Barrie Trower: An Interview of Grave Importance to Humanity

5G Gigantic health hazard – Dr. Barrie Trower & Sir Julian Rose

Why don't 5GGUA invite Barrie Trower to Gibraltar to give a talk, possibly with Mark Steele too?


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5G kills.

Deut 20:19 … thou shalt not destroy the trees thereof by forcing an axe against them: for thou mayest eat of them, and thou shalt NOT cut them down to employ [them] in the siege (nor for market-economics)(for the tree of the field [is] man’s [life] Oxygen)


He has some other interviews here:

  • Because 5g uses higher frequencies it cannot penetrate object as well so there needs to be more cell towers. With more cell towers this leads to more accurate triangulation( see ) which police and governments can use to track better. Or even stokers.
  • 5g allows faster communication and can lead to “smart” cities which can make it much easier for a government to control its people like what the CCP is doing and what was shown in 1984.
  • I don’t believe that 5g causes significant harm by heating(vibrating water molecules) because the wavelengths for 5g are from around 1 cm(28GHz) to 1 mm(300GHz). You would be able to feel the heat on your skin. On the other hand 2.5/5GHz wifi or 4g has longer wave lengths which in theory can heat the inside of your body without you feeling it. Seeing that this is very uncommon in nature, our bodies probably don’t handle this well.
  • What was very interesting is that Dr. Barrie Trower said that these electro-magnetic waves can produce a current in your bodies which can harm curtain processes in body. Just like an EMP creating high amounts of current which can fry electronics. This should be pretty easy to test on mice. Please share if you find any studies which have done this.

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United States District Court
District of Oregon
Portland Division
Alexandra Helene Morrison, by and through
her Guardian ad litem and father,
David Mark Morrison, and
David Mark Morrison, individually,
Portland Public Schools,
Civil Action No. Cv-739-MO
Declaration of Barrie Trower
I, Barrie Trower, under penalty of perjury pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, hereby make the
following declaration in support of a preliminary and permanent injunction enjoining
Portland Public Schools’ use of WI-FI:

Page 1 – Declaration of Barrie Trower

  1. I trained at the Government (Ministry of Defense) microwave warfare establishment(s) early in the 1960s covering all aspects of microwave technology, uses and health dangers. Later works included under water bomb-disposal which incorporated microwave technology.

  2. In the late 1960’s and 1970’s a part of my task was to extract confidential (hitherto secret)
    information from master criminals, terrorists, and spies. This included Cold War microwave

  3. My first degree is in Physics with a specialization in microwaves. My second degree is a
    research degree. I have a teaching diploma in human physiology. Before retiring, I taught
    advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.

  4. I am Scientific Advisor to the Radiation Research Trust and the H.E.S.E. (Human Ecological Social Economical) Project.

  5. I am the author of both Tetra Reports for the Police Federation of England and Wales and
    the Public and Commercial Service Union.

  6. My work is done entirely free of charge and I have never accepted money from any
    person or organization in the years I have been doing this research. I consider myself absolutely

  7. To my knowledge, ‘microwave or radiowave sickness’ was first reported in August 1932
    with the symptoms of: severe tiredness, fatigue, fitful sleep, headaches, intolerability and high
    susceptibility to infection. Hecht, K et al., Overloading of Towns and Cities with Radio
    Transmitters (Cellular Transmitter): a hazard for the human health and a disturbance of
    ecoethics, International Research Centre of Healthy Ecological Technology (IRCHET),
    Berlin-Germany, at l ¶ 3 (2007). These symptoms were reported to be from athermal effects…

Link to entire declaration below.


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Dear @InGodITrust Thank-you for the good post. Welcome to D.G. It is good to see you here.

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Thank-you @GibMessenger for the good video and @unruffled for the links, good information about Dr. Barrie Trower @NancyDrewberry for the lovely Scripture and @InGodITrust for added links and information.

For those who may not have ability to view the film, below you will find an accurately dialoged, word for word, of the video. It is hoped this film will be read and shared world wide. TOTAL Devastation is coming if 5G microwaves are NOT stopped NOW.

Barrie Trower said in the video above. His first degree is in Physics with a specialization in microwaves. His second degree is a research degree.

Straight to the question: Julian Rose asked Dr. Trower if he could explain the difference between 3, 4 and 5G.

  1. :bird: :ox: 5G has a high frequency, you will have a transmitter every 150 meters which is on every lamppost, etc. It has already been found around these transmitters 100 dead birds and around another, dead cattle.

  2. :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: 5G is particularly dangerous because of its high resonance, mathematically it is so complex-ed that no one can predict the harm it is going to cause. Mathematically, it’s a nightmare.

  3. :small_airplane: One thing that interested Dr. Trower is the upper end of the 5G scale because it is so close to the new weapons frequency. Weapons frequency like the new weapon nicknamed, “The Growler”. This weapon can be sent from airplanes and vehicles. *The Growler can be used to destroy the neurological and physiological systems of the body very, very quickly.
    The industry said they haven’t found any harm (but do T.H.E.Y ever tell the Truth?)
    No, but on the other hand, it is being used as a weapon and the two are incompatible. You can’t use something for crowd control but on the other hand a pregnant women can’t use it. To say that the powers are different, is absolutely rubbish. A 5G low long dose can be equally harmful and more dangerous than a high dose.

  4. :kiwi_fruit: :honeybee: Because of 5G, there has been found 70% reduction of fruit and 60% decrease in insects that pollinate trees. One of the main problems of 5G, it is going to be blended in with WIFI, a known proven weapon frequency.

  5. :deciduous_tree: For Poland and countries with huge forests, it is known and documented that, especially with 5G and WIFI, in 3 generations of humans, 1 in 8 children can expect to be born healthy, if at all. It is published that with plants and animals depending on reproductive cycles, some species will be extinct in 5 generations and that has been published *So what we have is total destruction and loss of Poland without a shadow of a doubt. This is also published and provable. *

