America has ALWAYS supported the Satanic NAZIs

More Americans Supported Hitler Than You May Think. Here's Why One Expert Thinks That History Isn't Better Known

These days, and especially since the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Va., last August, it has become clear to many Americans that the specter of Nazism in their country is not resigned to 1930s history. But until very recently, even that part of the story was less well known than it is today.

In fact, when Bradley W. Hart first started researching the history of Nazi sympathy in the United States a few years ago, he was largely driven by the absence of attention to the topic. Hart’s new book Hitler’s American Friends: The Third Reich’s Supporters in the United States argues that the threat of Nazism in the United States before World War II was greater than we generally remember today, and that those forces offer valuable lessons decades later — and not just because part of that story is the history of the “America First” idea, born of pre-WWII isolationism and later reborn as a slogan for now-President Donald Trump.

“There’s certainly a raw and visceral shock to seeing swastikas displayed in American streets,” Hart tells TIME. “But this is a topic I’d been working on for quite a while at that point, and while it wasn’t something I expected, it was a trend I’d been observing. I wasn’t terribly shocked but there’s still a visceral reaction when you see that kind of symbolism displayed in the 21st century.”

Hart, who came to the topic via research on the eugenics movement and the history of Nazi sympathy in Britain, says he realized early on that there was a lot more to the American side of that story than most textbooks acknowledged. Some of the big names might get mentioned briefly — the radio priest Father Charles Coughlin, or the highly public German American Bund organization — but in general, he says, the American narrative of the years leading up to World War II has elided the role of those who supported the wrong side. And yet, American exchange students went to Germany and returned with glowing reviews, while none other than Charles Lindbergh denounced Jewish people for pushing the U.S. toward unnecessary war. In its various expressions, the pro-Nazi stance during those years was mostly focused not on creating an active military alliance with Germany or bringing the U.S. under Nazi control (something Hitler himself thought wouldn’t be possible) but rather on keeping the U.S. out of war in Europe.

So why was that past overlooked for so long?

In part, Hart theorizes, it’s because the American story of World War II is such a powerful national narrative. The United States, that narrative says, helped save the world. Rocked by Pearl Harbor, Americans stepped up to turn the tide for the Allies and thus solidified their nation’s place as a global superpower. That narrative doesn’t have much room for the relatively small, but significant, number of Americans who were rooting for the other side.

“It’s always been uncomfortable in this country to talk about isolationism, though the ideas are still out there,” he says, “It’s part of the American mythology. We want to remember ourselves as always having been on the right side in this war.”

It was also possible for those who had participated in Nazi-sympathetic groups to later cloak their beliefs in the Cold War’s anti-communist push — a dynamic that had in fact driven some of them to fascism in the first place, as it seemed “tougher on communism than democracy is,” as Hart puts it. (One survey he cites found that in 1938, more Americans thought that communism was worse than fascism than vice versa.) Such people could truthfully insist that they’d always been anti-communist without revealing that they’d been fascists, and their fellow Americans were still so worried about communism that they might not press the matter.

“We still don’t totally know the scope of this,” he adds, noting that some important documents are still classified.

Plenty of the story’s beats have modern counterparts. For example, the Foreign Agents Registration Act that ensnared Paul Manafort was a product of that time. Hart’s book also covers controversy over whether those with extreme political views should be allowed to speak on college campuses, a debate that still rages today. The most interesting parallel to Hart himself is that between the type of social-media misinformation campaigns that popped up around the 2016 election and the use of propaganda by Nazi agents in the United States. (In one remarkable incident, a German agent and a sympathetic congressional aide were able to take advantage of franking privileges — free mailing services available for Congressional communication with constituents — to distribute a massive amount of official-looking propaganda.) In both cases, one major goal of those involved was simply to create a situation in which Americans weren’t sure what to believe. The takeaway, he says, is that the effect of unreliable news may be more important than the actual content of those stories.

“They weren’t trying to push the U.S. into an alliance with Nazi Germany. They see that as outlandish, though they would have loved it. What they want to do is confuse American public opinion. That’s what we’re seeing coming back in the era of social media,” he explains. “Confusion means there’s no public will to do anything and in a democracy we rely on the public will to take action.”

