5G, Covid19, Vaccination plandemic - are the last stages of the Ashke-Nazi New World Order satanic plan to enslave and kill-off most of mankind

In a recent FOX interview featuring RFK, Jr., host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery insisted erroneously that vaccine makers are held accountable for vaccine injuries.

By Children's Health Defense Team

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) board chair and chief legal counsel, on Tuesday appeared on FOX Business to debate U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia on questions surrounding the development of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. FOX Business’ Lisa Kennedy Montgomery hosted the interview.

Kennedy explained that vaccine injuries, including neurodevelopmental, allergic and autoimmune adverse events, have long incubation periods that would not be captured in the 45-day window of clinical trials. He also pointed out that Pfizer’s study design does not answer the question of whether or not the company’s vaccine prevents transmissibility which should be a primary goal of any vaccine.


The Ashke-Nazi are ushering in their NWO with their Ushered In Noahide Laws

They Are Hiding Noah’s Sons’ Lineages

The evidence exposing these FAKE “Jews” is as irrefutable as it is overwhelming, which is why they’re so desperate to hide the truth any way they can.

FACT: Over 95% of the counterfeit “Jews” today are Ashkenazis, descended from Noah’s son Japheth through his son Gomer. They are NOT descended from Sem/Shem, where all Semites originated (Gen. 10:1-3).

FACT: The overwhelming majority of the remaining 5% or so of the counterfeit “Jews” are Idumean-Edomites, descended from Esau, Jacob/Israel’s twin brother, whom God hated (Mal. 1:3) for despising his birthright (Gen. 25:31-34), and whose corrupted seed God promised to utterly destroy (Obad 1:18). Note well that Esau married two Hittite women (Gen. 26:34), descended from Noah’s son Ham through his youngest son Canaan, who likewise were NOT from Sem/Shem.

FACT: These anti-Christ counterfeit “Jews” are the descendants and converts of those who knowingly, and with malice aforethought, demanded the murder of Jesus, and asked that His blood be on them and their children (Matt. 27:25, Matt. 23:29-33).

Idumeans moved into the Holy Land when Judeans were in captivity in Babylon.

FACT: Neither the Ashkenazis nor the Idumean-Edomites are descended from the tribe of Judah, nor from the House of Judah, nor from the House of Israel, nor are any of them REAL Semites. It is therefore impossible for Ashkenazis or for Idumean-Edomites to be real Jews or Israelites, regardless of what they choose of their own volition to call themselves (Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9).

EVERYTHING about the Ashkenazis is counterfeit, including their false claim to be Biblical Jews and Semites. They are, as their name clearly states, descended from ASHKENAZ, the grandson of Noah’s son Japheth (through Japheth’s son Gomer), NOT Noah’s son Shem/Sem. So the AshkeNAZI are Japhethites, NOT Semites and thus have NO Biblical right to one-inch of the land of Israel, that they’ve stolen by fraud from TRUE Israel, with their Rothschild sponsored and co-authored treasonous Balfour Declaration, to set up their counterfeit-Jewish state. The same state that Adolf Hitler was the mid-wife of, because without him and their scam there would be no counterfeit-Jewish state in the land of Israel today.

The same goes for the Idumean-Edomites, who are descended from two Canaanite women, descended from Noah’s son Ham, and are likewise pretending to be something they cannot possibly be.

So their incapacitating slur of “anti-Semitism” is a complete load of nonsense, and a bare-faced LIE, because it is the AshkeNAZIS and Idumean-Edomites (FAKE “Jews”) themselves that are the true anti-Semites. They absolutely HATE TRUE Israel, the British and Anglo-Saxon Americans who actually are true Semites, and thus have set out to enslave and destroy both nations, through their fiat currency, usury and fractional-reserve banksterism, and their mass-murdering war profiteering.

Which brings us to their end game that literally should be of “grave” concern to everyone, especially “Christians”.

How does this tie into 5G? It''s ALL part of the DEPOPULATION Plan. When people understand whats going on, and who is behind it, they can make rational informed decisions.


I somehow knew that this Covid thing would be the last thing to achieve their goals...before even reading this with doubt as well..but now i know.

It looks like real action will happen in our life times...like recovering the ark of the covenant..as well as big panic...and i mean a scary big panic which will put faithless people in fear.

And the liars will deceive them with covert means, unless they know about Jah.

I think the situation will be unbearable even for me and you, and this is what Jah has been saying regarding how unbearable the situation will be, this was years back on a radio show he said the situation wasn't unbearable enough yet, and when it is people will be forced to submit to their evil plan or fight it only those 2 options, for me to fight i will go straight to support the ark of the covenant to be recovered.

I think it will be like a complete Nazi style forced this and forced that scenario, maybe needing a Covid passport to buy this and that etc...

Remember the system never plays fair...