  6. :evergreen_tree: :whale: :herb: :fish: People underestimate how clever and useful trees are. Trees communicate with each other by their roots within the soil. They join roots, they help feed each other. If one tree can’t give enough sugars they will help photosynthesize the others. They also help control the microorganisms in the soil. Trees also take out a lot of carbon dioxide from the air and trees do not like microwaves, and you will find the resistance of trees going down as soon as you microwave them. But the other thing is, and not a lot of people appreciate this, if you have inland fishery, or fish in huge lakes or inland fishing, around 70% of the fish is tree. People find that hard to believe. The trees shed their leaves, they then go into the streams, they are acted on by organisms, they wash down into the water, then the microorganisms feed other microorganisms, you start the food web. Fish feed off of that, and in fact, 70% of a fish is actually tree, from a tree, through the food web. Now if you destroy the trees, you destroy the fish and the ground soil, but it gets even worse than that. When you have long, hot summers, trees produce a chemical of molecules which go into the sky. These molecules blend with water vapor into the air which form larger molecules and they actually form very whispery, small, loose fitting clouds but a whole forest will do this all at once. How the trees communicate isn’t known but it is known and it is measured that on very hot days to protect themselves from overheating, trees will release these molecules and you will see whispery molecules above the forest and that provides shade which keep the trees alive. The trees take out the carbon dioxide. Now if you destroy the trees or you make the trees sick, you get extra carbon dioxide going into the water. The water has microorganisms on it’s own called cocolithims (Microscopic living organism) and cocolithims produce a chemical called dymath sulfite. The dymath sulfite goes into the air and is the only substance on the planet known which can be used in cloud formation. So if you follow the cycle, if you make trees sick, which you will do, then you kill the fish, you kill cocolithims, who are very low in tolerance to carbon dioxide in water, because it makes an acid. They are already in the process of dying and changing the cloud structure. So just by effecting the trees that people think that are just trees, you actually destroy the fish, you destroy the ocean, microbiology and you change the planets weather, and there is one more piece of information on this. It has been found and published and he had it explained to him; bacterium and viruses seem to thrive on microwaves so they become resistant to all treatments to try and kill them. They seem to think they are in danger so they multiple more quickly. So this is why when you microwave plants and trees, and you have huge forests in Poland, within the span of a few generations, you are going to lose your forest, your fish, your plants, your pollinating insects and your children. I am sorry it is such long answer but 5G is going exacerbate this, make it much, much worse because the trigger for this was really WIFI. When WIFI came out in 1999, 375 huge companies used the WIFI frequency which is known as weapon frequency and 5G is going to make this worse.

  7. Barry Trower said there is a Glastonbury Festival each year and I have twice presented the environmental lecture at the Glastonbury Festival. One was about what I have already talked about on this film and the other was on bees. My bee lecture is on a memory stick, it is well understood that you will lose the bees from microwaves. This has carefully been avoided. We have heard about pesticides and many things, but they steered clear of suggesting microwaves might play a part in destroying bee population.

Julian Rose: concerning trees in England they are beginning to introduce the first 5G on lampposts and in cities, they are clearing trees from towns, possibly in Sheffield, because they will interrupt the signal.

Barry Trower: they are also finding insects are leaving the area, in fact it’s not just bees, talking about cryptochromes (Cryptochromes are a class of flavoproteins that are sensitive to blue light. They are found in plants and animals. Cryptochromes are involved in the circadian rhythms of plants and animals, and possibly also in the sensing of magnetic fields in a number of species. The name cryptochrome was proposed as a portmanteau combining the cryptic nature of the photoreceptor, and the cryptogamic organisms on which many blue-light studies were carried out.) pigment with the double electron absorption navigation system that insects have orthopots, commonly known as creepy crawly to most people, all flying insects, and they are responsible for pollinating 80% of the world’s food and we are destroying them in droves.

Julian Rose: you know this information is so extreme, so profound, so absolute vital, that I hope the audience will listen to this film at least twice to be able to take in the level of significance you are describing. I understand 5G operates on a millimeter of frequency, very, very fast and short, you will describe more accurately. Can 5G be used specifically and accurately to target individuals or cars or rooms within the house, in another words, could it be used as a Psychotronic weapons for population control? ( Electronic harassment, electromagnetic torture, or psychotronic torture that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation, radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s bodies, and harass people.

Barry Trower: Yes, it could, but you wouldn’t need to because it will do it anyway, the problem is LIVING MATTER, EVERY SINGLE CELL IN EVERY LIVING THING ON THE PLANET PRODUCES IT’S OWN LITTLE WAVES AROUND IT. Every single cell in our body can communicate with every other cell in the body. The whole body is one big chatterbox of components talking to each other and in an adult you have around 10-12000 biological structures which all talk to each other and you produce a wave or field around your body. There are people who claim they can see this field and I believe they can. If anybody wants to see and demonstrate this field, it is very easy. All living things have it. Just take two ordinary eggs, put them on a shiny surface and put them end to end, if they stick turn one around and you will find they will fly apart. Because the fields will either attract or repel each other like magnets. Every living thing has this magnetic field. Microwaves will come in and disrupt this field, that is one effect, the other effect were the pulse frequencies. Now you have clocks in your body, generally regulated by the hypothalamus, you have clocks that monitor different parts of your body, regulate hormones and all sorts of other things. You have structures, tiny molecules which vibrate. Now when microwaves go in the pulse frequencies they can change these clocks and they can change the hormone rate that are moving in the body. They can also residence in other parts of the body. Now you have circadian residence frequencies, cyclotronic residence frequencies and you can grow in and out of those. So, when an organ like the heart is growing, when it is a particular size, it will meet the microwaves are the pulse frequencies, and it is like you have a spinning top and you give it a nudge, and another nudge, or you are on a swing, lift your legs to make it go higher and higher, microwaves can do this to the clocks and the organs and unbalance them, make them malfunction. You can grow into this and can grow out as the organ, the body or the cell changes size. And it is known to date that women have 13 different Circadian (Natural internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, Sleep is regulated by two body systems: sleep/wake homeostasis and the circadian biological clock) residence frequencies than men. When we have been awake for a long period of time, … So you have a lady sitting in a room saying I am getting funny hearing or I am picking up voices or anything, irregular heart beat something going wrong and the man saying, Don’t be stupid, go see a doctor. Whereas in fact she is picking up, or it could be a child, the embryo is more susceptible within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, that is very susceptible. When I was talking to spies in the Cold War, those spies were using microwaves as weapons. I made a list of probably 30-40 frequencies that were known and used in the Cold War, mostly by the Soviets and Americans and we all do as well, to cause cancer, neurological illnesses, drive people to commit suicide and breast cancer. I had a list of 30-40 pulse frequencies which I collected from spies that would cause 50-60 neurological and physiological illnesses to the point of death. Several people published the illness I published pulse frequencies. Today I think the list stands at 750 pulse frequencies. 5G will make that much much more. BUT IT’S NOT 750, WHERE YOU GET THIS OR THIS, IT IS 750 FACTORIAL MATHEMATICALLY, THAT MEANS YOU CAN HAVE THE EFFECT OF #1 MULTIPLIED BY THE EFFECTS OF #2 MULTIPLIED BY #3, RIGHT THRU 750. SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE ELECTRO SENSITIVE AND HAVE THIS EFFECT THEM INSTANTLY THE SYMPTOMS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS LEAD ARSENIC POISONING. YOU REALLY JUST WANT TO LAY DOWN AND DIE. That is if you really don’t have the energy to move.

