Where's the meat?

Now we know why so many meat plants got the CV-1984 bug.
Health Professionals Say Cut Eating Meat To Fight Global Warming


Agents in Gibraltar Are Complicit in Pushing this evil Agenda on The Rock

There really is no end to the insanity. The push for a meatless diet to save the planet is just another one of their EVIL goals – and agents and organizations in Gibraltar are Complicit in pushing this agenda on Gibraltarians (see examples at the end of this post).

The concept been around for awhile, but they are ramping "the programming" up. Look for them to use the same evil tactics as they do for other Agenda 21 and 2030 goals. The playbook is the same. Get a small group of paid-off scientists (like the 30 in E.A.T.-Lancet) to run the show; and discredit everyone else.

Soon, anyone who doesn't go along with the official narrative that a mostly-meatless diet is the way to go will be labeled a conspiracy theorist, a dissident, and the like. Independent dieticians will be blacklisted if they don't push the "green goals".

T.H.E.Y. already have plans to coerce everyone to go mostly-meatless through their pocket books, because when their lame science won't work to convince the masses, they'll hit people with a fine, or in this case a meat-tax.

Soon, articles like these below will be censored; and their authors ridiculed.

1. The Globalists are Coming for Your Meat

"The globalists are coming for your meat – they want you to believe it is as bad for your health as smoking. Will you buy into their pseudo science to push their Sustainable Development Agenda 21 goals masterminded by Maurice Strong?"

According to their website, “the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health brings together more than 30 world-leading scientists from across the globe to reach a scientific consensus that defines a healthy and sustainable diet”.

(Read the article to find out more about Strong).

2. 20 Ways EAT Lancet’s Global Diet is Wrongfully Vilifying Meat


Those who feel that meat eaters are as bad as smokers and should eat their meals outside of the restaurant are obviously not coming from a place of reason and should be REMOVED from decisions involving dietary policy.

Their “flexitarian” diet recommends less than half an ounce of red meat per day, less than one ounce of white meat per day, one ounce of fish a day, 1/4 of an egg, and 9 ounces of milk (or a “dairy equivalent,” which would mean about 2oz of cheese) per day.

(Read the article for more information about their evil ways).

3. Why Globalists Want You to Eat a Plant-Based Diet
by Sarah Pope, Health and Nutrition Educator

She briefly outlines why plant-based eating is being pushed so heavily from every possible digital channel we encounter on a daily basis.

The truth about this food philosophy has nothing whatsoever to do with your health and everything to do with the promotion of a control-freak globalist agenda.

According to Sarah Pope, the inititative forwards their depopulation agenda. She outlines these reasons:

Plant-Based Eating Reduces Fertility
Plant-Based Diets Increase Female Births
Plant-based eating is synonymous with anti-family farms.

We see this agenda pushed in the UK:

From the Guardian - UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet
From The Telegraph - Eating some meat is better for the environment than going vegetarian, new study finds

We see it in international publications, like National Geographic:
Eating meat has ‘dire’ consequences for the planet, says report

We see it in Gibraltar:

1. From Dr. Cortes Report - Other campaigns have included one in conjunction with the Gibraltar Cardiac Association and promotion of MEAT-FREE diets.

Concerning the New Initiatives, the team contributes regularly to GBC Radio health file and the Gibraltar Chronicle and have many public health aspects over the year

2. From Public Health Gibraltar:

Conscience Eating is an initiative that has evolved from the ‘Cut Meat, Not Trees’ Campaign to encompass all aspects of the food we eat, such as packaging and transportation. The initiative is the result of a collaboration between the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park, the Department of Environment and the Health Promotion team; the message being reinforced is that eating consciously is essential for both health and the environment, and a big part of this surrounds our consumption of meat.

Recommendations for a healthy diet focus on increasing intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains; a vegetarian diet provides all these food sources whilst remaining free from unhealthy animal fats.


3. The Gibraltar Magazine: Supermarkets in Gibraltar are constantly expanding their meat-free range, satisfying our taste buds and working into our busy lifestyles.

4. From Gibraltar Chronicle:

5. Even from The Panorama, through Carmen Gomez's soft-sell article: ALARM BELLS RINGING, encouraging everyone to have a meat-free day.

Next Step: The meat tax


Still don't think their is a coordinated effort by the control-freaks of the world? WAKE UP, or as the local group would say OPEN YOUR EYES!

