Analysis of what most likely really did happen in Washington DC on January 6th.

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Using Ockham’s Razor and Common-Sense let’s look at what happened and what we’ve been told and make sense of it all.

Everyone, including the usual alternative media talking-heads, some of whom are ex-military, have been unable to figure out what really happened in Washington on January 6th 2021.

President Trump asked patriots to come en masse to Washington DC to show their support for him, and so he could explain, from behind bullet-proof shielding, details of how the election had been fraudulently stolen from him, to try to fraudulently elect the Chicom (CCP) bought and paid for traitor Joe Biden as president.

They also needed lots of people there as cover for the military operation. Subsequently, after Trump had safely given his damning speech, angry people invaded the Capitol Building with the assistance and guidance of the DC Police.

Whilst everyone on both sides is playing the blame the other side game, the reality is this: It was a military covert special operations action against the Demonrat-Communist Deep-State traitors, politicians who are bought and paid for by Communist China and The Vatican Crown Corporation.

All the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place when they announced that Nancy Pelosi’s and between 12 and 20 other Demonrats’ laptops had been seized, during the invasion of the Capitol Building.

We saw video footage of the DC Cops escorting five white mini-buses, that we were told contained BlantifaM agents, into the area and that the DC Cops let them into the Capitol Building and guided them upstairs, and round corners to wherever they wanted them to go.

There is other video footage of a group of people simultaneously smashing the glass in a set of wooden windowed double-doors, that were barricaded behind with chairs, and a young female Trump supporter trying to climb through the right-hand door window that had had the glass broken and removed, and her being shot by a man standing on the left behind the doors.

There are then various videos analyzing the video footage; some claiming she wasn’t really killed and it was all an act. Others claiming they were BlantifaM dressed as Trump supporters.

Let’s now look at this from a military operation standpoint. To get the spec-ops troops into the Capitol Building to seize those laptops, you would not want them in uniform forcing their way into the building at gunpoint and being in a fire-fight with the DC Cops.

So, how did they do it, to ensure that they absolutely could not fail to achieve their objective: they created a diversion, like magicians do. They make you watch their left hand, whilst they do the trick with their right hand.

Here’s what probably REALLY happened: Either the DC Cops are absolutely corrupt and working against their oaths to the Constitution and the President by helping BlantifaM, or the five white minibuses contained spec-ops troops dressed as BlantifaM agents, whom the DC Cops assisted in gaining entrance to seize the laptops, whilst, on the left hand, Trump Supporters, and remember the young lady was a military 14 year veteran with high security-clearance, created a diversion, so all eyes were on them, and kept on them because of the shooting of a young woman, instead of the right hand spec-ops force, who were there to seize the incriminating Demonrat laptops. Whilst the Demonrats were plotting the final act of their coup to install the traitor Joe Biden as president-elect and reveal EVERY traitor in both political parties that are really only the two wings of the same bird of prey.

Time will tell whether the laptops were really seized or not, but it is reported that Nancy Pelosi has claimed her laptop was stolen, and has been reminded that it does not belong to her, but to the nation.

I rest my case.

Muad’Dib / Christ.


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Thank-You. This would also explain why Pelosi is so keen on having Trump impeached and removed from office.


You’re welcome. Agreed about Pelosi.

Wonder when the Gibraltarians are going to finally wake-up and do something about their (CCP) Chicom-loving Gibraltarian traitorous politicians? Probably when it’s too late.


On the “Steel Truth” with Ann Vandersteel, Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney, retired Air Force, confirms YOUR ANALYSIS.

His portion extracted out of the show on bitchute (20min):

The entire show is very interesting (1hr):

At about 13 min, you can hear a man say, “We’re not here to be Antifa” (video footage is shown).

Then, McInerney comes in about 36 min (which is featured in the 20 minute video above).

• He also discovered James Comey sold the Hammer and Scorecard system to the Chinese, which is a top secret program to manipulate elections.

• The attack on the Capitol was done by Antifa (enabled by McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and the mayor). They moved in and Antifa did their thing and then the media did theirs.

• President Trump has all this data and how is he going to get it out to the American people?

Nancy Pelosi is so frantic because they did get her laptop!

• McInerney said that there were some people in there that were SPECIAL FORCES, mixed with Antifa, and they took her laptop and they have the data.

• Pelosi is pushing the 25th Amendment or Impeachment because she is terrified.

McInerney has seen the laptop. It was not given to the FBI.

• He also believes they have another source who is talking like a songbird.

And -

• He says Covid was a biological attack.

• Covid has been used to kill small businesses to make people dependent on Government. And Democratic Socialism is the front door to communism.


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Following on from the seizing of Pelosi’s laptop and the unlawful confirmation of Joe Biden as President-Elect in the full knowledge that the election was fraudulently stolen, according to Simon Parkes, President Trump has signed the Insurrection Act. The Insurrection Act enables President Trump to activate the military to arrest the traitors and try them in military tribunals.

This video is from Simon Parkes Bitchute Channel, and is approximately 25 minutes.

Simon Parkes


“Technologists have used facial recognition techniques on the large archive of Parler videos filmed from the January 6 Capitol riots, Motherboard has learned. In some cases they have been able to track individual faces across different videos, pinpointing where a person was at specific points in time, potentially even if they did not use Parler themselves.”


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Looking at the reporting (not on lamestream media) of events and the opinions and reactions surrounding it, the Ashli Babbitt shooting is where events went not as planned (by the Trump side). Babbitt may have been working for both sides. As part of the diversion (military covert special op), she was to be a player in that diversion, but was not to be shot and certainly not killed. But, she was shot by the D.C. cop (and supposedly killed) in order to escalate (planned by the demoncrazy side because they were informed about the diversion in advance) that event. That awry plan, it is thought she was a part of, also receiving a large payoff for a job well done.

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