  1. It is possible to change the neurological structures and make people suicidal and this is done both deliberately and accidentally. You will find around some transmitters, depending on what pulse frequency they use, and they keep them secret, depending on what pulse frequencies, you will find mass suicides, around some transmitters, different types of cancers around some, lots of varying systems around others, which are all known and predicted, but for the industry, for whatever reason it is worth, it now stands at 17 trillion dollars that it is worth losing up to 60% of the population for this amount of money and it’s as simple as that really. And I have a document that actually says that people must be deceived, (you select a safety level that cannot be challenged in court when people die) and the wording is, people must really be deceived, and the exact wording is to protect industrial output, profit so the list of illnesses, birth defects, still births, miscarriages, they are all there, and the reason for all of this, and it was classified top secret and still is, but I have the documents, is to protect industrial output. And all of this is to protect industry.

Sir Julian Rose: He was very involved in Poland in 2004 - 2006 trying to prevent genetically modified organisms from getting into the country. And we ran a campaign based on setting each Polish providence to declare itself to be GMO free. We succeeded in this and it led into GMO free zones each of the channels of the boards to demand a band on GMO in Poland. They wrote the letters to demand the planting of GMO, and he actually did in 2006 which made Poland the first country in the world, I think, to ban GMO. But what I’m hearing from you is exactly the same message we heard about GMO that this was an incredible valuable patented tool, for if you like, if you like possessing another country, challenging the existing status quo, dominating the market place, with something that is entirely unnatural, a natural form. So as a further point as to what you are saying already, would it be possible to generate an artificial plandemic using 5G if for instance you chose to do so.

Barrie Trower; Brilliant question, I have said when I am talking to countries, I have said that, and you have covered quite a few points there Sir, first of all this isn’t all over the world. I suspect from my travels that 58% of the planet are taking avoidance action to prevent this happening. I do know that when I talk to royalty and leaders of governments, leaves the people, in the last couple of years, 17 countries have started to take very serious avoiding action. 42% of the planet, to my knowledge isn’t, and they are putting this, and this one of the countries, this is being really forced out and is going into nurseries, schools, houses, it’s going everywhere, absolutely unrestricted, you can’t complain about it, it’s just going up 42% of the planet, so you do have an imbalance.

I have said to answer your question, when you look at the uterus, you know the uterus can absorb 20% more radiation plus than the rest of the body because of the moisture content. You can have 40% more damage in the uterus, we know the uterus does not have, they are called protein 53, nucleus co-complex, the uterus does not have the immune system that adults have for defense against this, we know that within 15 days of the uterus, cells can be programmed to develop cancer. We know microwaves can produce cells to develop cancer and I can run through the whole process. We know that the thymus glands within the first 8 weeks of the uterus can be destroyed and the thymus is needed to develop the child’s immune system up to adolescence, so we know it’s been published, I saw the publication many, many years ago. I read a paper that ladies who were exposed to a dose that an ordinary school child can get today in a hospital, using a diphthong machine which use the microwaves, the WIFI frequencies, and the machine malfunctioned. And the hospital staff from there, 47.7% of the staff had miscarriages in the first seven weeks of pregnancy, 47.7% of the adults. Now knowing the children can absorb much more radiation than adults, because of their size, they absorb nearer the wave length which is the resonance frequency, if you do the calculations the 47% can become the 67.7% of children having birth defects. This is from background and this is published by the World Health Organization first. Recently the European Academy for Environmental Medicines came up with a 48% whereas I said 47.7%. From the World Health Organization it’s 48%, the European Academy for Environmental Medicine. Now if you add at least 20% for children this is where you will be getting your birth defect rates wherein 3 generations, 50 to 60 years only, 1 in 8 of your children, at this point in time, can be guaranteed to be born healthy. AND IT’S NOT JUST CHILDREN, IT’S ALL MAMMALS. Because we all have the same genetic code, we all have the same four (4) chemicals. Any tree can read your DNA sequences. It won’t do it any good but it won’t need to use it but any tree, a blade of grass can read your DNA sequence, we all have the same language, and all mammals will suffer this. So, 42% of the world where this is being forced out, and this is provable, and it is documented, it was forecast way back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, it was PLANNED, documented, forecast, especially your big conference, which is top secret still to this day, in Warsaw in 1973, they listed 300 pages of all the ___, which brought it down to 98 categories, the whole paper is top secret and you are still not allowed to see it to this day, but in 1973 they predicted that your country would be destroyed from microwaves. It is known the effect is known, it is happening, it is documented and it is being forced out for whatever reason, and I’m not a politician, and your politicians do not know this, they do not have access to the documents I’m mentioning. Even prime ministers don’t have access to these documents that exist.

Sir Julian Rose: As I have said before, this information is shocking beyond belief and considering you just highlighted how, in 1973 in Warsaw, a high level conference to which papers have NEVER been published, you can verify the fact that is was predicted, that population in Poland will be wiped out over a period of time, if this technology is taken further. Do you have a message for the government, for the Prime Minister, for the people of Poland, in other words, the people will be interested in how to stop it. Government may know nothing about it.

Barrie Trower: The message is in two parts and I wish I were clever enough to think up what I am going to tell you, but I wasn’t. I was the guest of a king for two days, a very, very clever gentleman who had an International Law Degree. And we were discussing all of this and he said within 50-60 years, he would lose the viability of his country through all of these processes. He said, “Barrie, in 50-60 years, I will lose the viability of my country.” He also said that he gave me his personal telephone number and if you are talking to other kings or prime ministers you can give them my number. I will tell them what is going on and what are the consequences if they go ahead with letting all the microwaves in. I will tell them king to king. If they dial this number, I pick up the phone. That is one thing, and I carry this phone wherever I go but allowed to give it to leaders of peoples. And the other thing is when I go to a country I say put your very best opponents, the people who say I’m wrong, I want you to line up your very best opponents. I don’t care how many there are, get your best scientists, your best anybody, put them in from of me and tell me why I am wrong. That is my message.

  1. If you think I am wrong get me to your country, line up all your experts and let them tell me why I am wrong and let me show you the documents I have and prove why I am right. Not only do I have to prove I’m right, I can point to your schools, your nurseries, your population and say there is the proof. It’s as simple as that. But the message is very simple, 58% roughly of the planet are taking avoiding action, 42% are NOT. You have a choice to be in one of those populations. If you want me to come to your country, I will come to your country. I work free of charge, I do not accept gifts, I have nothing to gain, in fact I have everything to lose because I really don’t like traveling. So I will come to your country, I will give you the proof and then you can then decide and you can put any opponent up against me you like, but I can prove that what I say is correct. I have the government secret documents and I will put them on your table.

Sir Julian Rose: You have mentioned a couple of times already that this information you have is published. I think the origins will be very interested to know how one can access that information, apart from your information your giving freely to the public. What about all these other papers that have started this right from the early poirt of the 1950’s, are they all top secret?

Barrie Trower: Yes, they are all top secret, when I say they are published, they are published within the governments I have visited and spoken to. And I have this rule that I will answer any scientific question you can ask me and you can say would you provide us with this proof, that’s not a problem. But what I will not say is which government, which King or which country I have been to, and I will not discuss what questions I was asked. So if anybody asks me what did we discuss today, I will say that is confidential or I will talk about your country and answer your questions. So the papers have been published within the areas I have been but they probably keep them to themselves for security reasons or they don’t want the country that published the paper to come in and have a diplomatic argument. So what I give the countries and what they do with them, they are published within where I go.

