A Dark Winter Is Coming


Just remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn, and that Light and Good will ALWAYS triumph over darkness and evil.


Thank You Lord


Thank You Master, so so grateful


You're welcome.


You're welcome.

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National Grid: Great Britain will see rolling power cuts on the “deepest, darkest evenings in January and February”

National Grid CEO John Pettigrew did not mince words at the latest Financial Time’s Energy Transition Summit. In the event of reduced gas imports from Europe and the US, Pettigrew warned that National Grid would have no choice but to impose rolling blackouts across the UK during “those deepest darkest evenings in January and February.” The blackouts will be more frequent the colder the nightly temperatures get, putting hundreds of thousands of elderly people at risk. This news comes on the heels of leaked media scripts and simulations suggesting rolling blackouts across Europe this winter.

Great Britain will likely see nightly power outages this winter.

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Head of US Nuclear Forces Claims Ukraine ‘Just a Warmup’ for ‘Very Long’ Struggle With Russia, China

US Navy Adm. Charles Richard, the head of US Strategic Command, recently warned the US would soon face a protracted conflict with China unlike anything it’s faced before. Stratcom is responsible for handling the country’s nuclear weapons, as well as the suite of defensive and offensive information capabilities termed C4ISR.

“We have to do some rapid, fundamental change in the way we approach the defense of this nation,” Richard said at a Navy symposium last week.

“This Ukraine crisis that we’re in right now, this is just the warmup,” he said. “The ‘big one’ is coming. And it isn’t going to be very long before we’re going to get tested in ways that we haven’t been tested in a long time.”

Richard warned “the ship is slowly sinking” because China is fielding new capabilities faster than the United States, which will soon find itself outnumbered and outclassed on the battlefield.

“[I]t isn’t going to matter how good our [operating plan] is or how good our commanders are, or how good our horses are - we're not going to have enough of them. And that is a very near-term problem,” Richard asserted.

The US is already behind China in the key field of missiles, with China fielding a generation of ultra-long-range cruise missiles, a bevy of ballistic missile varieties, and several varieties of hypersonic weapons for which the US has no equal and no answer.

However, the Pentagon is especially worried about what it fears was a fractional orbital bombardment system China tested last year, saying it is a part of China’s militarization of space. The US formed a separate Space Force in 2019, although its foundational doctrinal documents made clear that its goal was defending US space supremacy, not preventing the militarization of space.

Starlink with a grid of 5G satelites - to enable THEIR Project Blue Beam holographic messiah & fake alien invasion - #5 by A_Freeman

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Discretionary income evaporates as UK food inflation hits record high ahead of dark winter

It is becoming harder and harder for ordinary people to eat in the United Kingdom, thanks to the worst cost-of-living crisis to strike the country in a generation.

Inflation is so out of control in the UK that many Brits are diving headlong into debt just to keep food on the table and heat in the house – not to mention the house itself.

According to a new survey published by research company Kantar, food inflation numbers in the UK are increasing at the fastest rate in 14 years, with annual grocery prices rising 14.7 percent just last month.

This nearly 15 percent jump is the biggest and fastest that Kantar has seen since the research firm first started tracking prices. (Related: At least 60 percent of Great Britain’s manufacturing sector is at risk of closure due to skyrocketing energy costs.)

Seven million UK families have “given up on heating, showers, and toiletries this year” due to inflation

BBC Preparing Secret Scripts for Winter Blackout Emergency Radio Broadcasts: Report

The scripts were reportedly drafted by journalists at the BBC as a part of emergency planning protocols for potential crises. It is also believed that messages would differ for the separate regions and nations of the United Kingdom, as Northern Ireland in particular is on the same national grid as the Republic of Ireland and would be unaffected by blackouts on the isle of Great Britain, but would be impacted by blackouts on the island of Ireland.

It is currently unclear if the government, which works with the BBC to develop emergency contingency plans, had any role in developing the scripts for blackouts.

While the government has attempted to downplay the possibility of blackouts, the head of the National Grid, John Pettigrew warned on Monday that there is a possibility of rolling blackouts throughout the country between 4pm and 7pm during “really, really cold” days in the months of January and February.

In 4 days time Europe will be in springtime. Unfortunately a lot of people have spread the presumptions in this article.