By the way, our Creator gave us the perfect healthy diet. He knew exactly how to keep his creation healthy. But we had free-will choice to follow the control-freaks with their evil agendas.

Please read:

How would Christ approach it?



Cholesterol and unhealthy animal fats myth is debunked by Ketogenic diet. I read somewhere that livestock is really not a issue because methane stays in the atmosphere for a small time(10-20 years)
Eric Berg got 0 CAC score. I heard fats are bad myth was spread by Ancel Keys, in his research he excluded countries who were healthy while consuming many fats.



Michael Greger looks old for his age(does vegan diet really have long-term benefits?)


Many on Ketogenic diet say they feel energetic, in good mood, etc.(do the ones in power want to keep us in bad mood, low brain capability?)

I hope you understand :slight_smile:

Also I am raised in vegetarian family, and even then many developed diseases.(does it really have health benefits?)

Currently I am eating vegetarian, is it alright or not? Will it be counteracted by spiritual health? My family is strict vegetarian.

Linda Louise McCartney, the first wife of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, died age 56 of cancer, and was an early high-priestess of vegetarianism, who was a very high-profile promoter of vegetarianism and her own recipes and cookbooks, for “healthy” living, but died at the early age of 56 from cancer.

That’s not a good advert for vegetarianism, but things like this get swept under the carpet and soon forgotten.

God has told everyone what to eat and not eat and specifically about what meats are good to eat.

See Deuteronomy chapter 14 for details, and:

1 Timothy 3:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
3:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
3:3 Forbidding to marry, [and commanding] to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know The Truth.
3:4 For every creature of God [is] good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
3:5 For it is sanctified by the Word of God and prayer.


It seems noteworthy that it isn’t just the meat which is consumed that the parasitic criminal class are hoping to do away with; t.h.e.y. also intend to take their “pound of flesh” from over 90% of the population, by exterminating them (the “useless eaters” as t.h.e.y. refer to the rest of us).

Matthew 24:21-22
24:21 For then shall be great oppression, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
24:22 And except those days should be shortened, THERE SHOULD NO FLESH BE SAVED: but for the Elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.


EDITED: Part of Agenda 21/2030's is the re-wilding of countryside and agricultural areas.

This may be good since it will help to start undoing some of the immense environmental damage that has been deliberately caused by clear-cutting and deforestation. Human+beings need to stop destroying the planet we all need to live on. Radical change IS necessary, because so much has been done the wrong way and it has been happening for far too long. Instead of complaining about changes, people should instead come to realise that everything that is happening is actually perfectly justly deserved Karma, that was earned and therefore deserved, by previous thoughts, words and actions. A wise English lady once told me, quite simply, to "adapt or die" with a friendly, but also serious smile. She was right. It is time to learn to adapt, if people want to survive. The world we live in is changing.

It is always best to look for simple solutions, because simple solutions are always the best solutions:



A Quick Dick McDick toonie on the combat of climate change through vegan diets.


Funny video :slight_smile: When you look at things logically; and see the big picture, one can definitely say, "only in a lunatic asylum!."

Their Satanic propaganda only holds up on the surface which is usually just media coverage (the icing).

But those who side with the enemy usually rear their ugly faces in one way or another:

Where’s the beef? You won't find it on Epicurious, a well-known recipe site.

“Epicurious” announced, "We’ve cut out beef,” on its site stating beef won’t appear in new Epicurious recipes, articles, or newsletters. It will not show up on our homepage.

How did we know it would come to this?

1 Timothy 3:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
3:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
3:3 Forbidding to marry, [and commanding] to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know The Truth.
3:4 For every creature of God [is] good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
3:5 For it is sanctified by the Word of God and prayer.

Epicurious has chosen its side in this battle of good vs evil.


Perhaps it can be good to aim for having a balanced outlook, as there is Scripture dealing with both sides of the issue, including in the Torah (The Law).

Numbers 11:4 And the mixed multitude that [was] among them fell a lusting: and the children of Israel also wept again, and said, Who shall give us flesh to eat?

In order to be able to satisfy the world's level of meat craving, which has grown to arguably insane levels thoughout the past century, during fowl and cattle production the animals are routinely vaccinated and injected and fed with pharmaceutical products like antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones, to make them grow faster - all of which is highly unnatural - and all of which then also ends up on people's dinner plates. Not to mention the dismal conditions that most of these animals are raised in. So perhaps it's worth being open minded to considering all aspects of this issue and asking what's behind it.