Sir Julian Rose: Now at least some people believe that 5G is developed in Israel. That is not necessarily of critical importance but the Israeli government will not roll it out in Israel, rather Israel will develop a 5G fiber optic version controlled entirely by the government and Israeli firms and there is no foreign competition allowed in. Firstly, do you understand or believe this is correct and secondly will the fiber optic approach mean the population will be protected from the dangers associated with 5G?

Barrie Trower: Yes, I really don’t know whether Israel is rolling out the 5G. I do know, because it is published in the international papers in open court, that Israel is taking strenuous measures to protect nurseries and nursing homes, libraries, kindergarten’s children. They are taking strenuous measures to protect their population. I also know because I supply evidence for this and I’m not the only one, I’m not the cleverest person on the planet here, but I do know that the Californian fibrogade, I think it’s law 649, they have been exempt to 5G, this CA fibrogade, because a survey was done with all emergency service personnel and I wrote two (2) safety reports for emergency services personnel condemning the exposure of microwaves like the military. They found that after a 20 year study that every single firefighter within the study in California, every single one had a form of neurological damage or physiology damage and it was published. And when 5G came out they were exempt, the added stress of 5G, so it wouldn’t harm them anymore. But its known that emergency service personnel, and as I have written two (2) safety reports, there on that memory stick I am giving you, the military just have to use it and suffer, they are not told, it actually says it in this paper. When I said to protect Industrial Output, and it also said to prevent the military knowing about it as well. The military are very big, huge, they are kept in the dark, that’s why you get a lot of psychological damage from the military because they are excessive users. But I do know 5G is the fibrogade is exempted, and there are other countries who are strenuously fighting against 5G now. The fiber optic, none of this destruction is really necessary because all you need to do is run fiber optic cable from source to the person that wants to use it. You can still have all your smart phones, all your cell phones, you can have everything you want, WIFI and everything, you just send it thru fiber optic cable but the two (2) reasons I can only think of why they won’t do that is;

#1. It probably cuts into the 17 trillion dollar profit margin or you deliberately want a country to be destroyed for whatever international reason, but you do not need microwaves in the air. You can have fiber optic cable from user to source and you can have microwaves in the air safely because you can use a safe non-pulse frequency and you can still have cell phones for what they were originally designed for which is, if you have a tractor that flips over and lands on top of somebody you can ring the emergency services, if you break down in your car on a country lane and if it’s freezing you can bring the emergency services, if you use cell phones for life and death emergency, it is a brilliant invention, it will do it’s job, there will be next to no risk to any wildlife, you don’t need all the microwaves, you would need a trillion of the microwaves in the air now. It would be as safe as crossing a road. So, you can have everything you want and you can have it SAFELY. Now, the reason why it isn’t, you have to ask the people who make the decisions.

Sir Julian Rose: When one is traveling these days, traveling or walking around in the city anywhere, you find people who are nervously operating their cell phones or smart phones, tablets, etc., as though if they ever lost this piece of equipment they would be in a state of total panic. How do you see this, in another words, what I am suggesting is, it’s already become a form of epidemic, quite literal form of epidemic, that total reliance on this piece of equipment.

Barrie Trower: A very good question. There are two answers here…the first is it has been measured on public transports that you can be as much as 3,000 times above a safety limit ,3000 times. Now if you thinj about the driver or a conductor or a pregnant lady or child, and some of these journeys can be quite long, that is not a good thing. Sorry what is the 2nd part of the question? It has been known since the Cold War, because I was involved in it, although as times goes on, more and more intricate knowledge actually comes, we are now, we know what would happen, we didn’t know why, but now I am reading papers on the brain and giving interviews and now we know why, and this will surprise you, that the phenomenon I’m talking about was first published and written about in 64 B.C.. That is NOT new. In 64 B.C. a Greek living in Egypt by the name of Polyemi, a very famous scientist, and his work is used today, he found that when you would heat up metals or various substances, the radiation that came off the same as the radiation from the sun. If you made up a solid wheel, like a cartwheel, and solid and he drilled holes and he put this in front of your eyes, when he spun the wheel, at different speeds, he could induce you to be drunk, or sleepy, or angry, or behave silly, and it was known then that the photoelectric effect of radiation going into the eyes to the brain would cause different sensations, in fact, a gentlemen scientist, from Yale University, and then went back to Spain, Hosea De Gardo, he worked on this and developed these pulses in the brain and he actually said that any moods or behavior traits could be induced, he could make women sexually romantic, you can, one of pulse frequencies can cause sexual aggression, it will cause you to commit suicide, and you get even if you watch television a warning that says, if you suffer from photosynthesis epilepsy don’t watch this because there is a feedback loop in the brain that will trigger one form of epilepsy from this. And you can induce chemicals in the brain. I won’t run through all the names of them but you can induce chemicals in the brain by the pulse frequencies coming in. Yes, yes, yep, the chemicals which can be induced in the brain produced the same effects, not the same chemicals, they produce the same effect as morphine, marijuana, to make you hungry, I don’t mean you will eat a sandwich, you will rob a bank to get food, a sexual aggression, nightmares, hallucinations, suicidal frequencies, the phones can do this, now people you will see are able to become addicted to the phones, the similar effects of morphine, marijuana, and this is now measured, you can see it on a scan in the brain. They will pick up the phones and they get this pleasure, sensation in the brain, like smoking, and they will put their phone down, unconsciously they will think, hang on, I need to make a phone call, like I need a cigarette or a drink and you start using it and they are addictive, the problems we now have is cell phones, smart phones has been hijacked by children and they are very susceptible to this addiction and psychiatrists have written that when you try and limit a child’s cell phone use or take one off, one psychiatrist said, the child said to the parents and published this in Scientific Mind Magazine, the child said to the parents, a teenage girl, if you so much as touch my cell phone I will kill you both in your sleep, another girl punched her mother in the face that tried to take the cell phone and is where children are. They are really addicted. It like giving children cigarettes and alcohol and marijuana and saying, enjoy yourself for many years to get you hooked, now we are going to take them away. You won’t do it. And this is one of the problems because adults and children are chemically different, in terms of brain chemistry, they are addicted and this was known in 64 B.C. It is used by the weapons industry to cause people to commit suicide or get cancer of do whatever and it is used to try and have brain control, so, and it’s well known.

Sir Julian Rose: This is absolutely extraordinary important Barry. I think I’m going to ask a follow up question that if 5G is said to operate pulse frequencies used by U.S. security for intense crowd control and that is going on alot these days as you notice. They try to keep people from ever making serious progress, any type of rebellion. Would you like to comment on that?

