Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The Covid Mandates including the Vaccine are Invalid

Destabilizing the social, political and economic structure of 190 sovereign countries cannot constitute a “solution” to combating the virus. But that was the imposed “solution” which was implemented in several stages from the very outset of the corona crisis in January 2020. It’s the destruction of people’s lives. It is the destabilization of civil society.

Fake science was supportive of this devastating agenda. The lies were sustained by a massive media disinformation campaign. 24/7, Incessant and Repetitive “Covid alerts” in the course of the last two years.

The historic March 11, 2020 lockdown triggered economic and social chaos Worldwide. It was an act of “economic warfare”: a war against humanity.

This diabolical agenda has undermined the sovereignty of nation states.

It has contributed to a wave of bankruptcies. It has impoverished people Worldwide.

It has led to a spiralling dollar denominated global debt.

The powerful structures of global capitalism, Big Money coupled with its intelligence and military apparatus are the driving force.

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Thank You for the update on the situation. The COVID 19 pandemic is clearly just a huge scam. The media just hides everything that is true and just keeps repeating the scare tactics.


Pfizer has been spreading medical disinformation since the beginning of the plandemic, but outlets like TruNews and people like you were the targets of their vicious attacks and censorship. It's time to hold those behind the "science" accountable. 2:07min.

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Congress Set to End Military COVID Vaccine Mandate, No Sign Biden Will Veto

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote later this week to rescind the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, after Republican lawmakers threatened to withhold votes for the $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act.