Beware: Eris EG5

New COVID Fear Campaign For Lockdowns, Boosters & Masks In the U.S. and the UK


His sources look to be correct, as the mainstream media and scientists have unleashed a new fear campaign in the U.S. and the UK .over a “new COVID variant” with the possibility of tyrannical interventions seen in 2020.

After hearing from the TSA manager, Infowars reached out to a trusted Border Patrol source who is also a manager. and this source confirmed the same directives were being given to Border Patrol. They expect by mid-October a return to forced-masking policies.

Is this the REAL reason “Eris” cases are spiking?

“Scientists” are even clamoring for the return of masks.

We’ve already been over everything you need to know about “Eris” here. Long story short, “Covid” is just another made up name for the flu, and the “variants” are coats of paint they slap on the narrative to try and keep it looking fresh.

In that same article I theorised Eris’ existence was a need to keep Covid alive, and that is part of it…but I also missed something obvious: The next round of Covid “vaccines” hits the shelves next month.

For those who have lost count, I think we’re up to six or seven shots now.

This “updated vaccine” is nothing to do with Eris, of course, as much as the language in the headlines implies it’s been “adapted” for the latest variant, it hasn’t. It was in the works before Eris was even said to exist.

Two viewpoints to challenge the new covid variant hysteria


What is This Thing We All Call Covid or Covid-19?

First of all, it’s important to shake out the pseudoscientific blather built up in our minds that we’ve accumulated from cable news, Government Health bureaucrats, and the legacy media. All of these forces have been horrifically incompetent and negligent over the course of the corona hysteria years, routinely insisting that you inject yourself with poison and ruin your lives to combat “the virus.” These forces are much more dangerous to your health than a respiratory illness that they have so poorly defined. To understand what covid truly is, we must first pledge to turn off the TV.

Here in reality, outside of the accepted ruling class framework, covid is best understood as nothing more than a merger of what people commonly referred to before 2020 as the cold and flu.

These two closely related diagnoses were then rebranded into a scary-sounding disease called covid-19.

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