Barry Trower: Oh yes, the 5G, it’s just above the top frequency of 4. 5G is around 70GH, that is what’s known as the Growler, that comes in around 90GH which electronically, in brain speaking, there is really no difference and the Growler, I have known it to be tested on special service military, special service people did it people and it’s brought them to their knees in seconds and it is for crowd control which will cause severe neurological/physiological damage which could be damage, induce cancer, it could induce any brain ab morality and it is a weapon.

#10. This is why I’m saying what if you’ve got a weapon here giving a lower frequency, it doesn’t mean this is safe, it means it can be used as the same only if it is a lower power it will take longer, that’s all. You can’t have it both ways. But yes it is used, it is known as the Growler, it is made for firing or beaming from aircraft. It can be used from vehicles and it is the latest for crowd control.

Sir Julian Rose: now in the rollout plan for 5G in the next two years, under I believe a title of called something like Starlink, the gentleman called Ego Musk who is one o the developers of the electric car, has brought a consortium, a very big businesses together, to launch an incredible number of satellites within two years as I understand it. 20,000 satellites are supposed to be launched which are going to cover the entire planet, as they say every square inch of the earth will be able to be under the effect of, under the administration of these satellites will be able to absorb all of the information of what’s going on anywhere, target anyplace on earth, aside from the fact of pollution caused by trying to launch all these satellites, the kerosene, etc. What is it about the satellite factor that plays into the 5G, what we are going to see on lampposts, these boxes, which send the signals to and fro to people’s smart phones, the internet of everything as that’s now called. What role does the satellite play in connection with that, this is something I think is quite technical and important for people to understand.

Barrie Trower: There are many things, but first of all, it isn’t 20,000, it may be 20,000 satellites but the actual number of transmitters going up is well over a QUARTER OF A MILLION. It is high level satellites, low level satellites, drones, which will be solar powered and just go round and round and round forever and balloons, which will be solar powered. The number, and I talked to military people around the world, the number is well over A QUARTER OF A MILLION. For countries which allow it above them, it 's not going to be all of the countries. The people running the satellites will be able to, not that they will, but they will be able to control populations, they will be able to monitor every single piece of data that is being transferred around the country, and there will not be a single government or person’s secrets that can be kept secret. They can target any organization, any city, any type of block they want to, they can target any sports activity, any government activity, you can control thinking processes and the information can be sold to people who want to buy it. There are lots of people who want to buy secrets. There are lots of advertising companies who want to buy things. The information can be sold, so it could be used, whatever your imagination can think up. There will be a way to use it and once it’s in the air, you can’t, if 5G is on a lamppost you can climb up and turn it off. If’s its on a big tower you can knock the tower down as some countries are actually doing, ou can take them down. If it’s on a satellite how are you going to find out where it is, how are you going to track the drone or the balloon, how are you going to see it and how are you going to cut out. It’s like the sky television, how are you actually going to cover that much ground if you want it to block the waves, you couldn’t. Once it’s up, and it’s up, it stays up and then whoever is controlling it will have absolute full control over that country.

Sir Julian Rose: Just to mention three names, The Boeing Corporation, Google and Richard Branson Airlines, version airlines, these are three of about 20 consortium that are pumping vast amounts of money into this,

Barrie Trower: And one thing is that the people doing this may be innocent. For instance you can buy a cell phone and the company selling it to you may be legitimate, what they don’t know is that up to 30 countries who make these components for a cell phone and one of the countries could put in a trigger that says “WE WILL NOW LISTEN TO EVERYTHING YOU’RE SAYING AND NOBODY ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO PICK IT UP. Another could put in other devices that will talk to other cell phones so you could have a trigger in the device. Richard Branson could be told we are doing this, it will help humanity we are doing this, but the people making it will say okay but we are also going to put in this and this and this and we can activate it from another satellite, you won’t even know it’s there, you won’t even know it’s activated and people with cell phones now probably don’t know THAT EVEN IF IT IS TURNED OFF IT CAN BE ACTIVATED. If it’s got a camera they can listen to and watch and this was designed for business meetings, for bankers to listen in which is why when bankers have meetings now all the cell phones are locked in the safe but it was designed so when financiers and businesses have a meeting they could not only see who is speaking, same as MP’s in defense meetings, but even if a cell phone is turned off you can listen, and you pick up everybody else’s phone calls and there are devices that will allow your cell phone to be used as a transmitter without you even knowing it. So somebody could send a message that will go into your battery, get a boost and go into another one. jUST THE FACT THAT YOUR CELL PHONE IS OFF, DOES’T MEAN IT’S OFF. That these can be put in and can be used. And again the criminal law and I’ve met lots of organized crime. They can not only use it but it has already started and been published that this is very, very good for blackmail, very good for blackmail, and people are being told we’ve have our health service hacked where the hacker said we will publish everybody’s medical reports on the internet and you are talking about people with AIDS, or psychological, you know, unless you pay us a certain amount of money. We’ve had our health services hacked and recently there was a website where people could send in their sexual preferences, they were blackmailed, other websites. We’ve had a bank hacked just this last week where they said we will give everybody’s bank details unless, so once you got access to this, and the worst things are THESE SMART METERS because once you get the smart meters you have a mesh of information going all over the place from everybody and if you hack into a smart meter, you’ve got everything. You can even tell when ANYBODY IS GOING TO THE TOILET in any house and you can even listen to it. It is used, it can be used for weapons, it can be used for blackmail, it could be used for crime, it can be used for other country’s defense. Once this is up and up and running, you are really at the mercy of the people who have got the secret bits, but it’s the people putting up, may be absolutely innocent and don’t even know what they are doing, but once it’s up, they’ve lost control.

Sir Julian Rose: I wonder if you could tell us at least some of the names of the countries which don’t want 5G, this is extremely interesting point because after all, the world is going to be divided between those that do and those that don’t. The ones that don’t already have extremely good evidence for why they don’t and can be extremely influential on the ones in between, you might say.