Turning to Scripture, it is found that an allowance is made for either preference. For those who like to and those who do not. Some people may also just prefer to take breaks from eating meats for periods of time, reducing consumption. Often, this may be done for health reasons, and/or for reasons such as to lose excess weight.

Deuteronomy 12:15 Notwithstanding thou mayest kill and eat flesh in all thy gates, whatsoever thou desirest, according to the blessing of the "I AM" thy God which He hath given thee: the unclean and the clean may eat thereof, as of the roebuck, and as of the hart.
12:16 Only ye shall not eat the blood; ye shall pour it upon the earth as water.

Mayest does not mean one must. But, it gives people the allowance and option to do so if/as they desire it.

Whilst outside of the Garden of Eden, being able to eat flesh/meat can in many cases be the only way to survive and thus becomes essential. However, some people seem able to manage to do without either completely, or for periods of time and seem to do just fine.

Forbidding something (unless by God's Law) is one extreme while mandating or forcing something on people is another. It seems both have potential for being unbalanced approaches. Perhaps, the lesson is that finding a balance lies somewhere in between, so people have freedom to choose according to their conscience, while not being forced to eat one particular way or another by anyone. Beneficial guidance for all of this can also be found throughout Scripture. An example from the book of Daniel:

1:11 Then said Daniel to Melzar, whom the prince of the eunuchs had set over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah,
1:12 Test thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days; and let them give us pulses to eat, and water to drink.
1:13 Then let our countenances be looked upon before thee, and the countenance of the children that eat of the portion of the king's meat: and as thou seest, deal with thy servants.
1:14 So he consented to them in this matter, and tested them ten days.
1:15 And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the king's meat.
1:16 Thus Melzar took away the portion of their meat, and the wine that they should drink; and gave them pulses.
1:17 As for these four children, God gave them Knowledge and skill in all learning and Wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.

As shown there are Scriptures dealing with all sides of the issue (including showing potential benefits of meat free types of diets like in Daniel). This seems to indicate that it should be up to people to follow their conscience and being allowed to choose having a moderate approach. It's also indicated that all of Scripture should be equally considered.

At the end of the day, praise be to God. Whatever is happening in the world, is only His Will coming to pass. God knows best.

Perhaps some of these things happening now, could also be considered for the possibility of teaching the people who are living now, something of that which former people (Deut. 32:28) never understood? Many things about the "old normal", was completely psycho, and with people going about it as if it was nothing. Everything happens for a reason.

Sura 2:85. After this it is ye, the same people, who slay among yourselves, and banish a party of you from their homes; assist (their enemies) against them, in guilt and rancour; and if they come to you as captives, ye ransom them, though it was not lawful for you to banish them. Then is it only a part of The Book (The Torah) that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest? But what is the reward for those among you who behave like this except disgrace in this life?- and on The Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For God is not unaware of what ye do.

Some people choose to not have it, and some want to try having less meat on very a regular basis, for whatever reasons. These can include for instance wanting to avoid the ingestion of the injected and animal-fed antibiotics, growth hormones, and other poisons, or not agreeing with how animal husbandry is currently practised. From a scriptural point of view, it seems that allowance was made (Deut. 12:15) for the benefit of man, for what is desired.

But, it may not have necessarily meant for it to become what it did. It can also be, that for some, whether it is all the time or just at times, there is simply no desire.

It seems to not be the eating of meat or the not eating of it that appears to be the real issue, but rather the overconsumption of resources to produce such vast amounts of meat, which has lead to using many unnatural methods, to try and keep up with demand, and that has potentially grown into becoming a real monster. And allowing that to happen also will have it's consequences.

Typical testimonial of someone who has changed their dietary preference for reasons they explain, one comment from someone who has lived vegetarian long term, and how some people then choose to respond to them.

P.S. Many people who have experienced both do mention experiencing a state of improved health, increased energy levels and increased mental clarity from choosing plant based or vegan meals.

Some may also point to the physiological pointers we find existing in the human body, that seems to testify that humans were not originally (Gen. 1:29) designed to be meat eaters (at least, not primarily, although we all know it is possible - after employing a few steps first - hunting, slaugtering, cooking or roasting). But without those steps done first, it is hardly possible for a human in most cases, to successfully eat an animal!

