AI System 206 Replacing Human Prosecutors in China

by Wendi Strauch Mahoney -

The Chinese government has developed the AI system 206, an artificial intelligence prosecutor designed to alleviate the workload of prosecutors in China. The system is allegedly capable of prosecuting “Shanghai’s eight most common crimes.” The AI was ‘trained’ using “17,000 real-life cases from 2015 to 2020.” Fears abound that the technology could be weaponized by the state, potentially charging citizens for political dissent.

According to a Dailyalts story in 2019, the AI was first officially tested in a Shanghai court in early 2019. It was also trialed in several provinces in 2018. The system can perform the following tasks with an alleged 97% accuracy:

  • Transcribe testimony
  • Transfer physical data and documents to electronic databases
  • Display relevant parameters immediately, such as time, place, people, behavior, and consequences
  • Identify defective or contradicting evidence
  • Respond to oral commands to display evidence and information on screens around the courtroom
  • Inter-connect with judicial, procuratorial, public security authorities and courts

The crimes that the AI can prosecute “include ‘provoking trouble’ —a term used to stifle dissent in China, credit card fraud, gambling crimes, dangerous driving, theft, fraud, intentional injury, and obstructing official duties.”



The sad reality is AI will perform better than most attorneys anyway.