Barrie Trower: But I do know that you’re at a sticky point here. I do know, the last seventeen, I don’t, when I go to a country I often meet a leader of another country, the last seventeen leaders that I have spoken to, I have had feedback, because they say how can we stop this or what can we do with this? The last seventeen countries are actively now doing something. Most of them work, you have to appreciate that NOT EVEN kings can take on the industry, in fact, kings are usually shareholders, royal families, if somebody comes to your country as says this is harmless radio waves, we will also get you a hundred billion dollars and they’ll sign here. What the countries don’t realize, and this is a brilliant, brilliant question, WHAT THE COUNTRIES DON’T REALIZE WHEN YOU SIGN HERE YOU SIGN TO SAY IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THE SYSTEM OUT YOU WILL PAY THE COMPANY ALL THE REVENUE IT WOULD GET HAD THE SYSTEM BEEN THERE AND YOU ARE REALLY LOCKED IN THIS LEGAL LOOP. They say, well look, we have signed to say, yes we could have it taken out, but we must carry on giving the company all of the money they would have earned had it been left in, but that’s not necessarily the case and I say no, we’re back to secret documents because if you were lied to when it went in, now you have legal grounds for stopping it because it was lied, you were lied to, because government documents actually predicted this and they actually say that they will get this and sensitive people suffer from this and all sorts of things will happen. 's listed and documented, the Warsaw document, the United States Defense Intelligence documents, other documents, so if you were lied to, so the last seventeen countries I’ve been to or a lot countries, the leaders, they go to their legal people, yes, they’ve been lied to, the same as Poland, they have been lied to, anyway, **if they come to you and say we are going to destroy your country and only one in eight of your children is going to be born healthy, we’re going to ruin your plants, you won’t have any cattle left, and your food production will be ZERO. You’re not going to sign, you were lied to, it’s as simple as that. Now, they are looking at the legal way and they are doing it in steps. They are saying we are taking this out of here because you didn’t tell us this and they’ll do it, you just can’t throw everything out. But what you can do in the industry, you can start with kindergartens, nurseries, because the safety levels only apply to adults, straightaway, and they wouldn’t told you that so if the safety level only applies to adults straightaway, you’ve got all your children, so you can take them out of schools, kindergarten, nurseries, hospitals. They also mention sick people, so you protect your sick people, old people, you can protect old people, then you, and what the industry don’t do they are supposed to survey the area for sensitive people and children, and it actually says special consideration must be made, so once you start doing that now you can legally start guessing it and then you can start leaning on the industry and say look, lose some of your seventeen trillion dollars and fix fiber optic cable or we will go to the World Court, and I have a list of twenty people, and I know one that is already been named for who should solicitor. The solicitor has already named one person for a ringleader to be taken to the World Court for crimes against humanity.

:skull_and_crossbones: All of this is proving that 5G is a without a doubt a major KILLER of the entire planet. :skull_and_crossbones:

Please see the rest of the video contents below.


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An Interview of Grave Importance to Humanity.(what follows is the end of the video dialogue)

And the damage, and I've said this when I'm talking to countries, you will suffer more, NO SHADOW OF A DOUBT, you will suffer more than your plague in the 1340's and 50's and your plagues in the 1600's which will be WORSE THAN BOTH PLAGUES. But you can go to the World Court and I have known, there is a professor who I know because I've sent the information a professor, went to the World Court with five other professors to stop this on the grounds of GENOCIDE. IT IS GENOCIDE. e*p, IT IS ABSOLUTE GENOCIDE and steps are being made to go to the World Court and name individuals, at the moment with 42% that's being rolled out, but can I name the 17 countries, no, because it is a private conversation and they are in legal processes and if I name them, the industry will be monitoring every word of this and they will say, right, target this country, get your lawyers over there and they have really good ? lawyers and I went to one court case and first land rover full of men with white wigs, they wore white wigs and the second land rover was people that carried the papers for them, I mean, they turn up in force with their legal experts (so called legal experts) so yes I do the last seventeen countries yes they are taking action and it can be taken AND YOU CAN WIN, you need a team of very good lawyers and you need the documents I have.

Sir Julian Rose: We are getting close to the I think to the end of this session. I did have a question which I, it might have been answered already, I'd like to go back to it, and actually based on a testimony you go to the United States District Court of Oregon sometime back, and I should have copies this down because I thought it was so interesting, I'm gonna read what you said, to my knowledge, this is in front of the District Court of Oregon, you said to my knowledge microwave or radio wave sickness was first reported in August 1932 with the severe symptoms of severe tiredness, fatigue, fitful sleep, headaches, intolerability and high susceptibility to infection in 1932. Now listen to this everybody because this is exactly what hundreds of people are reporting to us in Poland and England, exactly these symptoms. By 1971, the US Medical Research Institute, the MRI, referenced two thousand three hundred research articles listing an excess of one hundred and twenty in panels and illnesses attributed to the radio frequency and microwave radiation. So already back in 1971 you have enormous amount of evidence of the problem, so under the Freedom Of Information Act you say, extract from the published US Defense Intelligence Agency documents confirmed MMRI Research and stated, “If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in enforcement of stringent exposure standards that could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military functions”.

Barrie Trower: Absolutely correct and after this what happened was the scientific advisors they needed a level of microwaves that could not be taken to court that where you could not complain about being ill and what they did, they went back to a gentlemen scientist, his name was Swan, something like that, and he set a level based in 1953 on a particular type of radiation and the outcome of this which is still enforced today in Poland and 42% of the planet who are in fact dying from microwaves, they said, and this is one, the only safety ball IN 42% of the planet, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, they've changed now, but most of Europe, Australia, Canada, what they said was, and this is the only safety rule and it takes some believing, if you do not feel too warm in 6 minutes, it is deemed safe for everybody for a lifetimes exposure of any frequency and any power. So, in another words, if you do not feel too warm in 6 minutes it is deemed SAFE. Now think about that, you gotta school room full of WIFI and if the children do not say this WIFI is making me feel too warm in 6 minutes, it is safe for them to use for a nursery right the way thru up University through the day they finish and sit in front of it but the clever bit is that microwaves, which is how microwave ovens work of course, MICROWAVES COOK FROM THE INSIDE OUT. YOUR BRAINS DO NOT HAVE HEAT SENSORS INSIDE, THEY ARE ON THE OUTSIDE. YOUR BODY, THE HEAT SENSORS ARE ON THE OUTSIDE. MICROWAVES GO INSIDE. SO WHAT THEY HAVE SAID IS IF YOU DO NOT FEEL TOO WARM IN 6 MINUTES WITH THE SENSORS YOU DO NOT HAVE, IT IS DEEMED SAFE FOR LIFE. In another words, what they have done is said they have set a safety level you will never ever challenge in court and when you sign to say we have this in our country that is the safety level you are agreeing to, and they knew before that was NOT SAFE and it doesn't apply to children and animals and things and this is your loophole but this is the safety level and that is it.

Sir Julian Rose: You said further in order to protect Industrial profit and Miliary function and to avoid letigation from Military employees it was suggested that governments in the West choose a safety level compatible to the military industrial output. The governments that have endoctrined the thermal level denied atnd still to this day deny any adverse effect from self thermal levels. I have added to that this has been a weapon of mass destruction from the start, could you possibly explain the difference in thermal and sub-thermal, also how this relates to smart phones and other cell phones and other technology, would you cover that?

Barrie Trower: You have ionizing and non-ionizing really, ionizing, gamma rays, x-rays, that end of the spectrum, non-ionizing are, you are looking at your straight forward microwaves, non-thermal is when you do not heat up, I need to get, I think it's heating up 1 kilogram of body mass within six minutes by one degree, it's based on that.

Sir Julian Rose: When people put the phone to their ears they talk about feeling warm, now is that connected to this?