Link: How humans are not physically created to eat meat

Typical testimonials of some who have changed their dietary preferences for reasons they explain, one comment from someone who has lived vegetarian long term, and how some people then choose to respond to them.

Ive been vegan about 3 years. I began giving up animal products bit by bit 15 years ago for health improvement as i learnt just how badly things effect the body. But in the end i went vegan for animal rights and ethics issues, i just couldnt do it anymore, my conscience wouldnt let me rest.
I had no chronic health issues but i felt amazing ever since, and its not just the physical feeling of wellbeing, but knowing that no more animals will be killed in my name.
It wasnt that hard, i dont mind the planning and cooking from scratch, the internet is great for easy vegan recipes, there are so many natural foods to pick from.
I never once touched processed vegan foods, as i gave up that junk years before. Theres simply no need when its easy to do it yourself.
My yearly blood tests became perfect for the first 2 years so i dont bother anymore. My skin is clearer and smoother, i have so much more energy and my cts improved so much so i need not wear braces anymore, the inflammation is non existant at all at night.

Im female, mid 40s. My partner is male, early 50s. And we both feel better than we ever had before.
Clearer, more lucid mind.

At first we couldnt shut up about how great we felt but learnt quickly that meat eaters get very offended easily. Its strange because i was a meat eater over 40 years yet vegans and vegetarians never upset me.

I think its because for a long time ive always been open to improving my health and detoxing my life. Unfortunately most people dont care about their own health, so its most likely why they dont care about improving it, or for the lives of suffering animals.

I will never go backwards..

If you ever want help ditching processed food or want easy recipes or food swaps or advice or whatever, just ask...

vegan for the past 2 years, it is wonderful having plenty of energy, i eat only fresh whole foods such as vegetables legumes and fruit, barely any nuts since most are roasted and they do not digest when roasted so i only eat raw nuts rarely mostly do juicing and eat fruit all day and later in evening eat vegetables and legumes, i do not eat any sugar or anything with a package or an ingredient list as they all lie, i pray and meditate everyday, why should anyone have to die so you can be full for 5-6 hours till the next meal, for me no one has to die so i can live... that alone keeps me going and focused on being healthy, in my body in my mind and in my heart..i do yoga and stretching every day 140 sit ups every day.. i wish you the best... also i grow a lot of food such as squash and tomatoes potatoes legumes cucumbers onions carrots etc i grow fruit trees and lots of berries such as raspberries which produce fruit twice a year i grow grapes etc being a vegan my yard is a food garden... when i get sick which is rare maybe once every 10 years if that at all i find my remedy in the garden in the plants etc rarely do i seek a doctor, the good thing about being a vegan is the quality and richness of the experience of being alive GO VEGAN THE ANIMALS and THE EARTH WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT !!!

*Q...The reluctancy to go vegan stems from deep rooted beliefs. I am also open to improving my health/detox. The main question is: do we need meat to survive? *

A...No we do not need meat to survive. My mom is vegetarian and she raised me and my siblings to be as well and we raised our children the same way. Three generations of vegetarianism and we are all in perfect health. No weight issues, no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no cancer....

Then, there are people who join the discussion in order to respond in ways such as this:

Ya know all you ********* enjoy your meatless diet.
More meat for me!

Don't compare healthy animal husbandry with factory farming.
Don't bull*** me with with animal slaughter. POOR ANIMALS...*
Plants are living organisms too! Vegans ARE SERIAL KILLERS.
Wanna get rid of CO2? Get rid of all the human serial plant killers.

Btw here's a new idea for your next topic, "ARE YOU GAY?"

(So they chose to go on the attack and seem offended... which doesn't come across as being the most enlightened mentality, but "to each their own").

Clearly, for some, the prospect of not eating meat, or eating meat less regularly, seems like the way to go for a number of personal reasons for them. At least, it doesn't seem to be a problem for them. But often it seems others are quick to take offence.

A farmers article about the effects of cattle-stress:

How Cattle Stress Affects Beef Tenderness and Flavor (Details how adrenalin - the precursor to adrenochrome - released into the animal due to cattle-stress effects the meat).

