with him repeatedly plugging it as a miracle cure for the deadly virus
  • His advisers including Dr Fauci say not to consider it a 'knock out' drug
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

The eccentric doctor has divided opinions in France and overseas after many medics have warned of the dangers of using it to treat the virus while he has become an online sensation with members of the public clamoring to get their hands on the drug

The controversial drug is a favorite of Donald Trump's.

During his daily coronavirus press briefings, the president has repeatedly plugged the use of hydroxychloroquine as a miracle cure for the deadly virus.

He has even said he'd consider taking hydroxychloroquine himself.

The president announced Sunday the government has purchased and stockpiled 29 million doses of the hydroxychloroquine to send to hot spot areas of the country battling the virus.


I think it is going to be worst than that…

Jah the Master said they will test and retest and injecting vaccines to accomplish total control over the world over…

Also i also have watched or read that this plandemic will continue till it is 2025 or not.


Dear @Daniel,

Thank-you for this information Agreed. The agenda is total control over everyone and everything, you will not be allowed to be a free thinker, and if humans are stupid, (and it is proven that they are), enough to allow this evil agenda TO PLAY OUT, it will happen’. What is taking place now is what Father and TM have been warning us about for 2,000 years.

God bless,


The song “You ain’t seen nothing yet”, seems apt…


@X-wing @Daniel @SleuthER95 @phithx strong textTrue, T.H.E.Y are just getting started, "You ain't SEEN NOTHING YET!"

The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr Mikovits Thought | Video Rebel's Blog

The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr Mikovits Thought

Posted on November 19, 2020 by horse237

Dr Judy Mikovits said that this coronavirus vaccine could kill 50 million Americans over the next 40 years. The versions being released by Pfizer and Moderna require storage at minus 70 degrees Celsius (minus 94 F) and might be far more deadly than even she originally estimated.

Why so cold? Children’s Health Defense explained in an August 6th article, “mRNA vaccines undergoing Covid-19 clinical trials, including the Moderna vaccine, rely on a nanoparticle-based “carrier system” containing a synthetic chemical called polyethylene glycol (PEG).”

The use of PEG (polyethylene glycol) in drugs and vaccines is increasingly controversial due to the well-documented incidence of adverse PEG-related immune reactions, including life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Roughly seven in ten Americans may already be sensitized to PEG, which may result in reduced efficacy of the vaccine and an increase in adverse side effects.

If a PEG-containing mRNA vaccine for Covid-19 gains FDA approval, the uptick in exposure to PEG will be unprecedented—and potentially disastrous.

Moderna documents and publications indicate that the company is well aware of safety risks associated with PEG and other aspects of its mRNA technology but is more concerned with its bottom line.

Lipid nanoparticles cause hyperinflammatory responses in the body, leading to severe reactions, hospitalization and potentially Death.

Why are LNPs (Lipid Nanoparticles) used in these vaccines? As Children’s Health Defense further explains:

Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) “encapsulate the mRNA constructs to protect them from degradation and promote cellular uptake” and, additionally, rev up the immune system (a property that vaccine scientists tamely describe as LNPs’ “inherent adjuvant properties”)

In other words, the LNPs are adjuvants, meaning they are designed to cause hyperinflammatory responses in human beings, once injected. This is done in an effort to induce the creation of antibodies that then allow the vaccine manufacturer to claim high “effectiveness” rates, even when those very same adjuvants cause severe adverse reactions.

According to recent vaccine trials conducted by Moderna, 100% of human subjects in the high-dose vaccine trial group experienced adverse reactions.

So why are Moderna and Pfizer using mRNA (messenger RNA) in a vaccine? They want to reprogram human DNA as an experiment and see what happens to our progeny. Critics in the UK say a side effect is sterilization which is good for the Powers That Ought Not To Be because they want to rid the earth of 6 billion plus commoners.

Update at 4:50 AM. From the Australian Independent:

These new vaccines are in an entirely new class all by themselves. They are known as “messenger RNA” (mRNA) vaccines, and they work by hijacking the protein-making machinery in your cells…

When Moderna was just finishing its Phase I trial, The Independent wrote about the vaccine and described it this way: “It uses a sequence of genetic RNA material produced in a lab that, when injected into your body, must invade your cells and hijack your cells’ protein-making machinery called ribosomes to produce the viral components that subsequently train your immune system to fight the virus.”

Please se entire article for more.