Before the Covid Pandemic was deployed Moderna’s CEO told staff: “We need to make a billion doses of Vaccines next year, there’s going to be a Pandemic”


The conversation took place before the world knew about the covid “pandemic.”The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) only declared the “novel coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak a global pandemic” on 11 March 2020. “There are now more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries, and 4,291 people have lost their lives,”WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus claimed**.

Bancel made the startling revelations during an appearance on a panel discussion on 18 January at the World Economic Forum’s Davos 2023 meeting. The panel discussion was hosted by Euronews. Another panellist was GAVI CEO, Seth Berkley. Bancel was asked about the development, adoption and scaling up of the covid “vaccine” for different variants and subvariants. He responded:

“As Seth knows, when the pandemic happened Moderna made 100,000 doses in 2019 for the whole year.

“And I remember walking after that into the office of Moderna manufacturing and I say: “How we make a billion doses next year?” And [you/they] look at me a bit funny say: “What?” I said: “Yeah we need to make a billion doses next year, there’s going to be a pandemic.”

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COVID-19 Pandemic Nightmare restarts in the Most Vaccinated Nations of the World: UK, Italy and South Korea

By Fabio G. C. Carisio

August 29, 2023

Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Those who have carefully studied the phenomenon of Covid-19-breaktrough that can be triggered by vaccines and those who have read the latest research by the University of Tartu which indicates vaccinated people at the highest risk of contracting SARS-Cov-2 symptomatically and seriously, with the risk of hospitalization and death, they cannot be surprised by the numbers (all to be verified) which attest to a recrudescence of the epidemic precisely in the most vaccinated countries.

We have to remember that SARS-Cov-2, according to US Senate Health Commission, is a bio-weapon likely manmade Wuhan Institute of Virology withe the help of US National Institute of Health in which worked Antony Fauci.

Fauci was the NIAID director until dicembre 2022 when became an advisor for Italian Siena Biotechnopole sponsored by GSK British Big Pharma and Bill Gates who manages it.

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Official Biochemical and Statistical Evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt Moderna created the COVID-19 “Virus”


On February 23 the Daily Mail ran an article showing that Moderna has patented the 19 base letter (nucleotide) sequence which codes for the Furin Cleavage site in Covid-19.

By a concerned reader

They cited a Paper by Scientists in India, Switzerland, Italy and the US (cautiously entitled: MSH3 Homology and Potential Recombination Link to SARS-CoV-2 Furin Cleavage Site) in which they calculated that the chances of a 19 nucleotide sequence patented by Moderna randomly appearing in Covid-19 in circumstances where it does not appear anywhere else in nature are 1 in 3 trillion.

But they failed to make the obvious deduction there from. Had they made said obvious deduction I fear that might have been the last scientific deduction they ever got published!

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RIGGED: Two high-level FDA officials who approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine are now working for Moderna to develop new mRNA “vaccines”

What could be more dangerous in the field of medicine than government officials knowingly licensing dangerous medical experiments on the population, and then suddenly taking up new positions with the pharmaceutical companies that they were supposed to regulate? This revolving door of corruption is currently taking place between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Moderna, one of the manufacturers of COVID-19 “vaccines.” This collusion is the real public health threat, because it means there is no true regulatory oversight, no accountability for gross medical error and unchecked medical fraud.

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New Airborne 'Method' Of 'Delivery' For mRNA Vaccines! [18.11.2023]

New Airborne 'Method' Of 'Delivery' For mRNA Vaccines! [18.11.2023]

FRIGHTENING TRUTH: Airborne mRNA Vaccines are being created that can be delivered straight into the Lungs without the need for Injection

By The Exposé on December 22, 2023
Researchers have developed an airborne mRNA vaccine offering a vehicle by which to rapidly vaccinate the masses without their knowledge or consent.

A team from Yale University has developed a new airborne method for delivering mRNA right to your lungs. The method has also been used to vaccinate mice intranasally, “opening the door for human testing in the near future.

While scientists may celebrate this invention as a convenient method to vaccinate large populations, skeptics raise obvious concerns about the potential misuse of an airborne vaccine, including the possibility of covert bioenhancements a concept that has previously been suggested in academic literature. (source).

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