Are you paying attention to the Gibraltar REGULATORY Authority?

COMMUNICATIONS (GROSSLY OFFENSIVE MATTERS) REGULATIONS 2020: “Any message or other matter that features a recording within any Medical Facility in photographic, video or any other format shall be considered grossly offensive for the purposes of the Communications Act unless such recording has been obtained with the prior written consent of the GHA.” Communications - GRA

Given people are filming empty hospital facilities worldwide, are T.H.E.Y. showing appropriate concern, grabbing the bull by the horns? What are T.H.E.Y. trying to hide?

“During the pandemic, we are worried that our data protection practices might not meet our usual standard or our response to information rights requests will be longer. Will the Commissioner take regulatory action against us?” The answer: “In principle, no.” PDF available at Data Protection - GRA

“If something feels excessive from the public’s point of view, then it probably is.” They seem to trust public opinion on data collection. What about on the harmful effects of their EMF guidelines?

T.H.E.Y. seem to be getting more and more power as technology becomes intertwined with all facets of life on The Rock. Home - GRA

Which is why Christ warned you about REGULATIONS

What about Rights to Health @Gibprivacy? ICNIRP guidelines are outdated and do not protect from adverse biological harm which the GRA refuses to acknowledge credible science, opting to side with pro-industry, captured agencies.