Biden tests positive for COVID AGAIN

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This is a developing story.

IMHO, it looks like his days (of leadership) may be numbered.

@NancyDrewberry ,
and possible days of human living in that body`coming to an end, Father's Will be done.

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Thank-you. Many would agree with your sentiment.

Being declared deceased would be one scenario that would surely put an end to his leadership. Even his diehard fans are saying he ought to be in a nursing home instead of the White House.

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@NancyDrewberry ,

You are welcome. Thank-you.

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Dan Bongino: Joe Biden Is a Disgrace to Humankind

He continues to isolate after testing positive once again.

Biden tests positive for COVID-19 again, will continue White House isolation

Is Joe Biden alive?

Joe Biden to Remain in His Delaware Basement Until Saturday Before Going to His Rehoboth Beach House for Another Vacation

Is Joe Biden alive?

Joe Biden once again has no events on his public schedule for Friday.

It is being reported that Biden will continue to hide in his Delaware basement until Saturday morning before going to his Rehoboth Beach house.

Joe Biden is expected to stay at his Rehoboth Beach house until next Wednesday!

We saw Joe Biden for about 20 minutes on Tuesday when he signed the ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’

Biden looked totally clueless, mouth agape as he looked around and eventually handed a pen to Senator Manchin.

Joe Biden has been hiding for nearly ONE MONTH straight.

Biden tested positive for Covid for the first time on July 21.

After quarantining and hiding for over one week, Biden caught Covid a second time on July 30 and went into hiding AGAIN.

After hiding in Covid isolation for two weeks at the White House, Joe, his crackhead son Hunter and Jill took off for South Carolina for a weeklong beach vacation.

They’re going to try to hide Dementia Joe until the midterm elections.