Andrew Brigden's "Pandemic" Hearing in the UK Parliament

andrew bridgen hearing

On 4th of December, MP Andrew Bridgen hosted a historic hearing in the UK Parliament where he was joined by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish & Steve Kirsch who all gave expert testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences.

Andrew wrote on his telegram: An absolute delight to host medical experts, doctors and scientists presenting evidence to explain excess deaths, vaccine harms and other subjects in the UK and around the world. I was delighted to see so many MPs, Lords and supporters in attendance. The evidence is unequivocal.

However Patricia Harrity, Expose News, was critical of the number that showed up writing, "Out of 650 MPs a total of 16 turned up to listen to the experts who had traveled hundreds of miles to be there."

Andrew Brigden released this prior to the hearing – A Video Address:



Article includes transcript of his speech.

Robert Malone – Testimony in UK Parliament: Show us the data

"Those lies included that these products were safe and effective, of course, without actually qualifying what safe and effective was. You'll recall, safe and effective was repeated again and again and again without stating what that meant, okay? That's neurolinguistic programming. That's psychological operations. That's propaganda. We also received the propaganda that these products would remain at the site of injection and the draining lymph nodes. That was known to be a falsehood before these products were ever deployed into humans, and that's revealed by the nonclinical data packages from Japan and from Australia that have now been disclosed." – Malone

Dr David Martin informed 16 members of the UK Parliament that Covid was a 56 year plan in the making

Dr. Martin calls the development of the virus an act of international terrorism.

Video is embedded at the link.

Also here:

Steve Kirsch – Release the Covid Data Now.

steve kirsch at hearing

Source: Hart Twitter -

"This should be released in all countries around the world who vaccinate people. If the vaccine is safe and effective, why are you keeping this information secret? We know why."

Steve Kirsch at the Hearing:

Dr. Ryan Cole - Expert Testimony | UK Parliament


Dr Ryan Cole, MD and pathologist, presented a comprehensive summary on the published scientific literature showing harms from the toxic lipid nanoparticles and synthetic RNA, found in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. He shared the shocking fact that cancer rates have skyrocketed througout the world, post mRNA vaccine rollout. Cole also highlighted how the mRNA shots are contaminated “with hundreds of billions of copies of DNA in every lab around the world tested so far” and “sequences of a monkey virus [SV40].” He discussed how DNA contamination increases the risk of insertional mutagenesis and cancer, which is stated in Moderna’s own patent. - World Leading Experts Testify at UK's Parliamentary Office

15 Ways the COVID Shots Injure and KiII: Insights from Dr. Ryan Cole

  1. Nanoparticle Usage
  2. Persistence of Synthetic RNA
  3. Circulation of Synthetic Spike Protein
  4. The Spike Protein is a Harmful Agent
  5. Brain Accumulation and Impact
  6. Peripheral Nerve Damage
  7. Organ Damage
  8. Myocarditis and Heart Issues
  9. Impact on Adrenal Glands and Elastic Fibers
  10. Reproductive Harms
  11. Weakened Immune Systems
  12. Vascular Damage and Clotting
  13. Abnormal Protein Accumulation
  14. Immune Tolerance
  15. Increased Cancer Risk

Professor Angus Dalgleish, Consultant Medical Oncologist and professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London, shared how the Covid vaccine boosters are directly associated with excess deaths seen around the world. Dalgleish also stated: "As an oncologist I am seeing people with stable cancer rapidly relapse after a COVID-19 booster.” He went on to stress how “you are more likely to suffer from serious adverse event from mRNA jab than be hospitalised from Covid”

Dr Pierre Kory, ICU doctor and president of the FLCCC (Front-line Covid-19 Critical Care) presented an excellent summary on the war (suppression and sabotage) against early Covid treatment.

UK Column News Highlights Andrew Bridgen's Hearing and delves a bit deeper into Pfizer and Moderna Propaganda Techniques:

The hearing and propaganda are discussed in this shorter version on DGTV.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans complemented the event and talked about it as a success, and they wanted to also ask the question why isn't this infomation being made public. Debi saying - Completely resounding success. Congrats to Andrew. MPs are asking far more questions now.

