Austria – On The Road To The New World Order

By now you have probably heard of the dystopian nightmare occuring in Austria (Austrian government in bizarre move against its own citizens), but in the lastest turn of events the Police Forces announce they will now participate in the 20 Nov Protest.

"The obligation of imposing the control as directed by the minister of the interior is rejected by the police union” – L'Autriche se soulève contre "la dictature sanitaire"

“The union of Armed Forces have annnouced that they will participate in the grand protest in Vienna next Saturday” -

The police and the army refuse to make controls for the sanitary pass under the name of ‘liberty and human dignity’. They will join a large protest against the mandatory lockdown of the non vaccinated on the 20th November in Vienna”

Source - Mike Yeadon Telegram

In case you don't know: Adolf Hitler was Austrian not German.

About the nightmare:

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Australia has stood up against the tyrants and now its Austria's turn to lead the way, show them you will not give into fear, that you will stay united and will not fall for the msm deception and will not be coerced to have something injected into your body you don't want, okay.

# AUSTRIA Say MANDATORY JABS Or PRISON(not very good choices)