(Deut. 12:23)

Becoming informed of these and other realities, can probably help some with striving to learn to become more conscious of one's choices and more responsible for one's actions, and the effects it can all have.

Excerpt taken from previously quoted article:

“You are what you eat”, is a slogan that I love to use to show the mental aspect of vegetarianism. When animals are slaughtered, fear and aggression enzymes are shot into their muscle tissue (including adrenaline - the precursor to adrenochrome). They remain in the meat until the consumer ingests the flesh and adapts the same emotions."

So, it is just that there may actually be something to all of this. And if we didn't actually raise or hunt the animals that we intend to use for food ourselves, nor did any of the preparing (going from live animal to packaged product), then it becomes harder to know what the conditions were. We don't really know.


Not many words for this, other than that it may have been prophesied. Or just repeating the statement, "only in a lunatic asylum".

Scientists have found traces of human tissue in meat meant for public consumption, but this poses "no threat" to the consumers who eat it.

Human DNA in meat samplesThey also been found that only 15% of meat being sold in SA has been correctly labelled, which means 85% of the meat in the market is questionable. The findings were presented in parliament on Tuesday (26 March) at a briefing on meat inspections.

Or, maybe, like in the case of SA above, it begs another instance of asking, but this time, for a wholly different reason, "where's the beef?" (Since a lot of the time, it appears that consumers are getting not what they thought it was... but with something else added, and something taken away. That's not what it said on the label! eeeu..)


This is vile. But that's what Satanists do – they try to incorporate their filthiness into the main stream.

Remember when Pepsi partnered with the biotech company Synomyx (Sin-o-Mix) and got accused of using aborted fetal kidney cells (HEK-293) in their "flavor-enhancement" research?


Which Companies Are Using Aborted Human Fetuses in Their Food? (2015)

Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey has introduced legislation in early 2012 to prohibit the normalization of widespread cannibalism, yet it still continues to this day.

That's what's happening; and the movie industry is trying to normalize it in movies like "Raw".

And people don't think we are living in Sodom and Gomorrah, which was completely destroyed where nothing of it remains today (that should be a hint how much Father was disgusted.)

Deut. 14:3 Thou shalt not eat any abominable thing.

God warned of this going away from His Divine Laws, Economics and the land and the ensuing envy, competition, strife, chaos and wars it would create and gave the solution to these ills when He said: "Beat your swords into plough-shares and your spears into pruning-hooks and learn war (competition) no more." (Isaiah 2:4 & Micah 4:3-5). In other words return to the Divine Laws, Economics and the land of (with) plenty. - JAH " GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, ECONOMICS A PHASE OF DIVINE LAW

We'll get to that point, returning to farming again, because the Bible says so.

Having to endure this Satanic world and their evil Green Goals (which are more of a sickly green/ pale horse) is punishment and karma. The wrong people are running the show - and behind them is the synagogue of Satan and their god Lucifer who requires them to do vile things like sacrifices and cannibalism.

Henry Kissinger said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Guess that also means controlling what they eat too. :face_vomiting:


Here's a website that promotes all the new changes in our foods, if you what to examine what's coming down the pipelines - Food Dive. But beware what they call good.

Putting disgusting things in our foods isn't new. Check these out – it's not food at all.

Your Food (It isn't food)

Inside China’s toxic counterfeit food industry:

Gel-injected shrimp a growing problem in China

9 Toxic Fake Foods Made in China Contain Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Keeping to the Biblical diet handed to us by God is the only way. Know the difference in what is clean and unclean – Deuteronomy 14.


Disgusting what T.H.E.Y. do. It is not just the Satanists. Sodomites, transgenders, etc. are not content with being tolerated (nor should they be tolerated), but insist on inflicting their practices upon others.

T.H.E.Y. are creepy and hideous and eat foods The Bible/God forbids.
T.H.E.Y. practice vile deeds; many of which have been exposed, and yet T.H.E.Y. are still alive (as far as I know). Only when The Law of God is applied will "we the people" be protected from these freaks.

Deut 7:11 Thou shalt therefore KEEP the Commandments, and the Statutes , and the Judgments , which I command thee this day, to DO them. The New Song

If T.H.E.Y. are not stopped, T.H.E.Y. plan to kill most of humanity.

