Andalusian reservoirs recover a little more water and rise to 27.31%.

The reservoirs of Andalusia have recovered water for the third consecutive week as a result of recent rains, adding in the last seven days 51 cubic hectometers, which now stand at 27.31% of its capacity, to 3,050 cubic hectometers.

However, that 27.31% of water reserve is a percentage 2.14 points lower compared to last year, when with 3,289 cubic hectometers reservoirs were at 29.45%.

According to Wednesday's data from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, consulted by Europa Press, in the last week the water stored in the reservoirs of the Guadalquivir basin have risen 0.4 points to 24% with a total of 1,931 cubic hectometers, while in those of the Andalusian Mediterranean Basin increase to 37.9% with a total of 445 cubic hectometers.

These are the two main reservoir systems in Andalusia. The others are the Tinto, Odiel and Piedras in Huelva, and the Guadalete-Barbate in Cadiz. The reservoirs in Huelva remain this week at 192 cubic hectometers, finding its reserve at 83.8% of its capacity, and those of Cadiz adds 14 to 482, 29.2%.

Nationally, the Spanish water reserve is at 44.9% of its total capacity. The reservoirs currently store 25,193 cubic hectometers of water, increasing in the last week by 1,641 cubic hectometers - 2.9% of the current total capacity of the reservoirs.

The precipitations have been abundant in the Atlantic slope and very scarce in the Mediterranean. The maximum has occurred in Vigo with 286.4 liters per square meter.