66% of Deaths in England Were Vaccinated Starting February 2021

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Please see Page 19 of Public Health England (PHE) pdf. *

Again, Two Thirds of the Dead Were Vaxxed.

Note The Wellcome Sanger Institute is involved (See Page 42).

Data Avalanche Provides Proof of mRNA Disaster.


Comparisons have been made by a Substack author, who goes by the name of The Nobody who Knows Everybody, who asserts that the data “provides proof of a mRNA disaster.”

The author who describes themselves as “a logical and strategic thinker; now well connected with heroic doctors and politicians” writes that “Any Religious Body, Health Authority, Health Worker, Politician, Pharmacy Executive, Statistician, Judge, or any Adult for that matter now has a Duty to Protect their communities from mRNA,” shows why they have come to that conclusion in the work below.

Proof of a mRNA Disaster!

The following charts show Vaccine Uptake rates of 18 years and over Adults in the population of “England” versus the percentage of all-cause deaths represented by the different Vaccine Uptake Groups of that same population.

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