T.H.E.Y. = The Hierarchy Enslaving You




EU Endorses Beetle Larvae for Human Consumption, Touts ‘Environmental Benefits’


Interesting points. Fake foods certainly cannot be healthy for anyone. When it comes to making dietary choices, age (of the body) also has to be an important consideration. A diet that may be fine for someone in a younger body might not be sufficient for someone in a maturing body, as the ability to absorb sufficient nutrients from food diminishes with age.

It all seems to come down to not wasting, because when there is waste going on then those who are doing the wasting are depriving others of their share, and then they don't get what they need.

One of the talking points that often get raised, especially when it comes to beef - is that it can take anywhere up to 21 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef. So, when people then use beef wastefully (which happens a lot) then you can multiply that waste by 21 times. If someone in a rich country wastes 1 pound of beef, then it means they just wasted the equivalent of 21 pounds of grain (that could have fed a lot of people).

That may be why there is such a huge focus being put on beef, due to how beef wastage multiplies the problem that many times over.

However, raising grass-fed cattle does not produce the same problem, and since that seems much more natural, it is probably also a healthier choice:

Every year, North Americans waste more than 18 million tons of protein by feeding livestock on grain. A steer, you see, must eat 21 pounds of grain protein in order to produce one pound of beef protein . . . so 20 pounds of the valuable nutrient is lost in the process.

It is commonly assumed, of course, that grain-fed beef is the world's best . . . and if you've ever wrestled with a chunk of elderly range cow, you may agree. However, the "fossil" you tasted then wasn't typical of real grass-fed beef, because such meat can be as tender as any touted commercial cut . . . and much tastier, as well.


Cows love grass and they improve the land. Unlike horses, cows leave the grass roots intact to get more grass. They are so smart. :slight_smile:


That's an interesting article and it seems to make sense. Another that was read seems to come to a similar conclusion, that it is not grass fed cows that pose an environmental problem because they are eating what is naturally produced, the grass which growing is right there where the cattle are.

Unfortunately, grass-fed cows amounts to only 3% of production (according to the article) - the remaining 97% being grain-fed (mostly using corn in the feed, that has to first be grown, watered, fertilized, harvested, transported).

How Much Carbon is That?
To put this in perspective, “a medium growth coniferous tree, planted in an urban setting and allowed to grow for 10 years, sequesters 23.3lbs of carbon.” (Environmental Protection Agency, 2011). To offset only the feedlot feed of this “best-case” animal, you need to plant nine trees that live for at least ten years.

33.5 million head of cattle were harvested in the US in 2011 (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association). Grass-fed beef may represent 3% or less of all U.S. beef sales (Cross, 2011). If 32,495,000 of those cattle were fed corn according to the “best case” example above, we’d need to plant at least 292,455,000 trees (living 10 years) to offset the feedlot corn from one year’s worth American grain-fed beef.

That therefore seems to show that the issue is not cows, it's that the demand has grown to much too high levels.

(It could possibly be explained by addictive substances that are said to be formed during the curing phase of meat. Hypoxanthine is said to form and increase during the curing phase. It is said to be addictive due to having a stimulating effect, similar to caffeine. -

Is Meat Addictive? – Nutrient Rich )

Having to grow, harvest and then transporting lots of corn to be able to feed 97% of the cows, that are then used to feed humans, it seems is what creates a lot of emissions. And cutting down rainforests in order to open up more farmland to be able to produce more cannot be a seen as being a solution either.

A move back towards natural, grass-fed pasturing of cows and other cattle seems like the obvious solution. But, if the numbers in the above article is factually correct, then natural grass fed cattle has only been able to satisfy 3% of the current demand for beef in the US, the rest being made up of grain-fed cattle, which is (it seems) what is said to be causing environmental issues.


Animal agriculture is extremely destructive to the planet. It is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and is a leading cause of land and water use, deforestation, wildlife destruction, and species extinction. About 2,000 gallons of water are needed to produce just one pound of beef in the U.S. Our oceans are rapidly becoming depleted of fish; by some estimates, oceans may be fishless by 2048. The current food system, based on meat and dairy production, also contributes to world hunger—the majority of crops grown worldwide go toward feeding livestock, not feeding people.

Source link

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Radio Gibraltar's Lunchtime Live presenter Ros Astengo is joined by the founder of the Seeds of Change group Yvette Potter and local restaurant owner and meat lover Vijay Vatvani, to discuss the health, environmental and ethical issues connected to our food choices.

