Are Americans Anti-WW3 ???

Biden is pushing Putin in a deadly direction

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Clayton Morris - This military move is the bravest thing Ive seen in

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The Ten Seven Club is dedicated to the date that America was cast into a perpetual and endless state of war in Afghanistan (10/7/2001) by a self-castrated political body…The United States Congress. Our mission is to unite Veterans of the Global War on Terror and their civilian allies who are dedicated to ending American involvement in our endless wars in the Middle East and bringing our troops home.

-Dan McKnight, Chairman

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Preventing a long war w/Scott Ritter (Live)


Col MacGregor Ukraine is About to be ANNIHILATED

Were Living On Borrowed Time and Borrowed Cash

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Scott Ritter LIVE on Ukraine's Future and Rage Against the War Machine...

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What JFK tried to do before his assassination w/Jeffrey Sachs | The Chris Hedges Report

What JFK tried to do before his assassination w/Jeffrey Sachs | The Chris...

Col Douglas Macgregor Latest Update On The World War

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US Declines Israel’s Invitation to Start WW3 (For Now).

By Patricia Harrity on [April 15, 2024]

Written by Caitlin Johnstone in Caitlin’s Newsletter: US Declines Israel’s Invitation to Start WW3 (For Now). Iran has carried out its long-promised retaliation for Israel’s attack on its consulate building in Damascus, launching a massive barrage of drones and missiles which it claims hit and destroyed Israeli military targets, while Israel says they dealt only superficial damage with a few injuries. The US and its allies reportedly helped shoot down a number of the Iranian projectiles.

Just as we discussed in the lead-up to the strike, the western political-media class are acting as though this was a completely unprovoked attack launched against the innocent, Bambi-eyed victim Israel. Comments from western officials and pundits and headlines from the mass media are omitting the fact that Israel instigated these hostilities with its extreme act of aggression in Syria as much as possible. Here in Australia the Sydney Morning Herald write-up about the strike didn’t get around to informing its readers about the attack on the Iranian consulate until the tenth paragraph of the article, and said only that Iran had “accused” Israel of launching the attack because Israel has never officially confirmed it.

UPDATED: Iran Launches Major Drone and Missile Attack on Israel
Tel Aviv condemned the move as a “dangerous escalation” and claimed to have repelled most incoming projectiles
by Will Porter@TheWillPorter #Iran #Israel #IRGC #drones

— (@Antiwarcom) April 14, 2024

In any case, Iran says the attack is now over. Given that we’re not seeing any signs of massive damage, Iran’s reported claim that its retaliation would be calibrated to avoid escalation into a full-scale regional war seems to have been accurate, as does Washington’s reported claim that it didn’t expect the strike to be large enough to draw the US into war.

A new report from Axios says Biden has personally told Netanyahu that the US will not be supporting any Israeli military response to the Iranian strike. An anonymous senior White House official told Axios that Biden said to Netanyahu, “You got a win. Take the win,” in reference to the number of Iranian weapons that were taken out of the sky by the international coalition in Israel’s defense. Apparently helping to mitigate the damage from the Iranian attack is all the military commitment the White House is willing to make against Iran at this time.

And thank all that is holy for that. A war between the US alliance and Iran and its allies would be the stuff of nightmares, making the horrors we’ve been seeing in Gaza these last six months look like an episode of Peppa Pig.

But Washington merely declining to get involved is nowhere near enough. As the Quincy Institute’s Trita Parsi quipped on Twitter, “Biden needs to PREVENT further escalation, not just declare his desire to stay out of it.”

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