A British group proposes to invest 120 million in a film studio in San Roque

On Tuesday, the British investment group Melburg presented the Range Studios San Roque project to the City Council. The audiovisual studios will be aimed at producing movies and series for digital platforms. Mayor Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix expressed his support for the project, which, if it comes to fruition, would involve an investment of 120 million euros.

Ruiz Boix met with representatives of Melburg, along with the deputy mayor in charge of Urban Planning, Juan Manuel Ordoñez. He explained that the British group is considering the location of a film studio on a plot of land they own in Los Puertos, which would be primarily focused on producing television series and movies for digital platforms.

He also mentioned that in Los Puertos, there is a plot of land intended for a cemetery of more than 60,000 square meters, which would be managed by the company that develops the land. Another plot of 31,000 square meters is intended for public facilities, which would remain the property of the City Council.

In addition, there are another 80,000 square meters of land for commercial use in Los Puertos, "8 hectares with high building capacity," said the mayor. It is in this area where Melburg proposes to invest 120 million euros in their own land for the construction of these audiovisual studios, under the name Range Studios San Roque.

Ruiz Boix emphasized that "we are at the beginning" of this initiative, but he revealed that "this mayor and the government team are in agreement with the project, which complies with what is allowed by the PGOU innovation" that was approved for this land in Los Puertos. "The big challenge" is to have the cemetery, he stressed.

"We welcome a 120 million euro investment that, if confirmed, would generate employment and wealth," said the mayor. However, he also noted that the proposal still needs to be confirmed, in which case it will have his support and that of his group.