Andalucía launches new plan to reform region’s tourism


In preparation of the META 2027 Plan, Andalucía created a participation strategy which invited 300 people from different areas of the industry, including entrepreneurs, business owners, public sector workers, academics, and tourism board members, to comment on its strengths and weaknesses, key problems facing the industry, and establish a series of milestones that reflect its success.

The competitiveness of Andalucía as a tourism destination is a huge focus within the strategy seeking to integrate both local resources and social sustainability to generate added value while helping to maintain advantageous positions in core international markets.

Keeps with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations (UN) and its own Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

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Gibraltar aims to capitalise on increased publicity and word-of-mouth

Gibraltar is well-placed to capitalise on word-of-mouth recommendations from first-time visitors and increased publicity over the course of the Covid pandemic, its tourism minister believes.