40 people died from heart attacks locally in 2020 (In Gibraltar)

The latest GHA statistics show that 40 people died from heart attacks locally in 2020.

This represents more than a 100% increase on average of 19 per year for the previous seven years.

2021 saw 30 people dying from heart attacks in Gibraltar. These figures were revealed in Parliament.

GBC asked if the Government could explain the reason for the increase.

In response it said the GHA is working with Public Health Gibraltar to analyse data in respect of deaths. The aim is to better understand different metrics including excess deaths, mortality rates and causes of deaths.

It said this is an extensive and complex piece of work.

They did however say that there are a number of limited studies that have been undertaken elsewhere that indicate there may be higher excess deaths linked to heart disease but said it would be speculative to assume this is the case here in Gibraltar.