But perhaps the biggest reason why it’s possible for the U.S. to have forgotten about this history is that its worst potential — a sympathetic politician reaching the highest levels of power on an isolationist platform — was never realized.

“The real threat here, which the U.S. was fortunate to avoid, was a figure like Charles Lindbergh managing to bring all these groups together in time for an election,” Hart says. “The timing just never really worked out for that, fortunately.”

~Is that really true?~

The Last Nazi Trials

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Along those lines, Makows' article is intriguing...

How true is it?

World War II Was a Psy Op to Kill Goyim

Martin Bormann, who signed Hitler's paycheck and knew everything about the Nazi war effort, was an Allied spy.

The book "Op JB" (1996) by John Ainsworth-Davis describes how he and Ian Fleming rescued Bormann from the ruins of Berlin in 1945

James Bond was modeled on Ainsworth-Davis who was an Illuminati sex slave and mass murderer. He may have serviced the gay Winston Churchill and his spymaster Desmond Morton.

This book is the smoking gun that proves the Second World War was a charade. While most Nazis were sincere, the movement was sponsored and controlled at the top by the Masonic Jewish central bank cartel in order to kill "goyim" on both sides, increase banker wealth and power, destroy Germany, and advance world government. Assimilated Jews were also sacrificed to disguise the Gentile holocaust and to create the Jewish state as HQ of the NWO.

"Even the best of the Goyim should be killed." - Talmud, Soferim 15, Rule 10

The second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, Martin Bormann, Hitler's Private Secretary and Head of the Nazi Party apparatus, was an Illuminati (((i.e. British))) agent who ensured the destruction of both Germany and European Jewry.

HB4.jpgThus, he advanced two of the Illuminati's main goals: integrate Germany into a world government by annihilating its national, cultural and racial pretensions, and establish Israel by threatening European Jews with extinction.

According to this book, "OPJB,", Commander John Ainsworth-Davis' account of how he and Ian Fleming led a 150-man team that rescued Martin Bormann from war-torn Berlin on May 1, 1945, using river kayaks.

Bormann lived under an assumed identity in England until 1956 before dying in Paraguay in 1959.

Op JB stands for "Operation James Bond." Ian Fleming took the name of the author of "A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies" for the Bormann rescue and later gave it to the hero of his spy series who was modeled on Ainsworth-Davis, who used the name, Christopher Creighton. Creighton died in 2013 at age 89.

The book includes a 1963 letter from Ian Fleming confirming that he and Creighton led the Bormann rescue. It also includes a photograph of a 1954 letter from Winston Churchill giving Creighton permission to tell this story after Churchill's death, "omitting, of course, those matters which you know can never be revealed."

According to Creighton, Martin Bormann was actually sitting in a private visitor's gallery at the Nuremberg Trial when he was condemned to death in absentia! (p.243)

The cover story was that Bormann supposedly would help the Allies retrieve Nazi wartime plunder and return it to its rightful owners. If you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida... Bormann had been an Illuminati British agent all along and was largely responsible for the Nazi defeat. Louis Kilzer estimated he was worth 50 divisions. Hitler covered for him. World War Two was a monstrous Rothschild fraud on Germans, Jews, and the human race. The plunder ended up in Illuminati hands.


The real James Bond helped kill thousands of people, mostly British allies. He was haunted by the ghosts of "perfectly loyal and innocent people who had been caught up in our operations..." (79)

For example, Creighton tipped the Nazis off to the exact time and location of the 1942 Dieppe raid which cost 3000 Canadians their lives. He was told that the British wanted to test Nazi defences. The real reasons: convince Stalin it was too early for a second front, and build up Creighton's credibility when it came time for the Normandy Invasion.

Creighton also talks about "Operation Tiger" in April 1944, a training exercise at Slapton Sands, Dorset that was rudely interrupted by eight German torpedo boats. The toll: over 800 US soldiers drowned. (Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller wrote that the Nazis were tipped off by a German spy.)

The fiasco was kept a secret to protect D-Day morale.

Creighton says survivors were interned or killed by a sea mine in order to keep the secret. (p.25)

Agents who stumbled on the "true secrets of World War Two" (i.e. the fact that Hitler and Bormann were run by the "English") were often betrayed and murdered in action. This happened to Creighton's girlfriend, Patricia Falkiner.

