5G Summit-Fighting Evil

5G Summit creator Josh Del Sol reveals shocking truths about electromagnetic pollution and its devastating effects on human health
starting at 2:50 Discussion is held on how they counter the Telecom providers, getting them into a position of DEFAULT. They are going after 5G, Vaccines, Smart Meters, and Geoengineering.

5G Summit creator Josh Del Sol reveals shocking truths about electromagnetic...

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# Dr. Rashid Buttar 5G Summit Interview―CIA-Declassified Research Reveal Bio-Effects from 5G Radiation

Exclusive Bonus Interview: CIA-Declassified Research Reveals Massive Bio-Effects from 5G mm-Wave Radiation from Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM

Host Josh del Sol joins Dr. Rashid Buttar for this explosive new talk on 5G recorded in May 2020. Dr. Buttar analyzes a 5-page, CIA-declassified report summarizing 7 Russian studies on the significant bio-effects caused by millimeter-wave radiation levels between 37-60GHz -- exposure levels government agencies consider “safe.” Published more than 40 years ago but kept secret, this report was marked “GOVERNMENT USE ONLY.”

Dr. Rashid Buttar 5G Summit Interview―CIA-Declassified Research Reveal...


While this all might seem very well-researched and presented in an intelligent and scientific way; if one carefully listens to the claims and looks them up, especially in some of the documents referenced it's clear to me that there is a lot of dishonest cherry picking going on and nothing really scientific going on. And most of their claims, even though they give the impression they are citing credible/official sources they do not include the references.

I believe these two are experts in a sense, experts at reading conspiracy theories about all of this and reading through tons of complex documents about the subject. However I believe they are misunderstanding and cherry picking to suite their confirmation bias, so they are not really real experts. They are "orgonite" salesmen (see their website ftwproject dot com) who are making a killing by spreading fear disinformation and selling expensive fake products as a solution. They might be believing in what they are telling though...