Barrie Trower: We are talking about whole body radiation but different areas of the body have different thermal levels. When you put the phone to your ear and your ear feels warm, it fact, to show how dangerous this thermal, below this thermal level is, all cell phones and all transmitters, the military, everybody, it is all given below thermal level, so none of it should cause a kilogram of your body mass to heat up in six minutes by one degree basically. It is all below thermal, everything you use is below thermal. What they have NOT TOLD YOU IS THAT WHEN YOU PUT THE CELL PHONE TO YOUR EAR, AND IN FACT, IF YOU LOOK AT THE SAFETY GUIDE THAT COMES WITH CELL PHONES, IT SAYS DO NOT HOLD IT NEXT TO THE SKIN, WHEN YOU HOLD IT AND YOU FEEL WARM, in fact, they are wrong, because it is known, and has been known that when you warm your skin by 0.6 of one degree which is basically half of one degree, when your cells heat up by 0.6 of one degree what are known as heat shock proteins coming to access in the, they, the cell realizes it is in danger and starts a mechanism like a scaffold around the cell to protect it but it can also protect then cancer cells and so what you can do once you hit 0.6 is you can start protecting cancer cells from the rest of the body to destroy and you also disrupt the cellular process. Some people don't realize that the heat shock proteins are actually chaperons within the cell, and there are millions that are little chemical reactions that take place and they have quite a lot to play the moment you start warming it, you are doing damage anyway.

Sir Julian Rose: I think we would now like to spend maybe the last 10 minutes, considering a positive outcome, how people can get together to rid the planet of this horror story, this genocide process and how we can work together to ensure that there are plenty of other problems on the planet, because, this is such an EXTREME one but __ and I worked on GMO we thought at that time was the most significant problem for the food chain but now we see these emissions in fact are also deadly to the food chain itself, let alone the GMO side and then there is also the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, biosphere and so all of this is under threat so how can we put a stop to these developments which are mounted of genocide and to the human population and eco side to get biodiversity of nature.

Barrie Trower: You are, this is easier said than done but you have to go up against now the most powerful industry that the planet has ever known, in fact, it is the industry is so powerful it can buy governments and there is a way to control this and to control this you take as many microwaves out of the air as possible. Everything can go on fiber optic cable. You can have cafes, transports, where you plug in to fiber optic. Libraries can have fiber optic cable, schools, houses can be fitted for fiber optic cable so you take out all the microwaves from the air and you leave it which is what is originally intended for as a life and death emergency then there is no problem but what you've got now are children and people who are chemically hooked on cell phones and they are going to destroy the planet that they are living on. It is a total re-education system, the other thing that some people, some countries are doing is they are setting up white zones. White zones are now part of country WHERE THERE NO MICROWAVES ALLOWED, this is why they want to put up satellites to come down and people can go and live in white zones. White zones are where you can grow your own food and do your own thing. All white zones, we will a crunch point whereby like with smoking, you can only lie to so many people for so long and when there have been too many funerals, particularly children, somebody is going to say we've made all the money we're going to get out of it, you can't take us to court but we can't risk the planet anymore. Now we will have a new system, they are working on is light instead of microwaves, they are using light. I've first saw a demonstration of this in 1982 so they are only going as long as they need to make as much as they can, the fact that people are going to die is really irrelevant, maybe in ten years, fifteen years, you will all have fiber optic cable, you will have light instead of microwaves or a different light frequency that is coming in now, they are perfecting it, and then the people in the future will say, well how on earth did they get away with microwaves, killing that many people for so long, the same as we've said. I know the answer, why did smoking keep going for so long when it was known in 1599, how it caused cancer, why was lead put in petro and kept for 30 years a secret, diesel and all the other things and it is industry that you read out saying we are going to make as much from this, as many of you that die have to, that is par for the course, it's unfortunate but there you are, you can't take us to court because we are invincible and there you are. And that's it BUT THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. It can't go on because even the people making their trillions will want to live somewhere and the time will come when they will stop it, they will get rid of the microwaves, use light, fiber optic cable, we breed a new breed of children who are not chemically addicted, it is worth saying now that one country, and I can't mention it, one country has now opened up clinics to detoxify children from their cell phones and detoxify them and get them back to normal, so in the world, it is a big country and the clinics are right across the country, they are now detoxifying children and it has started and I know other countries are now restricting children saying you will not have a cell phone until you reach this age and then we tell you how you can use it. There are some countries actually doing something about this but in our part of the world, countries in Europe that have not listened where the industry, the WIFI, the 5G, are running rampant across the country, once it's in it will be in until the industry decides to take it out and HOWEVER MANY OF YOU DIE, THAT'S JUST UNFORTUNATE AS FAR AS THE INDUSTRY GOES.

Sir Julian Rose: Now I really think that this very much concludes our talk today, I could only add that those of us who live and work with the spiritual dimension within ourselves, a human dimension, spiritual dimension, must also be aware that this spiritual dimension connects up with light, so it doesn't connect up with microwaves. The spiritual dimension is to do with light emanation, it has to do with photons, to do with completely different and actual forms of background energies, so to speak.


@Persistent Barry Trower has also stated “Anyone who puts WiFi into a school should be locked up for the rest of their lives. They are not fit to walk this planet because they wont look at the research and whatever incentive they have is not worth the genetic problems the parents are going to face”


Dear @ be1,


Agreed.Trower is absolutely right.

It is hoped people will wake up, stand up and do something about the evil plans of the elite, plans to kill off billions of human lives and destroy the entire planet by using microwaves. Most think 5G is better cell service, more data faster, (is this self centered), little do they know it is a KILLER. :skull_and_crossbones:


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A Cautionary Tale from the Firefighters of California Fighting Cell Towers on Stations
The firefighters of California have a cautionary tale to share. They have spent 15 years and millions of dollars fighting cell towers on their stations. They have done so because they know they are among the strongest of the strong when it comes to professionals among us. Yet they have suffered harm living and working in the presence of cell towers, and they know they cannot carry out their duties to protect the general public as they should if they are indeed impaired.

As you read the results of a small pilot study we conducted of California firefighters exposed to cell towers on their stations for five years, understand that this brain damage occurred to the strongest of the strong among us after a five-year exposure to 2G from a tower that was measured at 1/1000th of the FCC allowable limit of RF radiation. That was three generations of wireless ago, so the question must be asked: What is going to happen to when 5G cell towers are built out in nearly every neighborhood, next to every school, daycare center, nursing home, hospital, place of work and place of worship – in other words, in every corner of our lives 24/7?

