Are they already planning the next PANDEMIC?

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A new variant in Canada. Are we falling for this again? We'll use our extra legal options. Never go in to lock-downs again. Never ever submit to any kind of vaccine mandate again.

Media Ramping Up Fear, Readies NEXT PLANDEMIC: Stew Peters To Attend Reawaken Tour In Las Vegas

Media Ramping Up Fear, Readies NEXT PLANDEMIC: Stew Peters To Attend Reawaken...


IT’S ALL AN IQ TEST: Ten OBVIOUS lessons every intelligent person should have learned from COVID 1.0 (that can save you from what’s coming with COVID 2.0)

by Mike Adams

The great IQ test has commenced. COVID 1.0 was the training round, to present lessons in government tyranny and medical science fraud for all to witness. COVID 2.0 is the final exam to see who is stupid enough to still have not learned the lessons from the training round. However, this “final exam” is more like a final solution, and those who fail this round of the global IQ test will find their projected lifespan rapidly shrinking.

Here are ten obvious lessons that any intelligent person should have already learned from COVID 1.0

  1. As long as you comply with tyranny, the government will always find new reasons to act like tyrants
  2. Masks don't work. Even the CDC openly admits it
  3. Hospitals were ordered by the federal government to mass murder hundreds of thousands of people... and they gladly complied
  4. COVID vaccines don't prevent infections or transmission
  5. The government will weaponize COVID to rig elections and destroy economies
  6. PCR tests for infection diagnosis are a complete fraud
  7. Your doctor was BRIBED to push unsafe, unproven COVID mRNA jabs, and he gladly went along with it
  8. The WHO is run by globalists with a depopulation agenda
  9. Food supply chain disruptions are not a side effect but a FEATURE of government-enforced lockdowns (i.e. they are trying to starve us all)
  10. Government believes the people will mindlessly obey almost anything... and they're half right

In summary, any intelligent person should be able to learn these obvious lessons from COVID plandemic 1.0. The most obvious lesson is that complying with tyranny only rewards the tyrants with power, incentivizing them to keep coming up with emergencies that justify their tyranny.

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After COVID mania, we must resist the Left's tyranny

by Stephen Moore

What's even more disturbing here is that the leftist medical community and the media aren't renouncing their calls for mitigation strategies that were catastrophically wrong in the panic era of 2020 and 2021 – but instead calling for more of these assaults on freedom in the future.

Healthy children were never at risk from COVID (something we knew early on), so shutting down schools for one or two years was a sop to the teachers unions but a disaster for this generation of kids. Test scores are the worst in 30 years.

Those who love freedom must strenuously resist this coming tyranny.

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COVID Reemerges: Why You Shouldn’t Panic

by Dr Joseph Mercola

Considering the many variants that have come and gone since 2020, isn’t it curious that media are now all of a sudden focusing on particular COVID strains again, just as we’re moving into fall and influenza season?

As previously predicted, we were given a short respite over the summer, and in the fall, the fearmongering will ramp up again to drive people into the vaccination clinics where they will be pressured to get not just one but three different shots — a booster for COVID, a flu vaccine and a brand-new fast-tracked vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

And, despite proof that masking is useless and lockdowns were a devastating mistake that should never be repeated, these failed strategies will likely be reimplemented as well. Our only hope, really, is mass disobedience, because those in charge are ignoring both science and the law.

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Is another virus surge being manufactured to push more shots?

The biosecurity crisis needs to continue indefinitely because it is the primary justification behind The Great Reset.

  • The biosecurity crisis needs to continue indefinitely because it’s the primary justification behind The Great Reset.
  • In the fall of 2022, mainstream media started warning of a potential “tripledemic,” with COVID, seasonal influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) being in circulation at the same time. The sudden focus on RSV just so happened to coincide with announcements that RSV vaccines were being fast-tracked.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first-ever RSV vaccines in the summer of 2023 for seniors 60 years and older – one by Pfizer (Abrysvo) and one by GlaxoSmithKline (Arexvy). Both vaccines are recombinant subunit vaccines, and both manufacturers have reported Guillain-Barré syndrome as a side effect.
  • As we’re heading into the fall of 2023, the “tripledemic” of COVID, RSV, and influenza is again making headlines. A Google search for the key words “triple pandemic 2023” garnered a staggering 41.1 million articles, and as we saw all through the COVID pandemic, news agencies are using he exact same headlines and talking points. This is unequivocal evidence that the tripledemic narrative is being coordinated by a central source.
  • For this fall, U.S. health officials recommend a flu vaccine for everyone six months old and older, an updated mRNA COVID-19 booster targeting the Omicron XBB.1.5 strain (specifics on who should get the shot and when are still undetermined), and an RSV vaccine for seniors 60 years old and older.