All living former Governors sign letter to Times Newspaper calling on UK Government to deliver Treaty

All living former Governors have signed a letter to the Times Newspaper welcoming the positive outcome of the recent meeting on Gibraltar's future relationship with the EU in Brussels.

The seven men call for further action from the British Government in support of the Rock.

The former Governors: Lord Richard Luce, Sir David Durie, Sir Francis Richards, Sir Robert Fulton, Sir Adrian Johns, Sir James Dutton and Lieutenant General Ed Davis say it's important that the meeting's progress should now be followed rapidly by a UK-EU Treaty that would ensure mobility of people and goods, thus safeguarding the Rock, as well as regional economies in Spain.

They also welcome the British Government's assurance that it will never compromise on the Rock's British sovereignty or the right of its people to self determination.

The former Governors say Gibraltarians have respected the UK's decision to leave the EU but that all sides need to find a way forward that ensures their economies continue to prosper. Gibraltar, they say fully supports British interests, including the military base. They add Gibraltarians have always stood by the UK and that the UK must stand by them now by concluding these important negotiations.

And in answer to GBC questions, the Governor, Sir David Steel says that having worked so closely over the last four years with the Government of Gibraltar and that of the United Kingdom, in their shared aspiration to secure an EU Withdrawal Treaty for Gibraltar, he of course shares the hopes of his predecessors that a treaty can be concluded as soon as possible.