Aqualia installs a biogas purification plant at Algeciras WWTP

The company Aqualia has installed a biogas purification plant at the Algeciras wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Isla Verde to obtain 100% renewable vehicle biofuel from wastewater, giving a new life to what until now was just waste.

The President of the Association of Municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar, Juan Lozano, visited the plant today to see first-hand the important initiatives that Aqualia, the infrastructure manager, is going to implement at the plant to improve its energy efficiency and contribute to the circular economy in favour of sustainability.

Justo Suárez, Aqualia's delegate in the Campo de Gibraltar, accompanied him on this visit, during which Lozano inaugurated the pilot plant for the purification of biogas to biomethane that has just been installed at the Isla Verde wastewater treatment plant. This installation is part of the Life Ulises research project, led by Aqualia, and, by means of an innovative low-cost process patented by the company (ABAD Bioenergy), the "dirty" biogas from the treatment plant is transformed into 100% high quality renewable biomethane, which can be assimilated to compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles or for injection into the grid.