In an ironic twist, even though the firefighters become First Responders in order to protect and save our lives, there is nothing they can do to advocate for themselves. It is usually the fire chiefs who make the deals with telecom to site towers on fire station property, and firefighters who fight these towers outside union-sanctioned activities can lose their jobs. The chief gets credit for bringing in revenue from cell tower leases, and along with that goes job security. Many chiefs are persuaded by unjustifiable promises of safety from telecom reps. Therefore, it falls to those of us in the public to become aware of when cell towers are permitted for fire stations and to speak up at the local level and advocate on behalf of the firefighters

Firefighters Living Next to Cell Towers Suffer Neurological Damage

A. Pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) exposure levels measured were well within what the FCC commercial guideline for RF-EMR exposures

 The Fire Station cell tower measured at 1/1000 - 2/1000th of the allowable of the FCC limit of non - ionizing radiation.  That means the towers could be almost 1000 times more powerful than the firefighters were exposed to, and still be **CONSIDERED IN THE FCC GUIDELINES**.  **AND YET EVEN AT THESE LEVELS OF RADIATION WE FOUND BRAIN ABNORMALITIES AND MEASURABLE NEUROLOGICAL DEFICITS.**

There is an interesting article by Simon Hodges found in the in depth report Gibraltar’s Gamble with 5G

Mr. Hodges covers an interesting perspective on fiber optic cables and WHY we are not using them.

What role did a 30 year old political decision play in all of this?

Most of the so called ‘Fibre’ broadband connections in the UK are actually Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC connections and not true fibre optic FTTH/B connections. FTTC means that the Fibre part of the connection terminates at the cabinet and the rest of the connection is made over copper wire. This means that UK fibre broadband connections are restricted to around 80 Mbps whereas in Russia, Sweden and Spain etc, then their true FTTH/B connections could be upgraded with multimode fibre optic cable to reach up to 10 Gbps and importantly FTTH/B connections are synchronous in that they have the same downlink and uplink capabilities.

It is the failure to roll out FTTH/B fibre that is driving countries such as the UK into pushing for the roll out of 5G. How is it that the UK and also the US find themselves so far behind in the roll-out of the alternative, completely safe, radiation free FTTH/B connections?

The answer we find is that it is a direct result of an extreme political blunder made by Margaret Thatcher’s government toward the end of her tenure as Prime Minister.

This story was reported by back in 2014.

The story actually begins in the 70s when Dr Cochrane was working as BT’s Chief Technology Officer, a position he’d climbed up to from engineer some years earlier.

Dr Cochrane knew that Britain’s tired copper network was insufficient: “In 1974 it was patently obvious that copper wire was unsuitable for digital communication in any form, and it could not afford the capacity we needed for the future.”

He was asked to do a report on the UK’s future of digital communication and what was needed to move forward.

“In 1979 I presented my results,” he tells us, “and the conclusion was to forget about copper and get into fibre. So BT started a massive effort – that spanned six years – involving thousands of people to both digitise the network and to put fibre everywhere. The country had more fibre per capita than any other nation.

“In 1986, I managed to get fibre to the home cheaper than copper and we started a programme where we built factories for manufacturing the system. By 1990, we had two factories, one in Ipswich and one in Birmingham, where we were manufacturing components for systems to roll out to the local loop”.

At that time, the UK, Japan and the United States were leading the way in fibre optic technology and roll-out. Indeed, the first wide area fibre optic network was set up in Hastings, UK. But, in 1990, then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, decided that BT’s rapid and extensive roll out of fibre optic broadband was anti-competitive and held a monopoly on a technology and service that no other telecom company could do.

“Unfortunately, the Thatcher government decided that it wanted the American cable companies providing the same service to increase competition. So the decision was made to close down the local loop roll out and in 1991 that roll out was stopped. The two factories that BT had built to build fibre related components were sold to Fujitsu and HP, the assets were stripped and the expertise was shipped out to South East Asia.

“Our colleagues in Korea and Japan, who we were working with quite closely at the time, stood back and looked at what happened to us in amazement. What was pivotal was that they carried on with their respective fibre roll-outs. And, well, the rest is history as they say.

“What is quite astonishing is that a very similar thing happened in the United States. The US, UK and Japan were leading the world. In the US, a judge was appointed by Congress to break up AT&T. And so AT&T became things like BellSouth and at that point, political decisions were made that crippled the roll out of optical fibre across the rest of the western world, because the rest of the countries just followed like sheep.

“This created a very stop-start roll-out which doesn’t work with fibre optic – it needs to be done en masse. You needed economy of scale. You could not roll out fibre to the home for 1% of Europe and make it economic, you had to go whole hog.

“It’s like everything else in the electronics world, if you make one laptop, it costs billions; if you make billions of laptops it costs a few quid”...

Who ultimately has to pay the price for this incompetence? Sadly the people. We have been denied access to completely safe, wired super fast broadband and this political error is also simultaneously driving the roll-out of 5G technology in order to try and rectify the original policy mistake. Decisions taken 30 years ago are now putting the health and safety of the public into jeopardy as we are being forced to endure more and more extreme levels of wireless radiation exposure to compensate for such bad policy.

Mr Simon concludes with "Given this debacle, and PHE’s own compromised conflicts of interest and pressure from the industry not to adopt anything approaching an ALARA radiation standard as it looked to be likely to happen in 2012, then taken collectively it is no surprise that Public Health England and the government have been motivated into suppressing evidence as to the serious health effects that are currently being caused by existing and legacy wireless radiation exposure and remain resolutely in denial that 5G technology will prove any kind of additional threat to public health.

All of this is completely unacceptable just as is our acceptance of ICNIRP’s safety standards as being in any way meaningful or appropriate. We must urge local governments to immediately adopt the Italian 1mW/m2 standard as in most cases this will only require a small reduction in power supplied to a few base stations to bring them into line. From there we must timetable and plan a move toward reducing exposure to an open air maximum of 5µW/m2 proposed by the BioInitiative 2012 report with a limit of 1µW/m2 in the home, workplace, schools and other public buildings with the ultimate goal of As Low As Reasonably Achievable standards.

Concurrently with this we should prioritise the roll out of super fast FTTH/B Fibre to the home and building connections. In terms of mobile phone data usage most people would vastly prefer unlimited 1-10Gbps synchronous Fibre connections at home which they can also use via their phones using the safest form of wired, bluetooth or WiFi connections conforming to ALARA standards, rather than sign up to expensive individual mobile phone contracts for asynchronous, more limited connectivity and for everyone to be exposed to increasingly saturated radiation as a result.
Central governments and bodies such as ICNIRP, AGNIR and PHE cannot be trusted with ensuring our health and safety and as our exposures are such a localised phenomenon then we and our local governments should decide what limits we should be exposed to in direct democratic consultation with the people, with extra weight being given to those most effected by such infrastructure. Ideally we would strive for the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) standards and push to absolutely minimise our exposures to microwave RF/EMF. The lack of general public knowledge on these subjects is distressing but not surprising given that the majority of the main stream media have been captured by corporations and interests in just about every field."

Some reports studies and data to counter their BS

5G Will Use the Same Frequencies as Pain-Inflicting Military Weapon

Can New 5G Technology and Smart Meters be Used as Weapons?

Barrie Trower's Paper on the bees and microwave radiation.

The Connection Between 5G and the Corona Virus

How 5G uses phased array antennas to focus the mm beams – damaging DNA etc.

Covid Kill Shot: Mark Steele