A Rare Judge in Canada Rules Against Forced COVID Injections of Children by Looking at the Evidence Rather than Listening to Government Tyrants

In a very rare case, an Ontario Judge has actually ruled against a forced COVID vaccination for two children, ages 10 and 12, where a father was requesting that they be forced to receive the shots against their wish, and against the wish of their mother.

While this judge actually just simply did his job, which was to listen to the evidence that both sides presented before ruling, it made waves in the Canadian corporate media, because similar previous cases did not do that, but simply took the Government’s position regardless of what the facts were.

An Ontario judge says he is not prepared to accept as fact that vaccinating children against COVID-19 is what’s best for them simply because it’s encouraged by the government, noting a number of factors – including the children’s own preferences – must be taken into account.

The ruling represents a departure from earlier Canadian cases involving disputes over COVID-19 vaccinations, where courts have taken what’s called “judicial notice” – essentially accepting statements as fact – that immunization is beneficial for children, said Alyssa Bach, an associate lawyer at Shulman & Partners LLP.