Morton confessed that Falkiner was his ward: "He had done his utmost to keep Patricia out of operations...only when she had stumbled on the most vital secrets at Bletchley that he had been forced to deploy her..." (p.85)

Creighton, also made sure Pearl Harbor, another example of Illuminati chicanery, was kept secret.

On Nov. 28, 1941, a Dutch submarine, the K-XVII intercepted the Japanese Fleet en route to Pearl Harbor and alerted British naval HQ. In order to maintain the illusion that Pearl Harbor was a surprise, the submarine and its crew were destroyed.

Creighton "wiped out the entire ship's company with two tiny cylinders of cyanide inserted into their oxygen supply, and a box of high explosives disguised as whiskey...the war had turned me into a fiend and mass murderer..." (p.81)


Officially Desmond Morton was Winston Churchill's "adviser." In fact, he was in charge of a top-secret Illuminati organization dedicated to advancing world government dictatorship through skullduggery. It was funded by the "Crown" i.e. the Rothschild Bank of England. It answered only to Churchill who, of course, answered only to Victor Rothschild.

The Director of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, recommended Ian Fleming to Naval Intelligence. (Fleming was 15 years older than Creighton.)

"M SECTION" had the resources of the Royal Navy and Marines at its disposal and was responsible for rescuing Martin Bormann, and possibly Hitler as well

Morton never married and there are rumors he and Churchill had a homosexual attachment. Morton accused Churchill of having homosexual feelings for FDR. (Winston Churchill , by Chris Wrigley, p. 268)

Top agents and commandos like Creighton were chosen from men and women in their late teens who were personally known to the Illuminati. Creighton was only 21 years old in 1945. Often the youths were orphans or separated from their parents.

For example, Creighton's parents were divorced but Louis Mountbatten and Desmond Morton were family friends. Morton took Creighton under his wing and became his "uncle." In a moment of crisis, "I hugged him as I had hugged him so often in the past." (85)

Creighton refers to his service in Section M as "ghastly years of betrayal and horror into which I had been forced." (78) He speaks of the "Svengali-like influence and control that Morton had exercised over me since my early childhood."


Morton's MO was "deception and double-dealing," says Creighton. It is amazing he was able to tell the story. Perhaps it's because he accepted the spin that Bormann was saved in order to restore Nazi plunder to its rightful owners

Great nations, England, the United States, Germany, France are all Illuminati pawns. What good is a democracy when the Illuminati Order owns the politicians and controls information?

See the rest of the article here:

NAZI Satanic Insanity still alive today

Nick Fuentes Comments on Ye Twitter Ban

Cops demanded his ID. This is how it escalated when he refused. Policy...

Belly of the Beast: Director's Cut (2020)

Belly of the Beast: Director's Cut (2020)

As NATO leaders gathered in Lithuanian capital of Vilnius this week, they debated how much weapons and money to send to Ukraine. Despite some clear points of tension, there was no fundamental disagreement about the basic morality of supporting Ukraine - a government that has regularly weaponized torture against civilians and prisoners of wars over the past nine years.

'Blood on the Walls':

Inside Ukraine’s Torture Chambers

A report published last month by the United Nations Humans Rights Office found that dozens of civilians were recently tortured "in official pre-trial detention facilities" by Ukrainian security forces. Similar testimony was provided by a Russian law enforcement source, who told Sputnik in May that Ukrainian police had set up torture chambers in Kherson to interrogate local residents over "ties with Russia."


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Laura Loomer Drops Bombshell Allegations of Deep State and U.S. Government Collaboration With Ukrainian Nazis

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US Army Ranger Troops arrive in Ukraine

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Meet Yaroslav Hunk. Hunk is a Nazi who fought with the 14th division of the Waffen SS against the Russians in Ukraine in WWll Hunk assisted in the systematic extermination of Ukraines Jewish population and installation of a Nazi dictator in the region. Hunk also engaged in the wholesale slaughter of Ukrainian people and entire villages disloyal to Hitler. Zelensky lead Canadian parliament in a roaring, standing round of applause for a this 98 year-old Nazi. They honored the Nazi as a “hero” What does this say about Zelensky’s true goals & worldview?


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