Vegan or meat eater? Lunchtime live guests discuss health, environmental and ethical concerns

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The Script has been launched

Klaus Schwab's words ever coming true.

Cyberattack Shuts Down Biggest Meat Producer In World, JBS — Cyberpandemic Meets Food Supply

By Ice Age Farmer

The WEF’s promised “cyberpandemic” has hit our food supply, as the biggest animal protein producer in the world, JBS, stopped operations worldwide after a cyberattack.

The situation may escalate quickly as live animals are involved, and require feed. But more importantly, is this just a scripted event to move us to the WEF’s desired post-animal economy, and to hide a global shortage of grains?


4th June 2021

Bridging World Earth Day on April 22 and World Ocean’s Day on June 8, the Chronicle aims to run a series of articles that hope to help address the various ways people can ‘Restore Our Earth’, this week it is the food we eat.

In August last year the Gibraltar Government pledged to provide more vegan and vegetarian dishes when catering for officials meetings and functions as well as Government supported events such as Calentita.

This aim formed part of a policy regarding the adoption of sustainable catering practices including procuring food and food services by the Government.

In addition, the Government wanted the caterers it engages with to provide foods that have lower food miles by sourcing regionally rather than further afield.

On the Government’s environmental website Thinking Green it notes the following: “Animal agriculture and meat production consumption are major contributors to climate change. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that livestock production is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of resources, the growing of livestock is also inefficient – it takes around 5-7 kg of grain to produce 1 kg of beef. Bear in mind that each kilogram of grain also takes considerable energy and water to produce, process and transport.”

“Arable farming, the growing of crops and vegetables, negatively impacts the environment in many of the same ways as animal agriculture; however the impacts tend to be lower. For example, potatoes, rice, and broccoli produce approximately 3–5 times fewer emissions than an equivalent mass of poultry and pork,” the website adds.

Production, processing, distribution and consumption drives the environmental impact of the food we eat.

According to ‘Our World in Data’ 94% of mammal biomass (excluding humans) is livestock. This means there are 15 times more livestock animals than wild animals in the world. In addition it adds that of the 28,000 species listed as endangered 24,000 of these are under threat due to agriculture and aquaculture.

Approximately half of the world habitable land is used for agriculture which draws 70% of freshwater on the planet and creates 78% of pollution in earth’s waters.

According to the EU agriculture contributes 50–80 % of the total nitrogen load transported into Europe’s freshwater ecosystems and, ultimately, coastal waters and seas.

It states: “critical nitrogen loads are still being exceeded throughout much of Europe.”

Habitable land does not include the desserts or ice masses.

Of the remaining 50% not used for agriculture 48% comprises of forests and green areas, 1% for freshwater leaving a mere 1% for urban areas such as Gibraltar.

As the population grows globally so does the demand for food.

In turn the need for more agricultural space leads to deforestation. According to the Thinking Green website, it has been estimated that 5% of deforestation is due to cattle ranching, 22% due to the growing sector of palm oil plantations, 54% due to slash-and-burn farming and 19% due to logging.

Almost 20% of all global carbon dioxide emissions are caused by deforestation.

While some argue that non eat meat eaters are also responsible for some of this agricultural impact this is true but the vast majority of soy grown is used to feed animals not humans and the quantity one cow could eat in a day would far outweigh what a human could.

It has to be acknowledged that is very hard to have little or no impact on the environment in a place like Gibraltar where we cannot grow our own foods.

It is unrealistic to expect people living on the Rock to not have a carbon footprint greater than someone living on their own sustainable plot of land.

With this in mind a decision to eat locally sourced when possible plant based foods, i.e. the food element of being vegan, would clearly be the ideal way forward.

However, ideals are not always practical for everyone for whatever reason and some people just do not want to give up meat and dairy, but reducing the amount of these products in a diet will impact the environmental in a positive way. This attitude has seen a rise in people taking up routines like Meat Free Monday.

Lastly it is not just the food that we eat that is important. Food wastage also has a significant impact on the environment.

Food wastage is a global problem with the United Nations estimating that food wastage accounts for 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many internet memes about people who buy fruit for a fruit basket just to throw it out a week later.

Is that you? Do you cook more than you need and throw it in the bin instead of using it for leftovers or freeze it? Do you buy the buy one get one free item and waste the majority of the item you got free if not all of it?