They draw attention to Daily Clout where people can view the Pfizer and Moderna Reports.

Steve Kirsch Speaks To Members Of The U.K. Parliament About The Dangers Of COVID Vaccines (12/04/23)

This is a longer recording of what Steve said at the hearing. He brings up the NZ data in this video:

Kathy Gyngell, editor at TCW wrote about Andrew's Bridgen's hearing and a few other things:

I went to Portcullis House, at Andrew Bridgen’s invitation, to a ‘presentation on the pandemic and its consequences’ co-ordinated and chaired by himself.

We heard about Pharma’s immunity and impunity, the scientific community’s corrupt response, the suppression of viable and already tested medication, ‘safe and effective’ propaganda when ‘endgame mRNA therapy’ has proved so unsafe and ineffective, the booster effect – more injections, more infection – the death of science, excess deaths and the leaked New Zealand data, and missing (unreleased) ONS data.

:point_right: What really interested me was the reactions of the MPs, to whom these impressive American scientists were quite new, to the revelation that our chief scientists are charlatans and that the ‘safe and effective’ reassurances given to the British were straight lies. Would they listen or walk? One or two did leave, but for most their concentration didn’t waver. At one mention of post-vaccine adverse events amongst the scientists’ own patients, families and friends, I swear I saw a few heads nod. How, Ian Paisley asked, would MPs such as he manage public fear once his constituents were made aware of the truth imparted to them? Several stayed behind to talk. There was no hostility and no denial.

I am not even going to skate through the six powerful presentations; I am aiming to post the power points on TCW next week. continued.

Written by one of the presenters - Pierre Kory

"I am writing in honor of my having been being invited to speak at Andrew Bridgen’s UK Parliament meeting entitled “For Democracy, Truth, and Freedom” on Monday, December 4, 2023."

UK Parliament Testimony Videos From MP Andrew Bridgen's Historic Meeting - Martin, Kory, Malone

Numerous obstacles were put into place by the UK gov't to disrupt the meeting and mitigate our ability to get the most important message of our lifetime out. They did not succeed.

... I had the feeling that our lectures could have the potential to truly disrupt the global “safe and effective” narrative...The talks were incredibly powerful...

Read his summary of what happened - even behind the scenes.

PS. Kory includes three links to his Rumble channel of speeches by Martin, Kory and Malone, but they have been posted on this thread already.

What Pierre Kory discussed at Andrew Bridgen's hearing is now available to watch:

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TCW's Kathy Gyngell said she'd be posting articles about the hearing. Here's her summary of Dr. David Martin's presentation:

Dr David Martin and the origins of the coronavirus plot

Dr David Martin is an expert in financial fraud and patents who has held academic appointments in medicine, law and economics. He founded the US Food and Drug Administration’s first centre for the clinical trial of medical devices and has also worked as a chemical and biological weapons investigator.

‘There is no question,’ he began, ‘that the entirety of what we have been through in the last four years has been merely an orchestration to assault the liberties of the people here in this country and round the world, pretending this is some sort of public health emergency.’

continues on TCW

Professor Angus Dalgleish's presentation at the hearing is now available:

This is the link to Dalgleish's 15-minute presentation:

TCW's Kathy Gyngell said she'd be posting articles about the hearing. Here's her summary of Dr. Ryan Cole and and Dr Robert Malone's presentations:

The impressive and courageous Ryan Cole at the Bridgen event

Dr. Cole's cutting-edge work on the impact of the vaccine spike protein on cells and how Covid-19 vaccines alter the natural immune response has been reported by the Epoch Times since the start of 2022. WAS INJECTING THE GENE SEQUENCE THAT PROGRAMS HUMAN CELLS TO MAKE THE TOXIC SPIKE PROTEIN OF SARS-COV2 A GOOD IDEA? He proceeds to deliver the scientific and medical reasons why not.

More at link.

Full Meeting - Expert testimonies on the pandemic. UK Parliament, 4th Dec 2023