A Gibraltar monkey once again becomes the star of a viral video for stealing from a tourist.

The Gibraltar monkeys have once again been featured in a video that has been going viral on social media since Monday. Once again, one of the macaques from the Rock is shown stealing a bag from some tourists.

In fact, it is common for tourists to be warned to be careful with their belongings when they go up to the top of the Rock to see the monkeys, as these curious animals often try to take their visitors' belongings.

This time, the victim was a tourist's bag belonging to a group visiting the high area of the Rock, who, screaming for help, begged for assistance to prevent the monkey from making off with her bag, which contained her mobile phone and money, among other things.

The Tiktok user @tuchabelita is the one who has shared the video of this latest act of theft, which has quickly gone viral.

Video at the link.