Armageddon: China, Russia and Syria, Turkey, Iran – Prophecy Unfolding

This is the true cause of the crisis in Ukraine! Lavrov, Russia, Turkey

The Epoch Times: Russia figured out how to “cheaply” disable US Space defense

Russia could take advantage of a vulnerability in US defenses. This opinion was shared by American analyst Brandon Weichert.

The US space is vulnerable to attacks from Russia and China, according to Brandon Weichert, author of “Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower.”

The defense of the United States has a serious vulnerability that America’s main competitors, Russia and China, are aware of. According to Brandon Weichert, this is space, where the Pentagon relies on old and bulky satellites.


Ex-Russian Prez Threatens to Send ‘Eternal Enemy’ Britain Into ‘Abyss’ with Nukes

Medvedev, who previously served as both prime minister and president of the Russian Federation before his current role as deputy chairman of the nation’s security council, fumed that Britain is a “disgustingly damp” island and described the British Monarchy as a “degenerate” institution.

“Britain was, is and will be our eternal enemy,” Mr Medvedev wrote, going on to describe recent prime ministers Boris Johnson, Theresa May and Rishi Sunak — whose name he claimed to have forgotten — as “bizarre creatures”.

Russia-China joining forces against NATO aggression

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Brian T. Kennedy - Big Pharma and the Chinese Communist Party

The Edge of Nuclear War

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Ex-Russian president Medvedev warns we’re closer than ever to World War Three – and risk of nuclear oblivion is growing

THE risk of nuclear oblivion is edging closer as humanity stands on the brink of World War 3, Russia’s ex-President has warned.

Dmitry Medvedev is a close ally of Vladimir Putin and made the chilling warning amid rising tensions between the Russia and the West over the Ukraine war.

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Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons FIRST in World War Three, former PM Dmitry Medvedev warns

  • Dmitry Medvedev told an audience in Moscow that world is on the edge of WW3
  • Medvedev is Putin's deputy on Russia's powerful security council

By Will Stewart

Medvedev, 57, told his young audience in Moscow that the threat of climate change was nothing to the possibility of nuclear war.

'The world is sick and is on the edge of the Third World War,' he said.
Pictured: The launch of Sarmat ballistic missile in April 2022 (file photo)
Dmitry Medvedev is pictured speaking in front of a young audience in Moscow where he threatened Armageddon
'And although we tried to avoid war for 30 years, it was imposed on us.'

Medvedev is Putin's deputy on Russia's powerful security council, and a former Kremlin president and prime minister.

He told a questioner at a Knowledge educational marathon: 'You said that Russia would never use nuclear weapons first - but it's not exactly the case.'

The former president - who had his finger on the Kremlin's nuclear button for four years between 2008 and 2012 - said: 'There are truly a lot of things wrong with our world…

'Let's talk about the preservation of humans…

'Enough of complaining about the temperature rising by 1 degree a year…

China’s military transfer to Putin amid war spooks West I Russia Expert Speaks

What is the Fastest Missile in the World

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Western arms for Ukraine make 'nuclear apocalypse' more likely: Russia's Medvedev

“The more weapons are supplied, the more dangerous the world will be,” former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, now deputy chairman of the Security Council, told the Russian state news agencies TASS and RIA while on a trip to Vietnam and Laos.

“And the more destructive these weapons are, the more likely the scenario becomes of what is commonly called a nuclear apocalypse,” Medvedev was quoted as saying.

Russia will launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike if the West provides Ukraine with nukes, Moscow warns: Dmitry Medvedev says West underestimate Putin's willingness to bring about Armageddon

  • Former President Medvedev warned that the Ukraine war could last for 'decades'

Russia will launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike if the West provides Ukraine with nukes, one of Vladimir Putin's closest aides has said in a sinister warning.

Russia's former president Dmitry Medvedev said the West is failing to grasp Putin's willingness to bring about a nuclear Armageddon.

A ranting Medvedev also warned that the Ukraine war could last for 'decades', with long periods of fighting interspersed by truces.

Medvedev - now deputy head of Putin's security council - warned that the war has escalated further with Ukraine receiving warplanes, such as US F-16s, and 'maybe even nuclear weapons'.

'There are some irreversible rules of war,' he said on a trip to Vietnam. 'If it comes to [deliveries of] nuclear weapons [to Ukraine], a preemptive strike will have to be carried out.'

Meanwhile, Medvedev said the Kremlin feared 'a guy with dementia' being elected the the White House, apparently referring to a second term for Joe Biden

He said: 'The only thing that matters is that a guy with dementia is not elected. But this is possible.'

For Russia, 'historically it was always easier for us to work with the Republicans,' he said.

However he said Republican favourite Donald Trump was 'a nice guy, but a bit of a coward.'

Why is Russia’s S-350 Vityaz Air Defense System Better Than US-Made Patriot?

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Medvedev: There are irreversible laws of war

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Webinar | Kinetic War on the U.S. Home Front: The CCP’s Plans to Attack America

Eyewitness accounts of large numbers of unaccompanied, fighting-age men who appear to be fit, similarly equipped and moving in groups through Latin America, across what was once the United States’ southern border and disappearing into our nation raises a profoundly important question: If the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is actually preparing to complete its longstanding “unrestricted warfare” aimed at taking down the USA with a violent military conflict, is its dictator, Xi Jinping, setting the stage for attacks not just on Taiwan and our Indo-Pacific allies, but ones that would strike decisively in our homeland, as well?

This CPDC webinar addresses the evidence that by some estimates 5 battalions worth of what may be People’s Liberation Army special operations personnel – roughly 5,000 men – have been insinuated into this country in organized units over the past few months and continuing today.

It also examines: the doctrinal basis for surprise Chinese attacks in our rear; the vulnerabilities in this country that would likely be targeted and exploited; and those who, in addition to possible recently arrived military elements, might undertake such missions including: Ministry of State Security spies; “Overseas Police” and those they coercively control; and/or other Chinese assets in place, like “businessmen,” scientists and researchers or some of the PRC’s 300,000 students in this country.

Iran’s newly unveiled ballistic missile triggers alarm in Tel Aviv

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