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They will do everything in their might to achieve their goals, and covid is one of many plots, but God will NEVER allow them to fulfill their Build Back Better or NWO, or whatever they are calling it now. They will try their best to destroy everything God made and "Turn everything upside down", adding fuel to the fire of mayhem and chaos. Whatever is in their path that doesn't conform to the bull that they are serving, they will try to destroy, dismantle, disarm... The end goal for them will pass away with ALL of their evil and unbearable plans.
You are right we have to fight or submit. And, if God is telling you to go to Ireland to fight for the Ark of The Covenant to be recovered, what a wonderful place to be... (where God wants you)...
Remember that God will never put something on your back that you cannot bear.
He is with you always, knowing what your needs are before you can realize them.
And He will guide you safely , doing His will.
You would do well to ask JAH about this

Peace be with you


@Daniel ,

An encouraging message from a deeply caring and encouraging brother.

How would you apply what happened to the Israelite's crossing through the middle of the Red Sea on dry land to the current situation today (2020)please? Something to discuss with everyone.

A few other things to consider:
You are being led out of captivity under the evil made-up rules of men (Egypt), to freedom under Father's Law. It may not seem that way at times, as you still have to toil within the system, but you are being taught and prepared nevertheless.

The situation will worsen, even if there are temporary reprieves. As most know, the "sea", which is made up of "waters" are both references to the people (Isa. 17:12-13, Rev. 17:15). And the color red is the color of blood. So the "Red Sea" is a metaphor for the people, bloodied by war, famine and disease.
Father parted the Red Sea so the Israelite's could pass through the middle of it on dry land, in much the same way He parted the crowds for TM to walk through when they tried to murder Him for telling them the truth (e.g. Luke 4:16-30).
He will do exactly the same for you, IF you cultivate the Faith then He will do so, which is what this preparation time is all about.

So there's nothing to fear regardless of whether everyone around you is losing their heads, over fabricated news and fabricated threats, or over real threats of violence and/or humans killing each other (wars and rumors of wars). Father will lead you through the middle of the "red sea" when the time is right, just as He did with the Israelite's of old. So you must not hesitate to go to the water's edge and patiently wait for His Signs and Guidance.

TWHOFTF 7:17 Another was when God let Moses’ spirit show through the flesh of his hand, in front of pharaoh, and his hand shone with a bright white light (Exodus 4:6)(Sura 7:108). 7:18 Then God parted the Red Sea, to let Moses’ people escape, and to destroy the evil Egyptians, who were chasing them. Pharaoh believed, and led his people to believe, that he was greater than God. The Egyptians were arrogant; perverted; cruel, and guilty of incest and many other crimes. 7:19 Using water again, to destroy the Egyptians, gave God the opportunity to kill the human-animals, and to give their souls another chance, like He had done in the time of Noah (Exodus 14:28). 7:20 Comparing the Egypt of then, with the Egypt of today; when God said He would destroy Egypt, He was not joking.

Words of LIFE.

Love and Laugh

God at Eventide

To the Water's Edge. - March 4

As God was in the days of Moses, so is He to-day. Responsive to the prayer of faith. Still ready and willing to make a path through the Red Sea.

Have the faith of Moses, who never faltered in his trust, even with the sea before, the advancing host behind, and no visible way of escape. To the very edge of the waters he led his People.

His task was done, It was for God, his God, in Whom he trusted, to act now. Moses waited for, and expected, that act**. But to the edge he had to go**.

How often man draws back, halts at the thought of the troubled sea ahead. To go further is useless, he says, and gives up.

Or he goes within sight of the sea, and pauses. He must go on, always as far as he can; he must do all his share. On - to the Edge of the Sea.

Learn from this a mighty lesson. Do all your work, and leave your salvation to God. To say it will be no good is not to go to the edge, and that is to miss the saving Power of God.

The waters shall be divided, and you shall walk through the midst of the sea on dry land. I have said it. I, the Lord. Have I not done this for so many in your own day? For you? Think on these things.

Your Red Sea. - June 22

Go forward fearlessly.

Do not think about the Red Sea that lies ahead.

Be very sure that when you come to it the waters will part and you will pass over to your promised land of freedom.


Thank you Lord

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Yes. Thank-You My Lord for the brilliant analysis.

I just finished watching Benjamin Fulford (interviewed by Mel K) dated 26 Oct 2021. The interview covers 5G, CV-19, vaccinations and a whole lot more. In the interview, Benjamin says the murder of JFK was ordered by David Ben-Gurion under the orders of Rothschild and the Rockefellers with their Nazi henchman "G.H.W. “Poppy” (Opium-Poppy) Bush/Scherff".

David Ben-Gurion was the primary national founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel. Adopting the name of Ben-Gurion in 1909, he rose to become the preeminent leader of the Jewish community in British-ruled Mandatory Palestine from 1935 until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, which he led until 1963 with a short break in 1954–55. [Wikipedia]

While I am not in agreement of absolutely everything Benjamin Fulford says, it is nice to see him get the recognition from other "truthers". Benjamin was ignored and/or dissed for awhile; many were not ready for what he was talking about; but, current times have changed all that.

You're welcome.



Corroborating evidence from a former judge.


Living being's made of Aluminium.

Isn't aluminium linked directly to Alzheimer's? And isn't aluminium also one of the key components sprayed into the sky, along with other metals?



Dear @GibMessenger,
You are most certainly welcome.

Deadly COVID Vaccines and the Mysterious Downward Spiral

It’s not a nice observation to make, but it looks like they’re being collected.